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Merthyr Man Found Drowned.


Merthyr Health Committee.1

Theatre Royat Merthyr.

Appeals at Quarter Sessions.


Appeals at Quarter Sessions. MERTHYR. At Glamorgan Quarter, Sessions, at Swansea, on Thursday, several appeals were heard before Messrs. 0. H. Jones, chairman; Rhys Williams, and J. I. D. Nicholl, vice-chairman. John Rees, the tenant, and the Tuff Vale Brewery, the owners, appealed against the de- cision of the Merthyr Licensing Justices refusing the renewal of the licence of the Adam and "Eve Inn, Merthyr, on the groynd that the house was of a. disorderly character, and that it was structurally unfit. Evidence was given and several convictions recorded against the houes under former tenants, and as to the structure. Tue appeal was dismissed with costs. William Thomas, licensee of the Red Lion Inn, Merthyr, appealed against the refusal of J his licence by the Merthyr Justices, on the ground that the house was a disorderly one and the resort of thieves and women of ill- fame. The defence was a denial of the know- ledge of the character of the people. The appeal was dismissed with costs. Mr. B. Francis Williams, K.C., and Mr. R. Waughan Villiams were in each case for the tenants, and Mr. St. John Francis Williams for ifehe defendants. David WilliaB} John, collier, appealed against -his conviction by the Abcrds-re Justices for assaulting his wife. The respondent did not appear, nor was she represented, and Mr. St. John Francis Williams, who appeared for the appellant, submitted that in., the absence of any evidence in support of the conviction the ordinary course was for the appeal to succeed after he had proved the necessary notices. In the meantime the parties had come to an ar- rangement as to maintenance, and this pro- bablv explained the life's absence. Evidence having been heard as to the serving of notices, the appeal vu aJfajredfc |


Merthyr Board of Guardians.




Mountain Ash Bill.



In Dolygaer Lake.