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-----. Rhymney Valley Echoes.

Merais of Monmouthshire Teachers,


Merais of Monmouthshire Teachers, DRUNKENNESS- AIJiEGED. At a meeting of the Monmouthshire Bduca- 1 tion Committee at Newport, on. Tuesday"^ Aid. J R. Jacob in the chair, Aid. S. N. Jones., Newbridge, expressed the. opinion that a^l the jr teachers did not. come up to the fitapc&rti th gy had a right to expect in the way of chbracter. He knew of some very baa cases of dr anV xa- Bess among teachers. He would like .;he Ele- mentary Committee to take the In itte r in hand. The groups were dealing with thfs sub. ject, but there were cases where t) groups did not take action. The time had cxt mo when these teachers should be told that tb is sort of thin ,r could not be allowed to contiuf je. They must clear the sohcols of,them. The Rev. T. G. JanjeB, director of elemen- tary education, said this, was a V ery serious charge to make against the teao aess of the Bounty, and if it was not explain ed it would leave a very bad impression in othe r parts as to the character of their teachers, He knew all the elementary school tèachér q) ad could tes- tify that 98 or 99 per cent. of thi m were per- son.* of excellent character. Thr re were two r throe, perhaps, about whom. he could not •ay the same. Sir. N. Phillips said that "their group" jealt with a case two montha ago, and the ieacher had to leave. The Chairman The Elemer ltary Education committee will deal with the matter.


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