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ABERDOVEY REGATTA AND RACES. The annual Races and Regatta took place at Aberdovey, on Wednesday and Thursday last, amidst a crowded throng of spectators attracted to Aberdovey by the alluring bill of fare for the occa- sion. We are happy to say that the weather, which in the early part of Wednesday morning was threat- ening, turned out remarkably fine, and a very splen- did autumnal day succeeded to a cloudy morning. The arrangements being under the efficient manage- ment of W. W. E. Wynne, of Peniarth, Esq. and Alfred Stephens, of Aberystwith, Esq. our readers may be satisfied of the manner in which every thing at all connected with the sports of the meeting was conducted. Precisely at twelve o'clock the REGATTA commenced with the first Match, which was for SAILING BOATiJ belonging to any Port. Three boats to start, or no race. Fore-and-aft sails only to be used.-The following boats were entered to compete for this match :— Captain John Ellis's The Fly. Captain Owen Owens's Eme-i prize. Mr. Humphrey Thomas' —————. The start took place at a spot in the River oppo- site the Rock point, from whence they were to sail to a boat moored about a mile down the river, and after rounding this boat, to return to the starting point making a distance of about two miles. Immediately after starting, the Fly shewed her superiority as a sailing vessel. She took the lead, rounded the boat first, and came in a Winner, leaving her competitors many boat lengths a-stern. THE SECOND MATCH for GIGS of four oars each, three boats to start, or no race, did not fill. A Match next took place for ROWING BOATS belonging to Vessels in the River, or for any Boats not coming under the class of Gigs. Three boats to start, or no race. The start to take place at the same point as that at which the sailing boats started, and to row round the same boat, and return. The fol- lowing started to contend in this match Captain Owen Owens's Enterprize. Captain James's Aid. Mr. Evan Evans's Victoria. This was a well contested match: at starting, Enter- prise took the lead, Victoria and the Aid lying together about two boat lengths astern of her. The Enterprize maintained her position to the boat, lowed round it first, and an exceedingly interesting race borne took place, the Enter- prise landing home first by two boat lengths. The AMATEURS' MATCH between Gentlemen, Visitors and Residents of Aberdovey and the neighbourhood, took place in four oared boats. Charles Jeffreys, Esq., George Jeffreys, Esq., Edward Jeffreys, Esq., and Croker, Esq., manned the Victoria; and three Oxonians and a Jack tar were the crew of the Enterprize. The Victoria's inentookthe lead at starting, were never headed, and won easily. The crew of the Enterprize not perservering in the contest when they saw their chance was out. The distance rowed in this match was not quite so great asjn the preceding matches. This terminated the aquatic amusements, which, altogether, passed off in a spirited manner. The RACE COURSE was now the scene of sport and about half past two o'clock a vast concourse of people assembled to witness the various contests an- nounced to take place on the turf. The Course, though somewhat heavy, is really a very good one, and it was in excellent order. The running com- menced with a PONY RACE for all Ponies, not 13 hands high. No race, unless three start. Heats, about three quarters of a mile. The following: started: Mr. Powell's br. Mountain Lass, (a lad) 1. 1. Mr. Evan Roberts's g. Victoria, (Buckle) 2. dr. Mr. W. Hughes's b. Jenny Jones 3. dr. Dr. Lloyd's br. 4. dr. The first heat was well contested, but Mountain Lass was allowed to walk ovei- foi-the second. A LADIES' PURSE for the beaten Ponies. Three to start, or no race. Heats, about three quarters of a mile. Mr. Evan Roberts's gr. Victoria, (Buckle) 1. 1. Mr. Hughes's b. Jenny Jones bolted. Dr. Lloyd's br. bolted. Victoria, having it all her own way, cantered in very coolly. For the Arabian Plate, the Aberdovey favorite Old Crop" proved the victor; and POLE CLIMBING, SACK RUNNING, and a variety of other attractions, which afforded many a hearty laugh at the ludicrous incidents to the assembled multitude, concluded the sports of the day. After the Races, a large party of Gentlemen dined at the Stewards' Ordinary; and the dinner and wines of mine host of the Corbet Arms, gave great satisfaction. The Ball in the evening under the patronage of Mrs. Wynne, and Mrs. Alfred Stephens, was numerously and very fashionably attended. The dancing was kept up with a degree of spirit seldom equalled, and the company did not separate until a late hour. On the second day, Thursday, September 10th, A HANDSOME SILVER SNUFF Box, the gift of Mr. Lionel Lemon, to be run for by Ponies not exceeding 13 hands and a half, was won in two heats by Mr. Hughes's Jenny Jones, (Brodie, jun.) beating two others- A variety of other races and sports con- cluded the Meeting at Aberdovey, for 1840, which passed off in a very admirable and first rate style.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 1849.