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ABERYSTWITH INFIRMARY. A SERMON IN aid of the funds of this Institution, will be preached at St. Michael's in this Town, on Sunday morning the 6th of September next, (D. V.) Divine service will commence at 11 o'Clock. A collection will be made at the doors after the Sermon. September 4th, 1840. J. COLE, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 31, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH, TAKES this opportunity of tendering his best thanks, and -L very grateful acknowledgements, for that distinguished share of patronage, which he has so liberally received and to inform those who have been pleased to intrust him with their orders, that it will ever be his most anxious endeavour to confirm their confidence, and to merit their continued ap- probation. J. C. has on sale the following select articles. Mahogany medicine-chests, Perfumery of every deserip- of various kinds tion Seldlitz Powders in neat ma- Scotch orange marmalade hogany cases Jellies Sal Volatile bottles in mo- Fish-sauces and pickles rocco-leather and wooden Wax and Sperm Candles cases Havanah Cigars Creosote bottles in small Soda Water and Lemonade turned wood cases Fine Teas, Cocoa, & Coffee Hair and nail brushes Cole's celebrated Gwynne Ivory tooth brushes Sauce. J. C. having bad the advantage of being brought up to the Medical Profession, and having attended Professors Brande and Faraday's Lectures on Chemistry, at the Royal Institution, will, he trusts, be a sufficient guarantee for his capability in accurately dispensing all Prescriptions en- trusted to his care. September 4th, 1840. Lately published, Price 2s. 6d, Cloth Boards, RUTH AND^HER KINDRED; Being a delineation of their characters, with an explanation and practical improvement, of the various incidents which befel them. by the REV. JOHN HUGHES, Incumbent Curate of Aberystwith and Vicar of Llanbadarn Pawr, Cardiganshire. ALSO PREPARING FOR THE PRESS, BY THE SAME AUTHOR ESTHER AND HER PEOPLE; London: published by Seeley and Sons, Fleet Street, and sold by J. Cox, and T. Cranston, Aberystwith. August 21 st 1840. ABERDOVEY BECrATTA & RACES WILL TAKE PLACE ON Wednesday, September Qth, 1840. STEWiLStBS. W. W. E. (WYNNE, Esq. Peniarth. ALFRED STEPHENS, Esq. Treasurer, W. LLOYD, Esq THE FIRST MATCH WILL BE FOR SAILING BOATS, belonging to any port: to start from a point which will be marked out, and to go round a boat moored out in the River. Three boats to start or no race. Fore-and-aft sails only to be used. The winning boat will receive £ the second X and the third £ The second match will be for GIGS, of Four Oars each. Not less than three boats to start, or no race. Winnning boat will receive £ the second £ and the third £ The next match will be for ROWING BOATS, belonging to Vessels in the River, or of any boats not coming under the class of Gigs. Three boats to start or no race. The Winning boat will receive £ the second £ and the third £ There will be an AMATEUR MATCH. between Gentlemen, Visitors and Residents of Aberdovey and the Neighbourhood, in Gigs with Four Oars each; A PONY RACE, For all Ponies not exceeding 13 hands. Entrance, 5s. Win- ning Pony will received. No race unless three start. Heats; After which A HACK RACE, For all Horses not thoroughbred. Entrance, 5s. Winning Horse will receive £ No race unless three start. Heats. To be handicapped by the Stewards.- Also, A LADIES' PURSE, For the beaten Ponies: Entrance, 5s. Winning Pony to receive £ second Pony £ No race unless three start. Heats. DONKEY RACES. Winner second With other Amusements— Pole Climbing—Sack Running, &c. &c. There will be a Dinner at the Corbet Arms after the Races. A Ball in the Evening, under the patronage of Mrs. Wynne, & Mrs. Alfred Stephens. All Horses and Boats to be entered before 11 o'Clock on the morning of the Races, at the Raven Inn. On the Second Day there will be a race for a HANDSOME SILVER SNUFF BOX, Presented by Mr. LIONEL LEMON, (whose Bazaar is now open at Aberdovey,) for Ponies not exceeding 13 hands and a half. Heats. Other Races will take place for Hacks and Ponies, and prizes will be awarded on the course. Entrance for all Races, Five Shillings. There fvill be a Dinner at the Corbet Arms in the Evening. Entrances to be made at the Raven Inn. NEW MEDICAL NEWSPAPER. Now Publishing every freek, THE MEDICAL TIMES, containing all the Medical Ne w S-Valaable Lectures now in course of delivery, (including those of Lawrence, Bransby, Cooper, Guthrie, Carmichael, Brodie, Velpeau, &c.)—Original Scientific Papers-Hospital Reports-M dical Portraits of the most celebratedjliving Professional Characters-Sccnes and Stories of Hospital Managemetit-Ci-itiques on the Coroner-Caustic Commentaries on passing events-Reviews of New Works -All the best Papers from the German, French, and Italian Joui-iials-Proviiicial Intelligence-Scientific Societics- Notes, Notices, Promotions and Appointments, &c. &c, STAMPED EDITION OF THE MEDICAL TIMES. WE have much pleasure in announcing to our Supporters, that (cur STAMPED EDITION is now ready. The Stamped Copies will be charged the price of the Stamp extra, and thus jfor fourpence the Journal may be sent to any part of the Kingdom, the Colonies, and France, POST-FREE. The The ordinary edition will continue as before, Price THREE- PENCE. The Stamped Copies may be ordered of any Bookseller or Newsman, or may be obtained direct from the Office, by forwarding the Subscription in advance. FOR A YEAR 17 4 HALF-YEAR 8 8 QUARTER 4 4 A Half Sovereign (which may be sent for a single postage) will be Thirty Weeks' Subscription, or any Gentleman wishing to be supplied, may deposit in the nearest post office the amount of Subscription for what period he thinks proper, and ask of the Postmaster an order on the London Post Office in favour of the Proprietors of the I Medical Times.' This order will cost sixpence, which may be de- ducted from all Subscriptions of six months and upwards. It will be furnished upon a sheet of letter paper, in which the Subscriber can write his name, address, and post-town. He has then only to fold it into the form of a letter, direct it it "Medical Times, 10, Wellington Street North, Strand, London" and return it into the hands of the Postmaster, The order will be complied with by return of post. Orders, Communications, and Books for Review, to be sent, post free, to the OFFICE, Wellington Street North, Strand, London. MEDICAL HALL, ABERYSTWITH. HENRY HUMPHREYS, ubarmaccuticat 'anir Utspettsmcj Cfjemtst, Great Dark Gate Street, TTT1TH great respect acknowledges the extensive patron- T V age with which he has been favored for the last five years; and assures his numerous friends that the same per- sonal attention will continue to be given to the preparation and dispensing departments, as well as to the selection of the Medicines used, which have obtained for him sucIa preference. Xr ■~ v N. B. Sylva and Havannah Cigars; Fa Schweppe's Soda Water and Lemonade; Waxgfcyn Njpeirn Candles; Pickles; Sauces; Preserved Fruit, Suf. fee, y. ■ An assortment of British Wines at 21«.vjjsi August 20th, 1840. > •'