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CARDIGANSHIRE. IMF0BTAST OF Pure Bred Ayrshire & Highland Scotch (JA-TTLE, CHEVIOT AND SCOTCH SHEEP, POMES, &C. AT HAFOD. MR. GEORGE GOODE BEGS respectfully toannounce that he has been honoure^ with instructions by with instructio!13 by HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, TO SUBMIT FOR PUBLIC SALE, AND THAT HE WILL On Wednesday, the 7th day ot October, 1840, Sell tn Auction, at the above place, the valuable stock of Ayrshire and High- land Scotch Cattle, pure bred Cheviot and Scotch Sheep, Ponies, &e. &c, the Property of His Grace, which, in con- sequence of his having Let two of his extensive Demesne Farms, is ordered for Sale. .The Stock consists of upwards of Fifty pure bred Ayrshire and Highland Scotch Cattle, several Hundred high bred Cheviot and Scotch Sheep, also, a considerable number of beautiful and high bred Hill Ponies, &c. &c. Mr. GEORGE GOODE, in calling the attention of Gentle- men, Farmers, Graziers, and others, to this very important Sale, begs to state that these valuable and highly bred Cattle have, at a great expence, been selected from the first blood in Scotland, and are allowed to be larger and far superior in beauty and quality to any that have yet been introduced into this Country. The Cheviot and Scotch Sheep are from the Flocks of the best Breeders in the Highlands, and will pre- sent a rare opportunity to Breeders of possessing themselves of the best description of Sheep, calculated for the Mountains in Wales: the Ponies are exceedingly well bred, handsome, and possessing superior symmetry and action. Mr. George Goode, in submitting this short and imperfect description of the different animals which are to be Sold at this Sale, and which are so greatly appreciated and admired by all that have seen them, considers any lengthened comment from him quite unnecessary, as he is well assured that the high cha- racter and deserved celebrity of the Breed will command a numerous and respectable attendance of Gentlemen, who will be able, by having an opportunity of seeing the Stock, to form a better opinion than from any description he is able to give. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'Clock.-Credit will be given on approved Security. Croft Cottage, near Carmarthen, September ith, 1840. NOTICE TO DEBTORS & CREDITORS. WHEREAS Humphrey Owen, of Machynlleth, in the VV County of Montgomery, Innkeeper and Saddler, hath by Indeuture bearing date the Fourth day of September, 1840, assigned over all his Goods, Chattels, Book and other Debts, and all other his personal Estate and Effects what- soever, unto Mr. John Jones, of Machynlleth aforesaid, Blacksmith, and Hugh Owen, of the same place, Skinner, in trust for the equal benefit of the Creditors of the said Humphrey Owen, who shall execute the said Deed on or before the Fourth day of November next. anti notice is bercbp giben, That the said Deed of Assignment is left at my Office for the Signature of the Creditors; and all such of the Creditors of the said Humphrey Owen as shallrefnse or neglect to exe- cute the same within the time above mentioned, will be excluded from all benefit thereunder. Persons indebted to the said Humphrey Owen, are re. quired forthwith to pay their respective Debts to the said Assignees, or to me, WILLIAM HUGHES, Solicitor, Penrallt, September ]6, 1840. MACHYNLLETH. MEDICAL HALL, ABERYSTWITH. HENRY HUMPHREYS, fJJjarmaceutical anfr Dispensing (fftjemtst, Great Dark Gate Street, WITH great respect respectfully acknowledges the exten- sive patronage with which he has been favored for the last five years; and assures his numerous friends that the same personal attention will continue to be given to the preparation and dispensing departments, as well as to the selection of Genuine drugs and Chemicals from the first Lon- don Establishments, (where he has had several years experi. ance,) which have obtainedfor him such a kind preference. H. H. has constantly on sale all kinds of patent medicines; an assortment of superior British Wines, at 21s. per dozen; Price and Co.'s Perfumery Hair brushes, Combs, &e. Handsome toilette cut bottles; Mahogany medicine chests; Mahogany Seidlitz and Soda cases; Foreign and Fancy Snuffs genuine Havannah Cigars Wax and Sperm Can- dIes; Schweppe's Soda water and lemonade; Beaufoy's chloride of lime and soda; Fish, Game, and other sauces Pickles, &c.; the new London Company's packet Teas. Ageut for Sir James Murray's fluid Magnesia. No. 12 Pier Street, ABEB Y ST/FIT II. THOMAS JEFFRIES, LAPIDARY &. WOREINfi TEWELLMIL, YERY respectfully offers his sincere thanks to the Nobility and Gentry, Residents, and Visitors of Aberystwith, for the liberal and kind patronage, with which they have ho- noured him during the last seven years. T. J. availsliimselfofthisopporttinity, to assure his friends and the Public generally, that he will continue to give the same prompt- attention which he trusts he has hitherto done, to the execution of any orders with which he may be favoured, and by which he hopes to merit a continuance oftheir patronage He also, with great respect, invites Ladies and Gentlemen to a personal inspection of the process of the Lapidary-work, which he will, at all times, be most happy to shew his numer- ous friends and customers. September Wth 1840. Aberystwith, Marine Terrace. CAPITAL LODGING HOUSE. Co be gora ftp auction, BY MR. EDWARD WILLIAMS, at the Belle Vue Hotel, Aberystwith, On Monday, the 5th day of October next, Between the hours of 5 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon, sub- ject to such conditions as shall be then and there read, (if not in the mean time disposed of by Private Contract,) that very superior LODGING HOUSE, called the A-LBION MOUSE, With the Garden and Premises thereunto belonging, situate in the centre of the Marine Terrace, The house is held un- der a Lease from the Corporation, for a term, 75 years of which now remain unexpired, subject to a nominal Ground Rent only. It stands on the best part of the Terrace, and contains a large airy Kitchen, Servants' Hall, Butler's Pantry, Housekeeper's Room, Scullery, 2 large Closets, Wine Cellar, Coal-House, and other Offices in the Area also a good second Kitchen, with 2 Servants' Bedrooms above, at the back thereof; 1 large Parlour in front, a Bed- room in the back, and a spacious Hall, on the Ground Floor; I Dining-Room, I Drawing room, and 1 best Bedroom on the First Floor; 3 superior Bedrooms on the Second Floor; 4 very excellent Bedrooms in the Attic, and has conveniences belonging to it, which few other Houses possess. For further particulars apply to Messrs. John and Hugh Hughes, Solicitors, Aberystwith. September 16th, 1840. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. MUFFS, BOAS, MANTILLAS, TIPPETS, AND OTHER SELECT ARTICLES IN FURS, Adapted for the present Season. No. 11, Great Dark Gate Street, CCorner of Market Street.) H. O'LEARY ✓ RESPECTFULLY invites the Ladies of Abervstwith and -U its Environs to a personal inspection of a very beau- tiful stock of Furs for the Season, of the most fashionable forms, in Sable, Ermine, Lynx, Fitch, Squirrel, and Minx, as well as a very handsome assortment of Angola and Thi- bet wool boas, &c. &e. Old Furs dressed or exchanged. As the season is so far advanced, the remaining stock of Lace and Needle-work (removed from the Bazaar in New Street) will be offered at a great sacrifice. O V] '»/ >" As H. O'Leary's further stay is limited*a -f ti me, he would recommend an early call tp-pie-cent drsa(r* pointments. HENRY O'LEARY, LICENSED aAWKER^tO^Jj#, '■ =~p- "w £