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ILatest Intelligence.


ILatest Intelligence. We published yesterday ( received by extraordinary express ) a brief summary of the intelligence contain- ed in the Paris papers and correspondence of Monday. Since then the ordinary express has brought us further letters (to 5 o'clock in the afternoon, ) which show, that owing to the impression produced by the warlike tones of the journals, and by the commencement of attempts at insurrection in the Faubourgh St. Antoine, a perfect panic took place on the Bourse in the course of that day. The 5 per Cents, fell to 107J, and the 3 per Cents, to 76f. 20c. The Journal des Debats, in referring to the com- mencement of movements on the coast of Syria by Commodore NAMER, regards his proceedings as little conformable wilh the practices of civilized nations, and therefore doubts the authenticity of the intelligence. The Courrier Francais takes a similar view of the English commander. The other journals concur in condemning the conduct of our commander, and of course our Government. The Constitutionnel states, that the note lately ad- dressed by Lord PALMERSTON to the French Govern- ment was merely a repetition of the memorandum inserted in the Augsburgh Gazette in a more diffuse form. It enters into a long history of the negotiati- ons, particularly those of the 1st of March. It pro- tests against all intention of giving offence to the French Government. It repeats, that in signing the treaty the powers only yielded to the urgent necessi- ty that existed for settling the Eastern question* and. that affair being concluded, it was hoped that the alla- anee between France and England would be re-estab- lished. This memorandum is written in suitable terms, but it makes no change in the situation of affairs. The question in effect is not to know whether at a later period the British alliance may be re-established, but whether a treaty which was concluded without the concurrence of France, and by means which are inju- rious to her interests and her dignity, will be executed. Therefore, as according to this note they persist in the policy of the treaty, it is evident that nothing is changed, and the state of affairs remains as it was." The Commerce remarks on this paragraph, that it resulted from it that France had failed in her negoti- ations. The Constitutionnel pretends that the French Government proposed nothing, that it had not induced this note, and that it does not adhere to it. The Com- merce therefore demands what M. GUIZOT was doing in England, M. DE ST. AULAIRE in Germany, and M. DE WALEWSKY in Egypt. The newspapers refer to the vast activity observa- ble in the marine and military deparrtments for pla- cing the navy and army respectively in a formidable state. Advices from Beyrout of the 8th ult. published by the Semaphore de Marseilles of the 3rd instant, state that Col. Seves (SOLEYMAN PASHA ) left for Seyde on the 30th July, and proceeded thence on the 31st to St. Jean d'Acre. Many conjectures were formed on the unexpected departure of this officer; but it was inferred, from the presence of some English vessels of war on the adjoining coast, that an attack might be directed against that place, and that the PASHA had been ordered to repair thither in all haste to complete the works of fortification commenced previously to he insurrection of Lebanon. The Emperor of Russia and the Grand Duke Alexander arrived at Warsaw on the 27th ult. Prince PASKEWITSCH had retnrned to that capital, whither a number of general officers and several privy council- lors had likewise repaired, in order to meet His Ma- jesty According to advices from Mariembed of the 23d ult., Prince METERNICH was to remain at Kenigswirth until the latter end of the month. He would then proceed to Plass, near Pilsen, and was not expected in Vienna before the I Oth instant. Lord BEAUVALE and the Prussian Minister were still at Konigswirth when M. TATISCHEFF arrived on the 22d. Prince ALTIERI, the POPE'S Nuncio, left for Dresden on that day. The King and Queen of PRUSSIA arrived at Ko- nigsberg on that day. The Courrier Francais publishes a letter dated Milan, the 29th ult., which announces that a great movement of troops has taken place all through the province of Venetian Lombardy. At Venice the number of operatives employed at the arsenal had been tripled, and they are working day and night to fit out ships to complete the Austrian squadron cruising in the Levant. Extraordinary levies of seamen are being made without noise throughout the maritime districts of Chiozza, Malamocco, Tusina, and Mestre. At Peschiera and at Verona they work on holidays (which is extraordinray in Austria ) at the fortificati- ons of thecity. From Milan to Venice the country is covered with troops, and the villages are filled with German and Hungarian battalions. (Times.) LAST NIGHT'S POST. The Paris Journals of Tuesday happily remove all apprehensions of further disturbance ofthe tranquillity of the capital. Notwithstanding the violent attitude of the workmen on Monday evening, the night passed over without the occurrence of a single outrage, and on Tuesday morning the aspect of the city was as orderly as at any period during the last three months -thanks to the presence of an overwhelming military force. Still there could hardly be said to be any abatement of the popular discontent. The people were silent, but it was the sullen silence of disap- pointment if not despair. Under the head Peace or War" our readers will find in another part of the Sun extracts from the leading French Journals of Tuesday on this important subject. (Sun.)