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Performance of " Mount of…

Shepherdery at Pontypridd.


-------.---11 HON DD A URBAN…


11 HON DD A URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. Tn'3 ordinary monthly meeting of the abave Council was held at the Pentre Cliambers on Friday last, under the presidency of Mr Rhys Griffiths. Other members present were the vice-chairman:, Mr M. Llewelyn, Messrs W. D. Wight, W. Jenkins, W. H. Mathias, W. Morgan, Dr W. E. Thomas, J D. Williams, W T. Jones, Daniel Evans, D. Williams, Morris Morris, D. C. Evans, L. P. Griffiths, together with Mr W. P. Nicholas as elerk, Mr J. Hopkins, 'deputy-ciei^ Mr W. J. Jcnes, surveyor; and Dr Herbert Jone-j, medical officer. NO LICENCE FOR "BOXING" HALLS. An objection was raised by Councillor Mor- ris Morris to the renewal of a licence to one of the Tonypandy balls as no provision had been given that no boxing would be carried on. The proprietors of the Ferndale Hall had promised not to let the ball for boxing, but notwithstanding this, boxing had been carried on there quite recently. The Chairman remarked that he was afraid they would get no audiences at Tonypandy if there was no boxing. (Laughter). Ultimately, the licence wag granted. The proprietors of the Femdale Hall wroie explaining the reason that boxing bad been carried on was that as it had been carried on at Cardiff and other large towns, they thought they were justified in acting similarly.. They, however, now promised that it should not be repeated. Mr J. IT. Thomas, the lessee of the Forth Town Hall, appeared before the Council in respect to the boxing contests which had been recently carried on at the hall. Chairman: Did you know boxing was car- ried on on two nights? Mr Thomas: Ob, yes; I let the hall. Chairman: We take serious action to your letting the hall for boxing. Did you know it was for boxing? Mr Thomas: It says in the agreement that it was science and not boxing. (Loud laugh- ter). Councillor Mathias: What else took plnco besides boxing ? Mr Thomas: Singing and stepping I sup- pose. Mr Thomas explained that he was prevailed upon to let the hall by Messrs Jones and Jones, of Porth, inasmuch as that similar con. tests had been allowed at the Park Hall, Car diff, under the presidency of the Mayor of .0 Cardiff. Chairman: To cut if short, I am to inform you the Cour.cil will not renew this licence unless von trive a guarantee that a repetition of this will not take place- again. Mr Thomas: I don't believe in it myself. and I won f let it again for the purpose. In discussing (he matter after Mr Thomas had retired. Councillor Mathias said that no- thing less than the biggest roughs from all parts had attended the hall. It was ultimate- ly resolved thai a renewal of the licence be granted upon Mr Thomas giving the neces- snry under!,akin?. SMHVEYORS RESIGNATION. .£,' \rihin- Aviuuh, .isshtant surveyor. ATuie i,signing- his j-.vsition ia consequence of his liming appointed under the Holy- Council. Io was iv^-lvd to accept the re-iunai ion, f1:JU to iv•' 1lt Asquith a testi- monial with th;i *<i of t il( Council attached. k. N ()'tf I LICENCE QUESTION. >;iiK rnii "'t:s!<-ni Cel. i U-.> (llnmorgan Con- tabiiktry, wrote iuiormin^ tho Council that ai". in- c-ion of hrickmy carriages ar.d dri- wi.>' 1il" n-c-v had ukrn ;L¡.C(1. He recom- ;;i:■ m■ fc■ I Ii.ickn. carriage licences and 105 driver; •Uccnei.- br> grantee. Mr \0 I). \Yi! to the roecm- f'II;I¡1t; a ccrtahi b r "I iic. he rr uiii"! to brake dri. J to- ¡:1Jj I '.vyifnfv should have a ii, it with Jbe bye-l«w: of Î\" ('ucii. A tnon;-p-> rdiould no; he al- kw 1. The Chairman said that the large numbei o: brakes by the railway stations were a nui- sance. The committee's recommendation A-k),s not adoptett and on amendment that it be loft an open question carried. CLERK OF WORKS APPOINTMENT. At the recommendation of a committee four I applicants appeared before the Council seek- ing the appointment as clerk of the works. The four applicants were (1) Mr John Ed- wards, Gelli, Ton, Pentre; Mr Griffith Har- ries, Ton, Pentre; 31r Evan Parry, Trealaw; Mr W. C. Jones, Trealaw (the present deputy clerk of works). Mr John Edwards was ap- pointed, having secured twelve votes above the second in the running, viz., Mr W. C. Jones, Trealaw. ROADS COMMITTEE REPORT. The Roads Committee reported that the Surveyor of the Pontypridd Council had visi- ted the Committee, and they had agrN-d that the main road at Havod be named "Trehafod Road." lie feeder of Yr. E. C. acd J. Keay, Ltd., was accepted at the sum of jE385 for the three fire stations for Porth, Ferndale, and Tonypandy. The Roads C'lmmltec decided fo call the attention of the gas manager and the Fern- dais Gas Company to the bad state of the roads and pavements after the laying of gas services. The Roads Committee recommended that a sum of £ 30 be offered to the trustees oi the Welsh Congregational Chape! at Bod- ringallt to cover the cost of setting back the chapel wall abutt.ing into the higffway, so as to allow an additional width of six feet. They further ordered that the ordinance survey department be requested to adopt the name "Mterdy" on the new Ordnanca Maps. BURIAL COMMITTEE. The Buri.il Committee repn' ted the execu- tion of an agreement between the Council and Mr Evan Williams, Danygraig, Clydach Vtie, for the liire of the unappropriated ground at Llcdran Cemetery. They had con- sidered the tracing of the extension of Tre- orky Cemetery. They recommended that the regulations in foice last year regarding Palm Sunday be followed this year.— The report was adopted. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. There -were registered 327 births, 169 of boys and 158 of girls,, equal to a bii-th-rite per 1,000 per annum of 35.4. During the corresponding period of last year the birth- rate was 35.5. The number of deo.ths from a', causes was 165, viz., 80 of males and 81 of females, equal to a death-rate per 1.000 per annum of 16.5. Scarlet Fever.—Thcro were 62 crimes of scarlet fever reported to 'him during the month, but there were no deaths recorded. Typhoid Fever.-During the month 46 oases were brought under his notice apport ioned to the inspectors. Seven patients were removed j to the hospital. The disease was not. epi- demic in tiiv part of the two Valleys. The number of infected houses was everywhere small except at Ystrad. Diphtheria.—The epidemic of diphtheria appeared to be practically over except in Trc- alaw, Cymmcr, Porth, and Ynyshir. At Porth the disease seemed difficult to stamp out, but the largo proportion of adults who were attacked during the month pointed to the dissemination of the disease through the medium of public assemblies or at private gatherings. It seemed so difficult to convince those who had been attacked that they might be a source of danger to their neighbours fol some time afi-er they themselves were appai- ent-ly quite well. During the whole of that epidemic Tonypandy had been uoticcahty fiee from disease., but during the month &ev<-n oases in six hmises wore reported io him.