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J -_u_- BRANDSR OF C L EVUM ALBERT' NOW PICOCSS. MEA l t A Learner Tie. |T1ST^«1 ninoctiuo Fines. GIGESIL/8 Plain Tie. B R M A H BlUe Tie. REGISTERED TRADE MARK. T Fo Full Particulars address- J. REYNOLDS AND CO., GLOUCESTER. "NO BETTER FOOD." DR. ANDREW WILSON, F.B.S.E., &e. F RY'S CONCENTRATED 350^Gold M^ALS ^QQQj^ N.B.- Just three words are necessary in order to obtain the right J I Cocoa, viz.: F PURE- CONCENTR,&.T ED. 11 DAISY DAISY CYCLES: .BpRT(||§p CYCLES: "D A I R Y" AYLIFFE & SONS, CYCLE WORKS, CARDIFF, MAKERS. DAISY CYCLES are the most popular maunts in Wales, and hold the best records for Path and Road, and must still lead the way. Their '99 Models are perfection. Write for '99 Catalogue. Sole Agent for Rhondda Valley and district: T. S. JUDD, PARK STREET, TREFOREST. 4514 THE CHIEF COMPETITIONS AT THE TONYPANDY cS EISTEDDFOD On EASTER MONDAY AND TUESDAY, 1899. Proceeds to the Mid-Ehondda Cottage Hospital and the Tonypandy and Trealaw Public Library. CONDUCTOR TOM JOHN, ESQ. LLWYNYPIA. Adjudicator of Chorals and Tianolorte Solos, W. G. McNAUGHT, Esq Mus. Doc., F.R.A.M. Adjudicator of Preliminarips and Finals in Solos, Duets, and Trios, IVOR FOSTER. Esq., Exhibitioner R.C M., Gold Medallist Adjudicator of Literary Competitions. Rev. B. D. JOHNS (Periander), Clydach Vale. Adjudicator of Brass and Drum & Fife Bands, J. ORD HUME, Esq., Pine Grove, Fleet, Hants. Accompanists, Messrs. D. LLOYD, Tonypandy, and J. LLEWELYN, Penygraig, Chief Choral Competition—" Be not Afraid (from Elijah). First Prizp, f60 & a GOLD CROWN Second Prize, £ 20. Minimum number of voices, 100 maximum, 150. Second Choral Competition—"Clychau" (Gtcilym Gv:tr.t). First prize, £ 20; second prize, f5. Minimum 50, maximum 70. Chief Male Voice Competition-" Nibt and Day (DaM). First Prize, 130; second prize, flO. Minimum 60, maximum SO. Second Male Voice Competition-" The Little Church" (Becktr). First prize, £ 20; second prize. JL5. Minimum 19, maximum 60. Ladies Cforal Competition-(a) 11 You stole my Love" (Macfarren); (b) II G zenith Gwyn" (D. Emlyn Evans), First prize, £ 12 second prize, JE3. Minimum 30, maximum 40. Juvenile Competition-" Cyss"'riad (TomP.Hce). For S.C. under 16 years; no Bass allowed. First prize, JE7 second prize, JE3. Minimum 30, maximum 50. Brass Band Contest (Section A)—" Verdi {Wright 4- Round). First prize, £ 16 second prize, 99; third prize, JE4 fourth prize. Y-9. Brass Band Contest (Section B)-" Gems of Modern Melody (Wright$Round). First prize, JEIO: second prize, 16 third prize. f3. Drum and Fife Band Contest—" 11 Trovatore" (Wright g- Bovnd). First Prize. £ 7 second, £ 3. Valuable extra prizes given to Conductors. Grand prizes for musical compositions, solos, duets, trios; violin, pianoforte, and other solos. Programmes, containing all information, post free for 2d. from the 4536 Secretary—G. EVANS, Eisteddfod Office, TONYPANDY. TOWN BALL, PONTYPRIDD. i\T 1?TCJT 17^ Fk TVT7V\ Pk Will be held at the above place J\ ill JtLJLo L mjjUUJ: PLr ON MONDAY, MAY sth, 1899. Adjudicators—Vocal and Instrumental: J. H. M. Harris, Esq., R.A.M., Cardiff Musical Composition: Mr. r. D. Edwards, Haydn Villa, Pontypridd; Essay: Rev. T. Manuel, Weslevan Minister, Penypraig, via Pontypridd; Poetry: Mr. T. Williams (Brynfab), Hendre Farm, Treforest; Prize Bags. & Mrs. Jones Powell and Miss Price, Pontypridd. Conductor: Rev. T. Jones, Pontypridd. Choral Competition—" 0 Dduw. rho i'm dy Hedd (God grant me thy Peace). T. D. Edwards, Pontypridd. Chairs to number not less than 40 voices. Prize, S5. Male Voice-" Cydgan y Morwyr" (Sailor's Chorus). Dr Parry. Not less than 20 in nuinbor. Prize, f2. Juvenile Choirs-" Bugail Israel" (D. Thomas, A.C., Hafod). To number not less than 25 voices. Any number of Tenors and Bus to assist. Prize, Ll 5g. Programmes, Id. by Post, 11d. Secretary Mr. E. Ashtoc, 22, Llanover Road, Pontypridd. 4167 TRAIDIE MARK 0 0 le 4a BRITAIN'S BESI STANDARDS TEN GUINEAS. SPECIALS FIFTEEN GUINEAS. Head Office-COVENTRY. I LOCAL j MORRIS BROTHERS. CYCLE WORKS. PONTYPRiDO. Price List Free on Application. | aqhkts ? j, TIMOTHY <4 SON. TON-PENTRE. RHOfiODA VALLEY. 1 J 1 T BIEG/LIEN Among those taking part in our FREE CASH PRIZE COMPETITION. NO ENTRANCE FEE WHATEVER. ist PRIZE £ 50. 2nd PRIZE 9,25. 3rd PRIZE £ 15. 4th PRIZE £ 10. Thew money Prizes will be eoniainely given away as an adver- tisement, ami>n~ the Compt titers who can re-arrange the follow-iu! 22 loners to represent the names of four well-known 1rild liniinala, toiected by w. viy.:— NIOL GERIT EPTNAHEL APREZ. Send in.your solutions at ojko, upon receipt cf wo will inform yi u it "Tcet. and give you full do: ails vi the COU¡.,e- tition, with e< r.Jitions, and date of closing. If you cannot solve all fo:a- irit.i-js, do as many as you can, as p are four prizes to (,(,u1]":[<. f, r. No solution ran be revivd aft«»r 12th April Aii'iress:—" Competition Manager," 21^, Horn»tj Koad, LONDON. SPECIAL FAST TRAINS Are run on all Railways of the World, and every person who travels should hold a WHOLE LIFE AND WORLD WIDE POLICY IN THE General Accident Assurance Corporation, Limited, TOTAL ASSETS, OVER £ 240,000 A SINGLE PREMIUM OF £ 10 ASSURES i £ 2,500 in case of Death. I jt:250 per. annum for Life in case of Permanent Incapacity. £ 5 per week lor Temporary Incapacity. And applies to Ordinary, Underground* Elect And applies to Ordinary, Underground* Elect Light and Overhead Railways, and tittam, liUctrie, I Cable and Home Tramway Car*. Half above Benefits for £ 5. and any increased amount up to U10.000 with £1,000 per annum an nrnnor- tionate rates. I $2" LIBERAL COMMISSION TO A OK NTS.gj) Write for Prospectus to QUAY ST. CHAMBERS. ST. MARY STREET, 2879 CARDIFF.


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