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WEST END TAILORS The Original and enly West End Tailoring Establishment out of London, ohn's liqua-, I 19, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF,(. J:bDue,) J S* BE-WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATORS. LEADING SPECIALITIES FOR THIS SEASON. Royal ffavy Black Vicuna Ileal Scotch (Shrunk) Real Cashmere Indigo Twill, Suitings, to order, Trouserings to Serge Suitings, Coat & Vest to order 4-2/ 45/- order, to order, 30/ 35/ 40/- 8al Harris Tweed, 10/6,13/ 16/ 39/6, 45 50 and upwards 50/- 18/6, and upwards. LADIES DEF^KTiVlENT. THE —; « a # » mpm j ■■ «i The Chesterfield Coat and S^irt trw 6St CHu I clIlOTS) Overcoat to Order to order from r 3 Guineas. 19, Duke Street, CARDIFF. ItWMA^KET CuATS Telegraphic Address- Nat.Telephone834. "frorW 35/- •'REVOLUTION." CARDIFF. 3b/ +2/8, +i/Q, o+fr. PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. 4M8 QUALITY. FRESHNESS. UNIFORMITY. These are the most important points considered by the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, and it enables them to boast of now being the Largest C, Manufacturers and Retailers of Pure Dairy Butter in the World. The Butter' they sell is always of the best quality, and can be depended upon. You are requested to try this Butter to-day. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. i MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. For economy, the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, recommend their Celebrated MARGARINE, at 4d., 6d. and 8d., per lb. Far superior to secondary butters. TEA. 1/ 1/2, 1/4, and the Very Best 1/6 per lb, Pure, Rich, and Fragrant. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LTD., 83A, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, 4528 And at 6-2, Duflryn Street, Fern dale. Pontypridd Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. JONES & JONES' MONSTER CLEARANCE SALE. Our Warehouse is crammed, and must be cleared at any sacrifice. THE SALE COMMENCED ON SATURDAY, MARCH 4th, And will continue to the end of the Month. COME AND LOOK AT OUR WINDOW THE PRICES WILL STAGGER YOU. Now is the opportunity for those who want Bargains. I PIANOS, AMERICAN ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, VIOLINS, MELODEONS, MUSICAL BOXES, SEWING MACHINES, CLOCKS, WATCHES, ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY, FAMILY BIBLES, MUSICAL ALBUMS, &c., &c. EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD. NO RESERVE WHATEVER. DON'T DELAY, BUT COME EARLY AND SECURE THE BEST BARGAINS. 45, Hannah Street, Porth. 4618 OYSTERS! OYSTERS! OYSTERS! The oldest establishment in town. H. ESSERY, Proprietor, 63, Taff Street, Pontypridd (Opposite Fountain). 4561 THE QLAMOKGAN fiREE pRESS IS TUB BEST FAMILY PAPER. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY 310BYI-VG. PRICE—ONE PENNY. PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. CHIEF OFFICE—HOLBORN BARS, LONDON. Summary of the Report presented at the Fiftieth Annual Meeting, held on 2nd March, 1899. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of Policies issued during the Balance Sheet, are £ 33,509,708, being an increase of E3,161,371 over year was 64,708 assuring the Rum of £6,420,580, and producing a New over those of 1897. Annual Premium Income of 1353,113. Public attention having been for some time past directed to The Premiums received during the year were 92,967,501, being an questions of thrift and provision for old age, the Directors have had increase of £i93,237 over the year 18?7. under consideration how-they can further assist those Policyholders who The Claims of the year amounted to £ 975,012. The number of from age and diminished earnings find some difficulty in maintaining deaths was 5,191, and 2,535 Endowment Assurances matured. the payment of Premiums on their Policies, and they have therefore The number of Policies in force at .the end of the year was 534,138. made provision for all Policyholders in the Industrial Branch who have INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The Premiums received during the year been assured for twenty-five years to be free from the payment of were £ 4,9G0,756, being an increase of £ 187,165. further Premiums as they attain the age of 75. This alteration takes The Claims of the year amounted to £ 1,891,039. The number of effect at once, and has of course necessitated a considerable addition to Deaths was 198,308, and 2,181 Endowment Assurances matured. the Reserves. The number of Free Policies granted during the year to those Policy- The Shareholders will be glad to learn that the Staff Provident Fund, holders of five years' standing, who desired to discontinue their which was established last year on the occasion of the celebration of payments, was 6G,379, the number in force being 604,564. The number the Company's Jubilee, has been heartily appreciated by the outdoor of Free Policies which became Claims during the year was 12,231. Staff for whose benefit it was founded, and a large proportion have The total number of Policies in force at the end of the year was become contributors. The total amount standing to the credit of the 12,949,679 their average duration erceeds eight and a half years. Fund at the end of the year was £1]8,212 18s., and the number of the The Assets of the Company, in both branches, as shewn in the contributors was 7,160. General Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, on the 3lst December, 1898. LIABILITIES. £ s. d. ASSKTS. £ s. d. Shareholders' capital 1,000,000 0 0 British Government Securities ( £ 3,lf>5,000 Consols) 3.153,583 5 11 Ordinary Branch funds .17,156,951 11 8 Indian & Colonial Government Securities 3,300,877 4 5 Industrial Branch fund .14,538.952 13 5 Railway and other Debentures and Debenture Stocks 2,176,498 18 1 Reserve fund 750,000 0 0 Loans on County Council, Municipal and other rates 6,246,917 12 3 Claims under life policies admitted 153,804 0 1 Freehold ground rents and Scotch feu duties 2,830.469 8 8 Freehold and leasehold property 1,934 411 16 10 Mortgages 4', 14^,948 16 6 Railway, gas, and water stocks 5,669,891 3 4 Suez Canal Shares 168,489 5 8 Telegraph and other shares 72,532 8 3 Metropolitan Consolidated stock, and City of London bonds 358,645 12 6 Bank of England stock 200,559 18 6 Foreign Government securities 996.694 1 3 Reversions and Life Interests 575.104 1 6 Loans on the Company's Policies 690,268 13 3 Rent charges 148,164 0 1 Outstanding premiums 360.525 0 10 Cash in hands of Superintendents & Agents' balances 49,475 9 10 Outstanding interest and rents 241,243 17 0 Cash—On deposit, on current accounts, and in hand 2€1,'407 2 4 £ 33,599.708 6 0 £ 33,599/708 6 0 THOS. C. DEWEY. ) WILLIAM HUGHES, > Joint General Managers. EDGAR HORNE, Chairman. FREDERICK FISHER, J HENRY HARDEN, } ri. W. J. LANCASTER, Secretary. W. T. PUGH, ) directors. We have examined the Cash transactions, Receipts and Payments, affecting the accounts of the Assets and Investments for the year ended December "1st, 1898. and we find the same in good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the De-eds and Securities Certificates, &c., representing the Assets and Investments set out in the above account, and we certify that they were in possession and safe custody as on December 31st, 1898. ltit February, 1$90. v DELOITTE, DEVER, GRIFFITHS & Co. Prospectuses and other information may be obtained ircm Mr J. Williams, Prudential Offices, Pentre, Superintendent; W. H. Mallett, I 61, Sherwood Place, Llwynypia, assistant superintendent; J. Griffiths, 17, Maesyfftwd Terrace, Trecrky, assistant superintendent. 4626 Sales by Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE. PONTYPRIDD AND TREFOREST. flee PER ANNUM FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS. MESSRS STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER are instructed by Messrs Rickards and Klosse to Sell by Auction at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 29th, 1899, at 2.0 o'clock in the afternoon, JE460 PER ANNUM FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, Secured upon various properties situate in Pontypridd and Trefor;*t, and which will be divided into lots lor Sale, particulars of which together with Plans and Conditions of Sale are in course of preparation, and may shortly be had upon application to Messrs Blosse and Arthur Waldron, solicitors, Duke Street, Cardiff; Messrs Rickards and Blosse, land agents, Charles Street, Cardiff, or to the Auctioneers, 5, High Street, Cardiff. 4579 GLAMORGANSHIRE LLANTWIT VARDRE NEAR LLANTRISAN r. SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTY. "\ZfESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER IT I are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the New Inn Hote]. Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 29th, 1899, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTY, situate in the parish of Llantwit Vardre, in the county of Glamorgan, and known as GLAN- MYDDLIN. The property consists of a small compact Farm, wibh Farmhouse and Buildings, together with three Cottages and a piece of Garden Ground, containing in the whole 20A. On. 15f. or thereabouts of Pasture Land enclosed in a ring fence, well watered, within a stone's throw of a convenient siding on the Llantrisant Branch of the Taff Yale Railway, and is distant about I mile from I Cross Inn Station on the same line. The Farm and Farmhouse, together with the Garden Ground, are in the occupation of an excellent tenant, upon &a ànlUa.! tenancy at a rental of ¡ £ 22. The three cottages aire let on monthly tenancies at rentals of &s. 6d. per month each. THE COAL AND OTHER MINERALS UNDERLYING THE PROPERTY. A SMALL PORTION ONLY OF WHICH HAVE BEEN WORKED, WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. Also a Freehold Messuage or Dwelling-House, being No. 25, Upper Boat, near Pontypridd, until recently let to Mr Thomas Williams, at a monthly rent of 9s. Further particulars, with plan, may be had upon application b Messrs Spickett and Sons, solicitors, Pontypridd, or to the Auctioneers, 5, High Street, Cardiff. 4629 GLAMORGANSHIRE. PARISH OF EGLWYSILAN. PARISH OF -WLWYSILAN. SALE OF VALUABLE MINERAL PROPERTIES. MESSRS STEPEENSON AND ALEXANDER are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on Saturday, the 1st day of April, 1899, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTIES known as GROES WEN" and "TYK TREHABNE GwiLim," Farms, situate at White-cross, near Caerphiily. Lot 1.—All that Valuable Freehold Farm, with Outbuildings and Farm-house, known as Groeswen," situate in the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan, containing in the whole 35a. 3r. 2Cp., or thereabouts. Lot 2.-All that valuable Freehold Farm, known as Tir Treharne Gwilym," containing in the whole 22a. 2r. 18p., or thereabouts, and situate in the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan. THE VALUABLE MINERALS UNDERLYING THE ABOVE PROPERTIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. Plans, particulars, and conditions of sale may be obtained lrom the Auctioneers, 5, High street, Cardiff, or from Mr W. H. Beddoe, solicitor, Pontypridd. 4628 On TUESDAY and THURSDAY next, commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO IR ARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON win SEUL by POTILJC AUCTION-, AT their SALE ROOMS, 25, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FUBXITURK (Removed from various residences for absolute sale), including Valuable Pianofortes, Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft anvf 4ft Wardrobes, Pairs oi Handsome Toilets, Iron and ftrass Bedsteads, several excellent. Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rose- wood and Walnut Cabinets, 611. and bit. Side- boards, Book-cases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut and Gilt Overmant?b, &c., fcc., in all about 400 lots each day. On view day prior to and morning of each dsy's sain. Ar- rangempMK made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. The Goods can be purchased any day privately if desired. Complete or Part Douses of Kurnituro Kought for Cash. Sales and Valuation of every descrip- tion undertaken. For Terms, supply at the Auction Booms, as I afove. Established I860. 4565 I Sa'.es by Auction (Continued). TONYPANDY. BUSINESS PREMISES FOR SALE. MR. E T. DA VIES has been instructed to Sell by Public Auction, at the White Hart Hotel, Tonvpandy, on Wednesday, March 22nd. 1899, at 7.30 o'clock in the Evening (subject to Conditions to be then and there read and produced), the following Valuable BUSINESS PREMISES. Lot I.-All that Messuage or Shop and Business Premises with the commodious Dwelling-House at the rear, situate and beiqg No. 109, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy, now or late in in the occupation of Mr. William Davies, Ironmonger. The above Premises are held under a Lease from the Earl of Dunraven for a term of 99 years from l-st May, 1884 (except the last day thereof), snbject to an Annual Ground Rent ot JEG. Lot 2.—All that Corner House and Shop, situate in Maddox Street, Blaenclydacb. let to Mr. William Davies, Greengrocer, at JE1 8s. per lunar month. The above Premises are held with other Hereditaments under a Lease granted by the Owners of the DeWinton Estate for a term of 99 years from the 25th March, 1892, and is offered for Sale subject te an apportioned Yearly Ground Rent of £ 1 4a. 6d. I The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of Capitalists and others to the above Sale, afford- ing as it does the exceptional opportunity of acquiring Valuable Business Premises in the most central position in the Rhondda Valley. The Dwelling-House at the rear of the Shop is fitted up with all modern requirements, and is most conveniently situated as a resid-ence for the occupier of the Shop. For further particulars to the Auctioneer, Tonypandy, or to Mr. W. R. DAVIES, Solicitor, 35, Alill Street, Pontypridd. PANTYGR4IGWEN ROAD, HOPKINSTOWN, PONTYPRIDD. SALE OF DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR HARRY DAVIES has been favoured with instructions to Sell by Auct on at the Colliers' Arms Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 15th, 1S99, at 7 for 7.30 o'clock (subject to such conditions as chall then and there be read, and in such Lots as shall be determined), all those Three Leasehold Messuages or DWELLING HOUSES, situate and being Nos. 15, 16 and 17, Pantygraig- wen Road, Hopkinstown (opposite Mr Pym's Shop), at present in the respective occupations of Messrs McLucas, Pritchard and Smith, and producing a gross annual rental of £40 Gs. The Property is held for a term of 99 years from the 1st November, 1895, subject to an annual ground rent of L3 2s. 4d. on the whole. The Auctioneer particularly desires to call the attention of intending purchasers to the excellent position of this Property, as its close proximity to the Great Western and Ty Mawr Collieries will always insure its being let to good tenants. Further particulars may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneer, or from W. B. BEDDOE, Esq., Solicitor, 4634 Both of Market Square. Pontypridd. Public Appointments. LLANTWIT FARDRE SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED immediately at the Llantwit J Fardre Board School, an Assistant Master (Ex. P.T.), qualified to teach Drawing. Salary £55.. Applications, stating ago, &c., with three recent testimonials, to be sent. to the under- signed before 12 noon, on the 13th March next. H. 8. DAVIES, Clerk. Poutvpridd, February 28th, 1899. 4612 CAERPHILLY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. CLERK OF WORKS. npiHE Council requires the services of a _1_ thorougiily competent Clerk of Works during the progress of the Aber Valley Main j Outfall Sewer, under the supervision of the Engineer. J No porson need apply who is not thoroughly practical and had experience in a similar capacity. Salary t-3 per week. j Applications and qualifications together with I copies of not more than three recent testi- monialo, to bo addressed to the Chairman of the Council, and' delivered at the Council Offices, not later than Monday, 13th irst. Endorsed Clerk of Works." By order, A. O. HARPUR, Engineer, Surveyor to Council. Council Offices, Caerphilly, March, 1399. 4G15 The Pontypridd Coachbuilding Company (prize winners for carriages) are now doing and are prepared to undertake the best class of work in tho trade; carnage trimmmg a speciality. Showrooms are now open.—Carriage Works, Morgan street, Pontypridd. 4526 PONTYPRIDD UNION. ros fER MOTHER WANTED. THE Guardians of the Pontypridd Union JL invite applications for the appointment of a Foster Mother at the Cottage Homes, Llantwit Fardre. The Salary will be jE20 per annum, with washing, rations, and apartments. The appointment will be made subject to the provisions of the Poor Law Officers' Super- annuation Act, 1896. Applicants must not be under 25 years of age, and must be without encumbrance. Applications in Candidates'own handwriting, stating age and qualifications, and accompanied by not less than three original testimonials of recent date, to be sent to me not later than Tuesday, the 21st day of March, IS99. E. C. SPICKETT, 0 f 7 Clerk. 1 ontypndi7, &ch March, 1S99. 4639 Legal Notices. NOTICE is hereby given that the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies has, pursuant to S 77 of the Friendly Societies Ar t, 1896, by writing under his hand, dated the 24til day of February, 1899, cancelled the hegistry of the True Britons' Society, a friendly society (register No. 311), held at Mount Pleasant Inn, Lower Union Street, Dowlais, in the County of Glamorgan, on the ground that the Society has wilfully, and after notice from a Registrar, violated the provisions of the above-mentioned A-1, in respect of the Valuation of its Assets and Liabilities. The Society (subject' to the right of appeal given by the said Act) ceases to enjoy the privileges of a Registered Society, but without prejudice to any liability incurred by the Society, which may bo enforced against it as if such cancelling had not taken place. E. W. BRABROOK, 4C32] Chief Registrar. Tenders. PONTYPRIDD UNION. THE Guardians invite Tenders for the Supply of Provisions and other Articles for their Union Workhouse and Cottage Homes, for the half-year ending September, 1899. Form of Tenders can be obtained at my Ofhce at the Workhouse. Samples of Goods must accompany Tenders. Tenders to be received not later than Wed. nesday, the 15th inst. E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. Pontypridd, 8th March, 1899. 4638 PONTYPRIDD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. TEE above Council is prepared to receive Tenders for the supply and fixing of Iron Railings. Plaus and specifications may be seen and form 01 tender obtained on application to the Surveyor. Tenders endorsed Iron Railings to be sent to the Clerk, Montague H. Grover, Esq., not later than Monday, the 20th inst. By order, EDWARD REES, Council Offices* Surveyor Pontypridd, 9th March, 1899. 4637 PONTYPRIDD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE above Council is prepared to receive Tenders for the pitching of the Cab Stand in Market Street, Pontypridd. Plans and Specifications may be seen, and form of tender obtained on application to the Surveyor. Tenders must be endorsed "Tender for Pitch- ingj and sent to Montague H. Grover, Esq., clerk to the Council, not later than 10 a m. on Monday, the 20th of March. Br order EDWARD REES, Surveyor. Urban District Council Offices, March 9th, 1899. 4636 CAERFHILLY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. SUPPLY Of BROKEN LIMESTONE AND NATIVE OR FIELD STONE ALSO SCAVENGING. THE Council are prepared to receive Tenders for the above, from the 31st of March, 1S99, to 31 st March, 1900. Specifications can be seen and forms ot Tender obtained on application to the under- signed, at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on and after Monday, the 6tn inst. Sealed Tenders, marked Tender for Lime- stone," "Field Stone," and "Scavenging" respectively, to be addressed to the Chairman, and delivered at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on or before Monday, the 13th inst. No Tender will be considered, unless made upon the prescribed Form, and the lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accipted. By order, A. O. HARPJR, Surveyor. Council Orlices, March, 1?09. 4614 NUESEBY HArR-WAsn promotes the growth of tile hair and keeps it free from nits, he. 6d 1 p-r bottle, or post free 9,1.-Key, The People's Chemist, Pontypridd. 4225 -.——— i_ pffllCSI THE |- WORLD PRODUCES. lie —RNINFAW—T——IT— ——M——mmniiiiIMWIWRNMNNRRRMTII—1 T-T—irmnrnTrimfi 11 I»IIIA*«w Standard Blends—1/ 1/4,16, 1/8, & S/per lbe For Agencies apply direct to: PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS, 74, Queen Street, C A.RDIFF: 4445 CYCLES f 14™ Ti{!S TllADE MA*K ycles I jpglESiB" YCLES r;NYO{)R VOLES i mMSSm j jBBK^jl 0 ¡, 1899 MOUNT! SEND FOR You will than get absolutely the 1800 Finest >3icyclo manufactured CATALOGUE, in Covestxy. CASff CJUVENILES, Boys' or Girls*' wita Palmer Tyre« S-8 8s. PRICES. LADYS OR GFN,r,s, Standard Quality „ £ 10 10s. (LADY'S OR (lENT 8, Special Quality „ „ £ 15 15^ Dlinnc IMUITUfnDTU ITfl Head Depot for South Wale*! I\UUUL-Wni I WUKin, LI UM 108, ST MARY STREET,CARDIFF Agent for Pentre and district—TIMOTHY AND SONS. Agent for Mardy-JENKIN JENKINS. 4^15 WARMS THE CHEST! CUTS THE PHLEGM I EMRYS RICHARDS' CHERRY COUGH SYRUP THE POPULAR MID-RHONDDA REMEDY FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, SORE THROAT, &C. Excellent for iced people and those with Ion; standing Bronchial trouble. IN BOTTLES 1/ 2/9, & 4/6. By Post SI extra. Of the Sole Yropricor- EMRYS RICHARDS. DISPENSING CHEMIST, COEDYMEIBION, TONYPANDY JjltlLL HALL, pENTRE I (Two Nights Only), j MONDAY & TUESDAY, March 13 & 14. j TUDOR HALL, FERKDALE (Two Nights Onlv), ¡ WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, March 15& 16. PUBLIC HALL, TKEHEEBERT (Two Nights Only). FRIDAY & SATURDAY, March 17 & 18. MR. WILL SMITHSON, the celebrated Welsh Theatrical Pioneer, ot the lheatre Royal, Merthyr, has great pleasure in informing his valued patrons of South Wales, that he has been successful in inducing Mr. ANDREW ROBERTON, Proprietor of the KENTUCKY MINSTELS, to tour South Wales with his great Minstrel Combination, and will appear in the Rhondda Valley on the above dates. ANDREW ROBELLTON'S KENTUCKY OPERATIC MINSTRELS. 30. PRINCIPAL ARTISTES. 30. SWEETEST /"CLEVEREST INGER3, V^OMEDIANS, AXD MO.T YV^TCrHTFUL JLTANCEHS. GRAND OLIO OF SPECIALITIES ENTIRELY NEW PROGRAMME THIS SEASON SEASON Each Evening at 7 45; Doors Open at 7.1"< Early L'oor at 7. Early 1-'001' at 7. PRICES 2B; Is Gd Is; and 6d. 4640] MEN BEWARE Or neglecting your health. l-)spccii'Hy so, if you suffef from any Nrrvoits DUeast' You may be assured th.'vt, your condition will net improve, and that you will go from bad to worse it you do not 114ve your nilments projiorl» attendtd to. It you suftec from Lost, Minhotxi. Youthful Imprudeuee, Sfx rma- torrliff-a, Exhausted Vitality, Despondency. Loss of Knerirv Premature U**y. \aricuosle. Weakness, llraia ViiK, Dimness of Signt, Illotolies ou the .Skill, .Nervousness, Lo&s of Memory, Noises in the tors. Melancholy, Liver Co«jp!amti>, lilllddt-r :ind Kidney Complaint's, or ativ form of disease affecting the I'riuary Orj;ans. You have only to wrire to me for particu ftrs of a Sure Cure f,.r your malady. Thous- ands of Sufferers have b rtited by this means of cur true advice I have givt-H their;. Send addre.ssed «uv'elopo, which must HE plainly written, 1.0 HUN-KY j DAVIES. Esq., Copforl Lodge, Ouichester Place, I!ri"htoD, S sses, En&Lind; aud name this paper.[-1022 Money. Advances made A FaOM 33 TO £5tJ to small business p;>opla and tho workm" classes generally. Privacy Guaranteed. Apply to—EVA?; KODER1CK, 4.12 '^eana^g,), TOWN HALL, PORTH. For Six Nights and Ono Day Performance only, COMMENCING MONDAY, MARCH 13th, Evening at 7.45. Doors open at 7.1, Grand Afternoon Performance on Saturday at Sj Doors open at 2 30. PRICES OF ADMISSION 2s, Lsfjd, Is. and Gd. Early doors at 2 and G.I:.j, 3d extra to all parts. Tickets and Plan ai the usual places. THE H. & f. ?OOLE'S UP-TO-DATB MYRIOKAMA. 'Established 1837). THE SOUDAN, KHARTOUM. LORD KITCHENER AT OMDURMAN- THE CHARGE OF THE 21st LANCERS. THE SPANMH-AMEKICAN WAR. JuA, added, BLOWING-UP 01 THE U.S. CRUISER, AniE." Splendid ('{,bt>au:t of tho INDIAN WAR. WEI-HAI-WEI. KLONDIKE. THE SPANISH ARM Vi>A. Plymouth Hoe, 158'3. Plymouth iice, jsgg, P O O L E'S AMAZING AMUSEMENT AGGIiUOATION 1 The Largest, Best, 3:e¡Ù Most Costly hifi has ever 'cured. England's Topwei.jhv Knoc' alwuts I THE CLIFTON BROf Hi.RH. LITTLE CARLIVA, Quick Change .Yationali'y' Dancer. OSMOXDE, Guido and V'ecaiist. THE FAIRY TRTO, Graeeiul Speciality DanceTSU MISS LILLlL rcou:, Supra no Vocalist* Great Britain's Proii.3? Arro^atic Trio. THE TiEEg LELL3. M IS3 LI133 KEITH, In her Butteitly Dance ou the Revolting Globe. JOHNNY O'ROUKB. Negro Comedian, 3ustnimenvilifiv, &o. ATWJY, in.- Jngpler. VIOLI, in her Novel Musical Ktilertainment. Special Attraction TUB MYnOrrRAPH, or Improved Ciuemato§r-\pb. The Splendid Orchestral Band of Solo Performers will perform Music of all Nations. 4631