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Election Addresses. POHTYPRIDD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE TOWN WARD. F ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, 1 j You are again called upon to elect a. member to represent you upon the above Council. I venture, therefore, mof-t respectfully to oner myself as a Candidate In doing so, you will, perhaps, pardon me for referring to the fact that I am an old inhabitant of this District, and am also thoroughly conversant with the duties which would devolve upon me as a member of the Council. You are probably aware that the greater part of the business of the Council consists in carry- ing out alterations to property, constructing bridges, streets, drains, sowers and the like and that being so. I humbly submit that my professional duties as an architect, have in a special manner qualified me to deal with any such matters in an economical and efficient manner. PoJitically-I hold Liberal views, hence, if elected, should any question arise on the Council affecting Liberals as such my vote will always be found upon the right side. Your obedient servant, „ THOMAS KOWLAND. 5, Graigwen Place. 9th March, 1899. 4635 DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THK ELECTORS OF THE RHONDDA WARt). LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, As your retiring representative, I venture in seetting re-election, to hope for a continuance of the confidence with which you have in the past favoured me. Having been a member of the Council since its formation, I am able to speak with some experience of the important nature of its work. During the past, few years, this has been exceptionally heavy, more especially the work done in committee: Its result is to be seen m the improved sanitary and general condition of the district. Much however remains and always must remain to be effected, and if re-elected I will gladly continue to give my support to a policy b £ "Improvement with Economy." It is easy to point out necessary changes but to me it appears to be of more importance to fix on the right time to carry such out, so that the end lay be attained without delay, but with the least possible burden to the ratepayers. I am, Yours obedientlv. HUGH BRAMWELL. GyMllon, March. 1899. 4825 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. NO. 8 WARD. TO THE ELECTORS. "T" ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, -1_J At the earnest request of a large number of influential ratepayers. I have, after due consideration, consented to seek your suffrages in the Ejection of District Councillors for the above Ward. Having lived m your midst for upwards of thirty-three years, I have seen the Ward grow, llntil it lias become a most important cenrro. 1 have at all times taken a keen interest in its advancement, and have felt that fnr our members we should Inve men to represent us with a thorough knowledge of the work to bn done, and who can discuss from practical experience the cost to the Ward for all improvements contemplated. Matters of vital interest will be discussed in connection with the district, and being a heavy ratepayer myself. I need hardly state that I shall at all times exercise strict economy in the expenditure ct public money. I further pledge myself to support any measure which will tjJl further benefit the Ward, and, if if be your pleasure to return me as one of your representatives, 1 shall endeavour to discharge the duties devolving upon me faithfully and efficiently, and will act at all times in a truly UNBIASSED manner. I am. Ladies and Gentlemen. Your obedient servant, DiYID FOWELL. Porth Farm House, Forth. 4623 Public Notices. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. PONTYPRIDD WESLEYAN METHODIST OraCJTJIT. A SALE OF "TORK will be held in the LESLEY SCIIOOLROO M, P O N T Y P R I D D, on THURSDA Y, 4.1 A MAY, 1899. 4627 DR. JOSEPH PARRY, of the South Wales .School of Music (Cardiff), will deliver his ^JRAND £ J0NCERT at the TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD, on mo, MARCH 27, 1899. SUBJECT: THE GREAT MASTERS" (With Musical Illustrations). Doers open at 7 ;0, to commence at 8 p,m. ADMISSION -Is, Is, and 6d. [4602 SALEM, LLANILLTYD FAERDREF. (COOD FRIDAY is/ARCll 31st, 1899). A CONCERT c*ke place when the following artistes will take part. Soprano- iluf ganWg) P°nt-Vpridd VF auss Olive Grey, R.A.M.) Coatralto- Miss OLIVE GREY (Medalist A A Maes teg; Academy), Mr DAVID EVANS, Abercynon Bass- Jlr DAVID CHUBB (winner of the chief prize at National Eisteddfod, Newport). Llantwit Fierdrtf Ace xnpauist ? Miss EDITH WILLIAMS, Church Village, Llantwit Faerdnf Chairman: Mr THOMAS DAVIES, II Chronicle" Office, Pontypridd. Admission t., Eisteddfod and Concert Is. Gil, Concert only h. Children under 15 half price. Doors open at 7 p.m., Concert to commence 7 30. Proceeds iu aid of Chspel Funds. 4t:);¡ HOUGIITOrS Electro. Hydropathi c MstabHshment, STUART BOll, EDWARDS TERRACE, CARDIFF. -SPECIALTY—KH^UMA^LSMt GOUT, a VI, "1" NERVOUS AFFECTIONS. Circular on application. 4541 -è.>- Public Notices. STOPS COLD ts I use a good deal in Winter, giving it to servants and others, and invariably bear of good results. My brother, who had Whooping Cough and could not rent, found it the greatest relief. —E.M.J3., lUe Elms. Fariugdon, Berks, Juue. 1898. 5 co GH '-t-OPS C04a SH 92 WA-8 and 2/6 Mrs A. S. BALLIN, Editress of 11 Bt,,y," Feb .1898, says Hsyraan's B«l*am has earned »n e*celie reputation. I -*ve tried it myself and itCi^lw'ueed Vafely'for'youngchiWren aod nifants." CURES COUGH STAMP IT ON YOUR MEMORY! Jo That for COUGHS, COLDS. BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, INFLUENZA, &c., there is nothing like ARNOTT'S T BALSAM OF LICORICE Sale increasing by leaps and bounds lOàd. PER BOTTLE, or by poet, Is. I kd. Try a Bottle at once! Prepared only by- D. A R INTO T T, Pharmaceutical Chemist, [4600 ,I Taff Street, Pontypridd. UP-TO-DATE IN MEDICINE! When everything else has failed. STOP TOOTHACHE IN TEN MINUTES. ^istressin^pai^s^f'6 111311118. Drive away the gloomy FJFRVflli^ forebodings & melancholy nrnnrnnmM dunng DiPHnSolufl. Fill up all red corpuscles AMmMtSn of the Blood and give vitality in & The llrst dose gives immediate relief. A month's course will thoroughly set you up. IN BOXES 1/11, TREBLE SIZE 2/9 Of all Chemists or tree by post from the P roprietor, 45:41 SANDERS, City Pharmacy, Cardiff.

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