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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. THE laying of the Memorial Stone of another rew Baptist Chapel at Penarth, has led us to look back and note the growth of the denomination in the counties s*- • of Glamorgan and Carmarthen during the pa§t fifty ) years. We note that the Baptist Association for these counties was established in 1860 with 12 Churches, but the strenght of the membership is not reported until 1865, when it stood at 2,062, with 14 Churches associated. Ten years later the strength of the Churches and membership had more than doubled itself, and during- the next ten years the growth had been maintained, for in 1885 it was reported that con- nected with the Association were 68 Churches with a total membership of 7,948, and the past ten years have shown that the Baptist cause has continued its rapid extension, for, according to the returns at the annual meeting of the Asseciatioa, hald at Swansea, in June last, we find the number of Churches to be 82, with a membership of 10,580. But in addition to this number there are seven Church as who did not send iu their returns un IiI too late. One of these last year returned 324 members. The Taber- nacle Church, Penarth, was established in 1868, with 14 members, but there are now 236 persons in fellow- p ship, Stanwell Road was formed in 1886, with 11 members, but the number has now reached 86. In addition to. these there is also the Welsh Church. It will thus be seen that the Baptist cause in Penarth is the strongest of the Nonconformist denominations, although it is very gratifying to note that recently there has been a substantial growth among all sec. tions but, better still, rich spiritual blessings have k been poured upon the Churches generally. 4 MUCH has been said and written about the We-sleyan Sunday School Anniversary. With some of the re- marks we have been in accord, but one or two have indulged in extremes. Let us see to it when we enter into a discussion upon any subject, and especially a subject dealing with any religious questions, that we are actuated by right and pure motives, and in a. prayerful spirit, for otherwise we may be led into a discussion at once harmful, both to our own selves and the question we are anxious to I defend. Whilst we do not agree with all that was done to promote the success of the anniversary in question, yet we are willing to believe that Mr John- son would not wilfully do anything which would injure any other cause in the town, or which would „ give offence to any of those with whom he may be more closely associated. If, to assist any weak .part, Mr Johnson hac7 invited two or three w singers from other places, he would have done well, but with such a staff of singers as Arcot-street can boast, we think it was a pity that so many outsiders I were invited to assist: but Mr Johnson knows his his position best, and whilst we may, from our stand- point, condemn, yet if we were acquainted with all the circumstances we may not blame him. Mr- >* • 4 Wood, the conductor of the band who assisted at the r. morning and afternoon services, has replied to our last week's correspondents from his own standpoint. His closing quotation, "Roni soil qui mal y pense" ("Evil to him who evil thinks"), does not, however, » show the spirit we should like to have seen mani ♦ fested. Let us hope, however, that out of evil good may come, and may this little storm in a tea-cup lead all to greater watchfulness in the future. AX. important and largely attended meeting of the B. W T. A. committee, was held at the residence of the President, Miss Tregelles, on Thursday afternoon, to .consider the winter's programme. It is pleasing to note that thorough agressive work is proposed and O (that we are likely to have the pleasure of listening to some of our ovm country's and America's best tafent. 7- One very important question discussed was the ne-1 cessity of some place as a counter attraction to the public house. A place where men may meet of an evening for reading, amusements, refreshments at a cheap rate, and social intercourse. Many of our working men are driven to the public house because there is no other place where they can meet- The coffee tavern has done good, service but it does not meet thedemands, and wefeel iure this will only be done through some such medium as the B. W. T A. or the Total Abstinence Federation. Now that the ball has been set rolling, may it be carried onward until the dream is fully realised.


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