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WARNER'S HYGIENIC BAKERY DELICIOUS TMBT KOM £ lYIADE Im JM IX MM rJL JLF GHKES 51 PRSTRY <LX JL L riL I I W. G. Warnep Cook A Confectioner 93. Glebe Street, Penarth. 1 Vans to all parts of the Town daily. ^1 I I II■! J—■ ■L.|l.„.ULM -,1, ■' I — I. [J., i| J.' _l. in NEAVE't!j (pBTEH F* B. EIID. .¡. 't' T" T"" 't' T" .J. T. T" T" THE BREAD. OF THE FUTURE! delicious, Nutritious, and Nfghly digestive. Sir CHAS.A. CAMERON, M.D. (Cambridge), >P.B.C.S I,, M.B.C.P.L, F.I.C., Professor of Chemistry, R.C.S.I., Medicai d Officer of Health for Dublin; City and Ccwntipfcnalyst SA1?S-. I CITY LABORATORY DUBLI "HI have a high estimate of the DIETETIC VALUE oøffs, especially of thoso found in the seeds of plants, and I consider • that the large percentage 6ftlie DELICATELY FLAVOURED fats of wheat present in Messrs N LA V and CO, S EAR 1N E adds greatly to the value of th^ir Bread. It is RICK also in the ALBUMINOIDS of NITROGENOUS constituents of iW; which are INDISPEN SABLE to the formationof BONE and MUSCLE. f ^llessrs NE^Io.'S T^beatenM eal and EAKINE are WELL FLAVOURED, EASILY DIGESTIBLE 8dl v NUTRITIOUS aliirfQits|' •u sqijB i' £ !;■ .Msg ^TOnifipaadkBi A sir** ^555SI «*V 3H £ a.;p"tiMrk SomtPf A