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ESTABLISHED OVER QUARTER OF A CENTURY; • — ——— 8 a MMi f! A*W41h avid wrnwell, *<«•. !^P" ia..raFs«y 1t:Jr9-t; AND Cw I. SS"&ir»«3< £ BiSj A 1"T PENARTH. JL JL IL JL JL JL e ,Y>:f -r-J-MLrTiilliiil-l.'Jill»l.lLii i3F- m.t s'*•*• ■»""• jSKgSrsa^g^f^Sig^CTaiiaa PORK PIES, any size, 7d per Ib 2 BEST PORK SAUSAGES, 8d per Ib HOrvIE CURED BACON AND JIIIS (WHITE or Smokfld). LEGS OF PORK, ed per lb HOME MADE BRAWN, in Moulds, 8d per Ib Just the thing for the Breakfast or Tea Table. =:=. ^SlT fUS S1L1I1L liX.Cit F SsS Mmier and 6onfeciioner ..t.3.. 'kJ .JLIILJ 51 PLAS8EY feTIIEET, (Next door to Mr Corr. well, Butcher.)'and The. s Decker' Bakery, Ludlow t Street, Penarth. Bood 01ne de and ll/pe, Wfiok Sfieai S E a B CHOICE CAKE from 4d. to Is, per lb. Delieioiis PASTRY of every Description. — — — .PARTIES CATERED 'FOR. Bread delivered daily to all parts of the Town. 'l_T)'ffI'I!,AJ"J'- • MISS BOWLES, U ..t ..il.J _CJ Pffliii a sisffiis taster PERFECT FIT AND STYLE. ADDRESS- FANCY.BAZAAR, SEVERN HOUSE, PLASSEY STREET, PENARTH. l_- ILFEACOMBE. Martin's CT7 35" BOARDING HOUSE, U-:ASANTLY SITUATED. FEW MINUTES' WALK FROM PIER, AND CLOSE TO SEA. EXCELLENT NEWLY-FURNISHED DRAW- ING, DICING, AND BED ROOMS. TERMS VERY MODERATE. aettawBB»muuiu».gHr8»»Egw'<a*wjuj»MfBig'*T^rf«KrCTjya<Bga»Brr:.ra' I 3rd Y.B. Welsh Regiment. PENAETH DETACHMENT. ORDERS — Week ending Saturday September 14th, 1895. MONDAY—Company Drill 3 p.m. Plain clothes. TUESDAY—3rd Stage Ladies Cup competition at, 4. p.m. THURSDAY—Company Drill at 8 p.m. Plain clothes, FRIDAY-3rd Stage Riley's Cup Competition 4 p.m. n SATURDAY—Class firing at 3 p-m. The annual Church parade will take place on Sunday 22nd September, at 2.30 p-m- The annual Shooting- Competition wil take place on Wednesday, 18 September at 10 a.m. No member will be allowed to take part in the Annual Cora petition, he has put in 9 drills and fired in the 3rd Class. By order, (Sigced) J. LOBBAN, Sergt, Inst, iot CapjMb. PENARTH URABN DISTRICT COUNCIL. TENDERS are invited for the supply of Hay, Oats, Straw, Bran, Beans, etc., up to the 25th March, 1896. Tenders to be marked" Tender for Fodder. Also for Steam and House Coal, up to the 25th March, 1896. Tenders to be marked "Tender for Coal." The above Council are also prepared to receive Tenders for PRIVATE IMPROVEMENT WORKS in Albert Cresent, Church Avenue, Clive Lane and Plassey Lane. Also for Newbridge stone crossings in Plymouth Road, Glebe Street, and Albert Road (Public Improve- ment Work). Plans, Specifications, and Bills of Quantities, may be seen at this office on and after the 23rd inst. Tenders to be marked I- Tender for Street Work." Sealed Tenders to be sent to the undersigned not later than the 30th inst. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. EDGAR 1. EVANS. A.M.LC.E. Surveyor. Council Offices, Penarth. 12th September, 1895. PURCHASE PIANOS FOR CASH AND SAVE 50 PER CENT AT -n_. The New Pianoforte and Organ Stores, 44, WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH, Next door to Messrs. Vaughan and Co., Dyers. Intending purchaasers should see the HIGH CLASS INSTRUMENTS now on view at the above address before buying elsewhere. ALL INSTRUMENTS COME DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY, And can be Manufactured to suit the tastes of Customers. Pianos Tuned from 3s. 6d. PIPE AND REED ORGANS TUNED AND RENOVATED. 4 ESTIMATES FREE FOR ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS, Pianos on Hire from 10/6 Monthly. 1/!I(¡,i'f':II-'4Ð'IIIJI'<r'oL LESSONS IN BOOKKEEPING, • SHORTHAND, &0. P. J. HARRIS, 33, ALBERT HOAD, PENARTH. TRADESMEN'S BOOKS KlGPT. RENTS COLLECTED. Agent to the NATIONAL BENEFIT TRUST LTD., LONDON. L 0.- Pemrtli & District Co-operative Industrial Society, Limited. THE ANNUAL T ,E A I E E T I N G- T G AND ENTERTAINMENT In connection with the above Society, will be held in ANDREWS' LARGE HALL, • ON < Wednesday, September 18, The ENTERTAINMENT will consist of VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSiC, &c. Tea on the Tables from 5 to 7 p.m.' Entertainment to Commence at 7.30. TICKETS FOR TEA 9d. EACH. ENTERTAIN* MENT FREE.