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Pmiarth Business Directory. BUTCHERS. T. R. Wadley, Glebe-street, Penarth. D. CornweIL Glebe Street. U. Hcvord, 51, Glebe Street. L R. Guy (Pork", 93, Glebe Street. ? BUS AND CAD PROPRIETORS. kldrews & Son, Penarth Mews. CHEMISTS. f. Blake Benjamin, 8-lebe-stieet. CORN MERCHANTS ji. T Saiiger Tucker, 31, and 32, Glebe Street COAL MERCHANTS. Penarth Coal Co., 28, Windsor-road. CONFECTIONERS W G WarMr, 76, Glebe Street. ? .??M?r?c.?56 W?or H?i?ams, Queen Restaurant, by the Railway Station. ? Wm. SaundeTS, 5? Plassey Street. DRUG STORES. G W. Raynes, 1, Penarth Dock. DRAPERS. ? C. W. Taylor, Cavendish House, 3, Glebe Street. EDUCATIONAL. G S lhnt, Collegiate School, Albert Crescent. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DEALERS. ? E. J. aDger Tucker '31, .nd 32, Glebe Street. A. H.S?r.Mau?? Street EL Matthews, Anc?r House, Glebe btreet. V,.Tm. Bull, 24, Glebe Street GROCERS. LI. Huntley, Gloucester House, M&ugban Street. MUSIC TEACHERS. M. (.< C, Llowell, Mozar House, Windsor Road. PAINTERS AND DECORATORS. Love and John, 5< Areot-street. P A WNBROKEHS. Hyman Harris, 85, Glebe Street. SECOND-HAND CLOTHES DEALERS. Mr& Huckland, 57 and 58 Salop Street. Mrs Me Murray, 12 Arcot Street. STATIONERS ANH NEWSAGENT Mrs Pesleyl Glebe-street. Mrs Faulkner, Glebe-streel Miss Court, Windsor-road. MhBes Ba't ô. Glebe Street ? Leaver) Post Office, Cogan. $ UNDERTAKERS S. Andrews & Son, Peaarth Mewa Jacob 1. Hooper. Salop Street. -_c-v_ A STIMULATING, SUSTAINING CUP —MADE INSTANTLY. A small spoonful oi Cadburv's Cocoa, -with boH- I -N I I ??? I ing water or milk will make a large breakfast cup of the most delicious, di- gestible, absolutely pure and nourishing cocoa, of the greatest strength and finest &a.vour, entirely free from any admixture. Pure, wholesome, and chea,p, aj)d has no supcT'or in the J ¡ IMPORTANT NOTICE! dLh. For every Descriptio of Household Furniture, Musical Instruments, Hardware, Cutlery. Carpets, &c., go to BEVAN&CCL I LIMITED Registered as The Cardie Furmsners/' Furniture. Carpet and Musical Warehousemen whose continuall and rapidly expand- ing business enables them to buy larger and sell cheaper than ever DINING DRAWING AND BEDROOM SUITES, £3 X7m <B<aL C> XCIO m Capets. FlOOTC-iijuhS, Linolenms, Heathrugs, &c., In Vast Variety and at Marvellous Prices! .< 'i'1iIun1!l:l. Before purcha.mg elsewhere call and see the MATCHLESS" OVERSTRUNG PIANOFORTE a most magnificent instrument Forty Guineas kusual Music Ware. house Price 55 to 60 Guineas T T" "V V Y T Delivery Free throughout Wales and Border Counti s, Large Illustrated Catalogue, just out, Gratis and Fos. Free. j- BE V <30 THE LARGEST BEST, AND CHEAPEST FURNISHERS IN THIS PAM OF THE KINGDOM n EL m m C. W. K. TAYLOB. Cavendish House, I p :narh. FIRST SHOW OF Spring and Summer goods. WXNDOW-