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I f'' t < § TT-nnmnnm x x <* n t t) o TTTTT-] FE GEIR WHITE LACE CURTAINS i 0 S" 3/11 i 27/6. 1 SPECIAL VALUE— rc 7/6 9/6 10/11 J 12/11 14/11 17/11 § I Gwerth rhai ohonynt Ddwbl yr Arian. Î GEORGE, DRAPER, CARNARVON. I I I 1 I I I l.l I »-IJLJJLJLJLJJ-gJLJUDLU 1.1 HUIIi I J. M I I I Ml I j .)1>. ..JJIIIJr ¿, '¡', d I' -===, A i A Ii n I;; J a t ¡ .1' i I The Weber Piano. I }J | HE history of the Weber piano is woven H H with fine traditions the Weber has been ft| • fl praised and enjoyed by the greatest musicians li g| for half a century. It possesses a richness and liquidity of tone that is unforgetable. J SThe Weber Small Grand, despite the fact that its length a is but five feet, retains all of those features which recom- H J. mend the Grand Piano to persons of discriminating taste. fl t Dainty and graceful in outline, occupying but very little í. \1 more space than an upright, yet losing none of the glorious ff A "Weber Grand" tone, this instrument is without rival in A £ its field to-day. Ife Sole Local Agent*— THE AEOLIAN CO., Ltd., Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Tc222."e North Wales Branch of the Aeolian Company Ltd., Aeolian Hall, New Bond Street, London, W. St convcdescence.jj^BL^ Benger's Food is not a "Patent n] H Food" — Its composition is well K] lO i jJ'" <w| known to the Medical Profession. Jl 9 y^mTm It is made on strictly scientific Di [j yy'™\ IrAAn lines to nourish and sustain when W l Ml the system is too weak to digest if 1 I viJAiMTfl the usual foods of life. H y tor V AL ^1 JL m In iUnesa and convalescence, when ifUl If » "out of aorta," Benger'a Food is dainty 9 iNV A ¥ ,TT)S A thcAGED« an<* ddicioita and always beneficial. yK D wsta BENGER'S FOOD LTD* Otter Works, MANCHESTER. K 1 JLRdref! • oldflelds^s'l: E> Vg^^v| Instantly assured to all Old Post Off** Place. Livert>ool.«in + ftb I who suffer from Asthma, ■ K Bgg etc^y 1 spjencer's « Just now diamonds and K ill!?! ASTHMA CURE- gems af all kinds are a K •' *»' f — first-class investment as ft brea°tCh-ind Inngll^on^" v.alues appreciating every H> Soothes and Comforts. < day. Old fields Limited w Refuse substitutes and insist on getting have a few choicp SDfnmfns g> DR. SPENCER'S ASTHMA CURE < S{^CimenS jk Of all chemists in Wales. Pnce, 8/9 per bottle. StOCK WnlCu they Will HK. If unable to obtain write j 111 .1 11. ■r GEDDES MANUFACTURING co., ] probably not be able to Shirley Chemical Works, Southampton. 5 t i 1 1 a 11 &> < < replace when sold. A call v L/rbp@nC6rS J at their establishment will K Jfa C5TF" bUMI < no y°u to Pur" & 1 I llVlF\< chase your requirements at K g ^^1 IHF < prices much below those V < elsewhere in the City. Go to Oldfields for • Clocks, Watches, Rings and all Silverware, B26 œ j tef Sold by ali Confectioners j§j| /| ^11 -Cl Oj 0 r o> iii at 8d. periib. v^ianeias^/ Old PastOffice Place, Liverpool.' S | 1.



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