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-v RHODDWCH DREIAL I Mr3. v !1. Smith a'i Fab, 111 a. T .I. '-J:ii jl I. 11 '1 CAERDVDD, ABERTAWE, NEU GASNEWYDD, Am Newyddiaduron a phob math o Bapvr Ysgrifenu, Cauadleni, &c. I T Y Prisoedd laWn. SUrhsir Prydlondeb. Y Cynllun Diweddaraf o Oyfrifiadau er galluogi Cwsmer- i iaid i checkio biliau trosglwyddiadol (Invoices) gyda rhwyddineb. | Caniateir y Swm Llawnaf am Bapyrau Dychweledi' heb lawer o'r telerau arferol ydynt yn ami yn gyfyng a thraiierthus Bpdd yn dda gan y GoruchWylitor i 'Brsio Rhestri y CynrychiolWyr, a rhoddi unrhyW Wyhodaeth i FasnachWyr. Gelwch i weled. eia Nwyddau Amrywiol a Newydd. r^g209l During the year 1902 I had accounts with five hundred and eigbty-five thousand, two hundred and nine 9 1 Customers. I do not suppose that a single one of this p • w I enormous number did business merely to oblige me, • S they sent their orders in full confidence that they would g J be well served and on the understanding that unless thoroughly pleased with the goods there would be no I J obligation whatever to purchase. Seven days is always § 2 aallowed for approval, and if you are not entirely A J&L. satisfied #end the package back. 8 i 441 PROVIDE EVERYTHING." g If the goods are perfectly satisfactory you can pay for 9 ■ w 11 them as you prefer: Cash or Easy Monthly Instalments, fi 5 full particulars of which are enclosed with each Catalogue, together with Order Forms g < and details of Important Advantages offered to Cash Purchasers, a | EACH DEPARTMENTAL CATALOGUE SENT POST FREE OH APPLICATION. ggggffffiSg. 2 f 1. Watches. 11. General Draperies, &o. 2 5 "AlTmy well-known Watch Specialities fully lllug- Kress Goods, Blankets. Sheets, Furs, Ijadiea' Out- m ■ tr&ted and described. My Watch Department is fitting,Babies' and Children's Clothing, etc. H J Largest Watch Sales Concern in the World. 12. Gold JewelleryA Diamonds. S I Tools and Machinery. Engagement and Wedding Kings, Bracelets, n Thousands of illustrations. Every known Tool Brooches, and all kinds oi Gold tally H and Machine is supplied on Easy Terms of Payment. Illustrated ana described. 5? 9 3. Furniture. 13. General Fancy Goods. J I Every furnishing requirement la illustrated. My Bags. Umbrellas, Albania, every kind of lieathei ■ System of Furnishing by Easy Instalments is fully Goodsfor Wedding Presents and Home Use. J* 9 explained. From to to £ 500 Special Arrangements. 14. Cameras & Optical Goods. Jj» I^^flaiVtles^aLncJ^CosturTTeS. Hundreds of Designs by the most reliable maker!. 9 A beautiful Album of the lashions of the Season. 15. Bicycies and Domestic S S S. Gent's Tailoring. Machinery. § B This Siyiish '« cFithinf BuXisPBPtn Mail CftrlT^mb u7ato7g, W^hfng and Wringing Q 2 and is probably the Largest Clothing Business in Machines. Sewing and Knitting Machines, Knife S 2 « Cleaning Machines, etc. 5 | 6. Boots and Shoes. 16. Musical Department. | • Beautifully illustrate^ A Splendid Choice Of the Pianos. Organs, and every known Musical InfltrO- 2 ■t hTwZ*. i V NavvJanenC X6rmB- I 1 7. Bookselling Department. 17. Army and Navy. g • Ca^ogue rfe.. Tast assortment of Standard | | 8. Sheffield Cutlery and Plate. the 'equirementa of all grades of the g A The produce of my own Factories illustrated and 10. Colonial Department. 0 J A comprehensive volume .944 pages). Thousand* f| 9. Glass, China, Lamps & Stoves. of lustrations and prices of goods In every §9 9 Dinner" and" Tea SarvicesTTollet and Bad room Department. The flnasr. work of reference pub- Q 2 Ware. lamps, Stoves, eto. lished for Foreign and Colonial Trade. Special f| 9 10. ClOCttS. Cash Discount for Shipping Orders, (9 m Every known style and make supplied on Easy 19. Harne»3 and Vehicles g 5 Terms of Payment. of every description. A g Agents Wanted in spare time. Liberal Commission. Persons In regular employment should write for Terms. g I m&nru J -_t.â THOMAS & So/s PATTERN WEDDING KINGS. No. I No. 2 ^°'3 No-4- e'1 ROUND.. MEDIUM. -V/IDE. EXTRA WIDE. Satisfaction Guaranteed Ve have perfects I a Postal Sfstam which will en xble Cjsto yi ;rs of -3 Wedding Ring to make their purch ises through the p )st thzrs*j >avoiding p tblic curiosity. Write for a set of our Size R ngs. supp ie i free, consisting of 23 differ- ent metal sizes, m ide specially. With these you can fit yourself with *ut diffL tlty Order Form and and ful p irticulars acc ),npallY each set. All our Wedding Rings a e 22 Carat Gold and G wer imiat stamped. Prices — Pattern No. 1, from 15s. to 40s. Pattern No. 2, from 21s. to 35s. Pattern No 3, from 30s. to 50s. Pattern No. 4, from 55s. to 80s. A Valuable Wedding Present given to every Custoner, Customers may make their purchases in a Private Room, if desired, or hy appointment Every Ring sold by weight. The more you pay the heavier the Ring. On'v Address- THOMAS & Co., (The WeddSgRHingr of), Commercial Street, ABERDARE. t PWYTH MEVVN Pt. y I MBm ARBEDA.NAW. Sir Nid oes dim yn fwy gwir, yn enwedig pan y cymhwysir ef at iecliyd. Gwlycha neu oera pobl, gan ddwyn arnyat eu hunain mewn llawer amgylchiad bronchitis, pntumtnia^ pleurisy, neu ryw afwcbyd poenus arall, a. ellidei rwystro yn hollol tlwy gadw potel of Glendenning's Beef and Malt Wine wrth law, a chymeryd ychydig ddognau mewn pryd. CO FI E R fed Glendenning's Beef and Malt Wine yn cynwyt pwyntiau neiliduol mewn rhagoroldeb, hynod ynddo ei hun, y rhai nad ydyw unrhyw Invalid Wtnts eraill yn eu meddu. Nid oes dim S@5lB0 "broncystal" neu yr un fath a Glendenning's Beef and Wine, ac na adawer neb i'ch perswadio i gredu hyny. Ysgrifena Meddyg o Newcastle-on-Tyne Foneddigion,—Gallaf ddwcyd ij mod y° «ym«radwy° eich Bcef and Mak Wine yn beiaetQ yn 7 ngalwedigaeth, ac nid wyf yn gwybod am unihyw v.uitr- *n j uurt pariaeth arall gyfartal mewn gwerth adfe^ol i ch eid i 3 chmi. Y mae yn amlwg yn rhagori ar yr amryiviol efsl- ychiadau a wneir o'ch B^ef and Malt Wins gwreiddiol cbwi. Gwerthir Glendenning's Baef and Mait Wine gan Win Fasnachwyr, Grocers, Stores, a Chemists, mewn pote'ii. am J,9 a 2/ neu ft sllir cael Abrawf-botel yn rhad drwyr post ara 2j- oddiwrth- W. GLENDENNING & SONS, Ltd., 67, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.; 33 St. Mary's Place, Newcastlra-on-Tyne; A 81, Commercial St., Dundee. QOFAL £ K CAUL GLEiNPENN1 NO'S e PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. NEW MARKET HALL, ABERDARE. A GRAND CHAIR EISTEDDFOD will be held at the above place on -m 0 WHIT-TUESDAY, MAY 24. 1904. (Under the auspices of the Aberdare Male Voice Party.) Male Voice Competition.-Test piece, Ki ig of the Worlds (A. Dard Jarnin). Not under 60 voices. First Prize, 240 Second, do.. 2 5 Mixed Choir.—Test piece, Dyddiau dyn sydd fel glasweHtyn," (T. Davies, Ebbw Yale.) Not under 6Q roices. Prise, £ 20. Programmes ready skertly, which can be obtained from the Secretary,— MR. JAMES HUGHES, 4, Graig street, Aberdare 1- jgETHESDA Q HA PEL, II I J^LAN GENNECH. I i A J COMPETITIVE CONCERT j I | Will be h.eld at the above Ohapel oil j I SATURDAY, FEB. 20th., 1904. CHIEF ITEM— j MALE VOICE COMPETITION, Crusaders (Dan Protkeroe). PRIZE, | £ 12 and a SILVER CUP value £ 2 2s. to the successful Conductor, also 10s. 6d to each, unsuccessful Conductor. II SOLOS AND HECITATION, £1 Is. Od. Programmes may be had from TOM LLOYD, "I aecrgfaries JOHN EVANS, J b J Bridge Street, I Llangeunech. ( | '»-. Tellwng o sylw Cym leithaslu Llenyddol, Diwylliadol, &c. -0- "THE NEW WOMAN," neu SAFLE BRIODOL MERCHED MEWN CYMDEITH AS. -0- LL YFR DDYLAI FOD YN M:KDD= IANT POB ME.i-CH A MAB. -(1- D.S. 0 hyn hyd ddechrea Chwefror an fonir y Llyfr Cymraeg uchod, pris Is., i unrhyw ^ykttrivid ar-dderbyn- iad 6ch mewn uh neu >stcd order. RhoUd<>- vi i\m- j ar yr amlen oddudlan. I Archebion i'w hanfon i r: .UJN ES) h ,ok-; fceiler, &c., L!anerchymedd. —o— SONGS Newydd. Pris Is, Cymraeg i a Saesonaeg. Yr Eryr' (W Davies).—Tenor neu Sop-1 rano. Mae Heddwch ar waeiod y Hi (W Davies). —Contraito neu Bass. Y Rhosyn' (W Davies) — Soprano neu Tenor. Dros ein gwlad' (Ap Ulas'yn), j —Tenor neu Baritone. Pris 6ch. —o— Anfonwch am Rhestr gyfiawn at Z, E. JONES, BoorlseHer, 6c., Llanerchymedd. p 15 CLEIFION Cymerwch 5ylw I YN AWR" YW ARWYDDAIR Y DOETH. Y syiriad cyffredin pan na deimlir yn iach yw, "Mi arcsaf i weler?—efAllai y bydd:af yn well yfcry, TRA PE YR ELECH AR UNWAITH I WELED AC YMGYNGHORI A'R FFERYLLYDD CYMREIG ENWOG MR. HENRY M. LLOYD, FR.M.S., M.R.P.S., FferyHydd Dosbaxtiiol ac Ymgynghorol (drwy arholia^l gydsg anrhydedd), Dispens- ing & Consulting Chemist (by exam, with honours), Member of the British (Optical Association, Medallist & Pri??eman of vVest- mimter Coll eye of Chemistvy, 28, Victoria street (Opposite the Market doors), Merthyr. yn Sicrhau y Moddfon Goreu i ateb eich dolur, ac o ganlyniad ddeibys y gWHiihad a'r adfeilad y dyjnuiwtch, ei gael n J r a.u e;er t: H;i. PEf!)IwCH (t'-VASTRAKFU f\ tt. i ,¿\ N a c Ii\. M 5 £ A drwy g-eisio m;. tihm 1 gyhoeddir i wella po-b cl<.tiur dm haul :<) =- S'wch at vuiig irvfe/rsad s y Cyuireig Enwog:— Mr. HENRY M. LLOYD, F.a.M.S.,M.R.?ls.5.,Ref.Doc.,I-.A.S.A London. DisprRsing & Cc^'tin.g Cheaiist 0>v exam. wiia hoiiouTs). Meinber of *h'' ntisli Optical Association, Medallist õ; i lft, erf Weifanriiiiei College of Cr.ftui.itry, Z8. Victoria Street, {Opfuiite tlit Market D. ¡ MINING. —o— PUPILS are still successfully prepared for their First and Second Certifi- cates. "For terms send stamped addressed envelope to D. JONES, POST OFFICE, FFOREST FACH, SWANSEA.



jMynydd Bach

—- t. Siloh Newydd, Glandwr,

-:0:--Capel Brynhyfryd

-:0:-Ebbw Vale.


-:6:-Y Restr Ddu.