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MINING IN CARDIGANSHIRE. To the Editor of the Aberystwyth Observer, Sir,-As there are many readers of your inteFesting paper who appear anxious to know how mining in this district is progressing, I would at the present time touch apon Cwmrheidol and its future Drospects. Ystumtuen is the first in the van, and although it has been for some time idle, yet it is one of the old- est mines in the valley. The workings herein so far wrought upon are chiefly above adit level, even to the surface; many thousands of tons of lead have been sold from this place from time to time, yet she is still in her infancy. A shaft was sunk below the adit level at one time, and a goodly quantity of mineral raised, but having lost the lode, they, mast have also lost their hearts, and gone after the great runs of lead nearear the surface, and in time filled up the said, shaft, which has never been opened since. To open, and resume sinking this shaft say for 50 or 60 fathoms would pay for itself in time, although the lode may have dispersed, it is one of those freaks of nature of which all mines are not thoroughly up to; just a leave or side which at times will throw a lode a great distance. I 4ave known them to be so treated in this as never again to be found; but we may presume no such 2xtraor<iinary fault has been committed here, as both tast and west of this mine, the lode bears quantities f mineral-both lead and blend, and beside this the dit level is above the river near 200 yards, so that ay depth may be carried on in this mine for long isrs to come. Machinery of the first quality on sur- ce for dressing purposes, rails throughout the ine, waggons, in fact nothing is required for the rther development of this mine but capital. t! Many others may say the same sad tale, mostly ry mine in the Rheidol valley has been knocked le head for the want of capital, and a knowledge to use it, but, we must hope in seeing this as ,i as all other mines throughout the valley in full rt e of working, and paying handsome profits those who may come forward and assist in once again immediately to the ssi of this and adjoining it is the ti, lyn-y-fron mine. Nothing very particular has 8r been done here. The lode (as in the first named ine runs east and west; eastward it may be traced roi f> e Aberystwyth mines, on through the sm; PaBSlng through the river just above the irsc f 8,^r f0' 0If the West Esgair Lee, and ^ay A celebrated bank mine in the noxt county, r it Van lode so that we may miss it oc- ision as ia evident in the shaft in the stun. taen. Yet we have not far to look for it fain; the chief working in the Tyn-y-fron is the vel d riven last toward the above named mine, Ijpt ot ha) far enough to be of any good, as the lead earing measures have not reached BO far upon that hallow back. Depth must be attained before riches an be net with in this immediate spot, if the level poken of here extended to or near the boundary they rould i j probability meet with success, then by inking uccpor load would b8 found nearer and nearer o the c. mtre of the mine, until at last it would be )0 eougl it after westward of the present workiags. such art the dips and underlies of lodes. This pro- perty st oald be united with the above first named mine, an dthen I should say you must go a long way a.nd find my better mining speculation in the county. We then Joine to the East Siiver Hills mine, the old Craigyi ton." Where the west silver hills are I know not i, but may know in time. As christening takes pla( » almost upon every birth, so they say, so I suppos1. eld "Bals restarting must receive a second ba ptismal christening in the shape Pometimes in the sha pe of a good dinner and tizz, or teetotallers, 66 Coffee a ad prayers." However, the mine we now cater npo) 1, so of the good qualities we must confine corBelves «. wtuie to write about. This mine has again restarted, for several times she has been worked and as many ti only 70 fathoms deep. Fancy, ft > 70 ^thorns deep that is 130 yards, and so w my ''started and disappointed. Well, all1 shall be worked as she ought Go bo it would be a perfect success. But! remember. I mvn8tl°°^ SW,too much, or they may never come and *cek my practical assistance after telling them what .to avoid. One thiog avoid, theory^or practice. And as time with me is late, and a long way home, I think I will trouble you again next week ■writh the c: ir cladmg part of the Cwmrheidol budget ntogne* re. Iam Sir) SAMPSON TREVETHAN, Bhndol G< ttage, Consulting Mining Engineer. June 24t h, 1881.


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