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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. The Observer is sold in Aberystwyth, at the Printing Office, 1 North-parade; at Messrs. Smith and Son's boosstall; by Mr. J. E. J. Lloyd, book- seller, Tervace-road; and Mr. E. Edwards, book- binder, Great Darkgate.street. MONTIIIIY MARKET.—On Monday a fair business was done in horses and cattle, prices being good. OBMNMSON.—The Bishop of St. David's intends to hold an ordination on Sanday, the 8th of December. EXCXTRSPONS.—On Monday a large number of people visited this town, including Church ;Sunday schools from Bare wen and Llanllwni. Rsiiiesous INSPECTION.—On Wednesday the Dio- cesan 'Inspector of Religions Instruction examined Penparke School, and on the following day the National Schools. TSPS LATE PRINCIPAL OF THE NORMAL COLLEGE, SWANSEA.-—1 he New Zealand Herald of May 6th, says:: Mr W. Williams, late principal of the Normal College, Swansea, who was one of the passengers by the Sydenham to Auckland, has been appointed to the vacant mastership at the High Sifiiool, Dunedin. He received an intimation of his appointment on Wednesday. TOWN CouNdL.-A meeting of this council was convened for Tuesday morning, but owing to the Mayor and several of.the members having gone to Ujnllygad Eheidol for the purpose of witnessing -some operations in connection with the waterscheme, a quorum could not be formed, the only gentlemen present being Alderman Williams, Messrs Isaac Morgan, J. J. Griffiths, A. J. Hughes, town clerk, and H. L. Eva-ns, borough accountant. THE NEW CHURCH YKAR BooK.- We understand that Mr Macheson, the Editor of The Year book of the Church," has received from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, the Bishop of London, and y ot^er Bishops of the English and Welsh dioceses, permission to dedicate the work to their Loidships, and to issue it under their sanction. It will present facts without expression of opinion, and will furnish a complete record of work and pro- gress in the Chureh of England. THE NEW TITLES OF THE WELSH REGIMENTS. -The Queen has been pleased to approve of the following changes and designations of regiments of Infantry of the line, which will take effect on and after the 1st mat :-Present title, 23rd Royal Welsh P^i1"r;-H UJrf.utltie'1the R°yal Welsh Fusiliers. +V,At^w'i D 2"d Warwickshire future title Wales Borderers. Present title", 41st, the Rptim fcic' • lst Battalion of the Welsh iitlrTilL bJ$e> 60th Sonth Lincolnshire; future title, 2nd Battalion of the Welsh Regiment. w kRIn'Pn Monday and Tuesday Bostock WM°W 1 8 gG menagerie was exhibited in the Smithheld, and was well patronised. The collection contains several noted animals, and a variety of rare birds and reptiles. Darwin's "missing link be- mTohEi!f+an a+dA xr111?131 creation was the object of much interest. On Wednesday morning the rnenlgerie fiirfl Tn|ran^ tf since exhibited at Talybont, Tow^j an MaGkynheth. To-day it will be at BODELWYDDAN MARBLE CIIUECH.—This cburch, which was erected at a cost of £ 60,000, has just been further beautified by two costly stained glass win- dows, by Messrs. Ward and Hughes, Soho-square, London, lhe windows have been erected by Sir W. Grenville Yilliams and his brothers and sisters in memory of their mother Lady Williams, of T°,e u7n /tas^e' aD(^ a^so hy the relatives of Lady Willoughby de Broke. The Rev. Daniel Rowlands, M.A., of Bangor Nor- mal College, in a paper read at the Temperance Jubilee Conference in London last week, stated that though the first temperance society in Wales was formed on May 11, 1835, the pledge of which gave permission "to drink intoxicating liquors, but not to get drunk," yet that in the same year Mr John Finch, of Liverpool, established a teetotal society at Mold] after which the cause spread radidly, and many prominent ministers of religion earnestly advocated its claims. TELSGRAMS. During the week the towns-people have been kept well informed of the condition of President Garfield by telegramms. The news of the attempted assassination of the President was received on Saturday evening, shortly after six o'clock, by Mr C. M. Williams, draper, Pier-street, and created a feeling of sympathy and indignation. On Monday the greatest anxiety prevailed, and two special editions of the Observer, published in the afternoon and evening, were read with much interest. Daily during the week Mr C. M. Williams has received one or two telegrams, which have been posted in the windows of his shop, where they have been read be crowds of people. Mr Williams has also arranged for particulars of all important events occurring during the summer, so that visitors will be well posted in passing events as soon as possible after they occur. THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS.—The council have awarded medals aud Telford premiums for some of the papers read at the ordinary meetings during the paat session, to Messrs T. Foster Brown, G. T. Adams, J. I. Thorneycroft, T. Seyrig, M.am Ende, B, Baker, R. H. Brunton, C. Cofcson, C. H. Meyer and B. Walker, and the Manby premium to Mr J- P- MaxwelL For papers printed in the Minntes of Proceedings," without being publicly read and diseugsed a Telford medal and premium hl, been adjudged to Professor Dr Weyranch, and Telford premiums to Messrs J, Re Bell, J. L. T. Target, and W. T. H. Carrington. Miller prizes have been bestowed upon the following students for papers read at their meetings Messrs J. B. Hunter, M. B. Jamieson, T. Stewart.W. H. Edinger, D. Macalister, L. Burnet, E. W. N. Wood, A. S. Vowcll and W. Marriot. O ^>EDINATION SERVICES AT FLINT AND BAGILLT.— Services were held on Sunday and Monday in con- f nects with the ordination of Mr W. Gwllym Rees, I of Brecon College, to the pastorate of the English Congregational Churches at Flint and Bagillt. On Sunday sermons were preached at both places te largre congregations, by the Revs Principal Morris, 1>.D., of Brecon College Owen Thomas, B.A., Holy- well; and others. On Monday afternoon the otdination serviee was held at Bagillt. The Rev D. B Hooke, Mold, presided. The introductory service Wits taken by the Rev D. Lantrow, after which a statement of church principles was given by the Rev Da.R-id Olive-, Holywell. Professor Morris then aslied the usual questions, to which the candidate satisfactorily responded. The ordination prayer was offered by the Rev D. B. Hooke, after which the charge to Mr Rees was delivered by the Rev Principal Morrks. At Bight sermons to the church and con- gregation wore preached at Flint by the Revs H. Eket Lewis (Bwk)ey) and J. R. Richards (Cwm Park), and at Bagilit by the Revs Owen Thomas, jB.A. (Holywell) and T. Hughes (Llansantffraid). TOWN COUNCIL MEETING.—A special meeting o the members of this council was held at the Town Hall on Wednesday morning. Present: Mr Peter Jones, mayor; AMeroiaa Philip Williams, Councillors Isaac Morgan, Jofcoi Jones, E. Harrier, J. J. Griffiths and f.k'org;e -Green; Messrs A. J. Hughes, town fierk; Griffith Jones, Corporation Solicitor; A. L. Evans, borough aceountant; and Rees Jones, borough surveyor,.—Tbe meeting was held for the purpose of considering thP. offer of the Manchester and Milford Rail waN Company in view of the passing of their scheme which eame before the court yesterday (Friday). The scheme was before the Vice-Chan- cdlor on the previous Friday, when his lordship intimated that he ooutd uot entertain the application until he wan satisfied that the rent charge holders would be satisfied, and since that time several if not all the rent ohargs holders have been paid arrears. < —Mr Smedley and Mr Poole now represented the company, and offered 2;) years purchase.—The coun- cil refused to accept this amount, and after some discussion it waa definitely agreed by the council to accept 28 years purchase, and the six years arrears of rental should be paid up.—Mr Smedley, on behalf ef the company, said he could not agree to the 28 years' purchase without first consulting his principals. In the event of their agreeing to the council's proposal, the Mayor was-authorised to act on their behalf.—Tne f Mayor expla.ned that by the Act of 1872 the conncil I had to provide a sinking fund, and about £ 1,000 had I been provided but it appeared that one—Miss Sarah Jones-p-desired to call up her mortgage of £ 1,500; and ho understood that the Oddfellows were in a position to advance = £ 500, which, with ttie would make up the amount wanted, and they would > also effect a saving. The Town Cierk was authorised to take the necessary steps. We understand that later in the day bhe representatives of the Manehester and Milford Railway Company agreed to the terms proposed by the TowaCoufloih

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