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Suction* 4 i: H FIELD, ABER YSTWYTH. iM"C,t 'le!!l of LIVE STUCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c. "a | -jr. I. SMITH beg« respectfully to announce JJ.k. diat he will hold Monthly SaleB of Cattle, N IJ", dtwep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, «, &«., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on ii'rajJT MONDAY IS jSvsaY ivloxra, a.t Eleven .tL UOOli. Eftuctfcd tor the SALiE OH the FIRST MONDAY In next month are raapeouiaLy requested. To be eeut ia at least a v>a £ previous to Sala, to be i'iuoiuiud in advertise iiruira. MONTHLY SALES. ABERYSTWYTH SMITHFIELD. Mii. ci. J. MOS'jrAN, Auocioaeer, bega to state that h6 will have monthly sales of Live and 3De*d Stock in the Smiiihtield on Aberystwyth Fair The neat Sale will be held the first Monday, in >«aeh 3ton h, at One o'clock. Entries a.nd application for terms to be sent to Mr. E. J. MORGAN, Auctioneei, Penliwyn. ~JLLATFFIHANGEL, OR LLANDRE. FREEHOLD PROPERTY TO BE SOLD Adjoining the Railway Station, 5g Miles from Aberystwyth. OOD Maadow Land 6a. 2r. 20p., with Duelling \jT House, Outbuildings, Garden, and Orchard, Six Cot cages and Gardens, also Nine Cottages and •Garde as, subject to leases thereof, and Plantation •ecmtaiuiug about 2a. 2r. 26p. Appiy to Mr John Evans, 3, Laura. Place, Aber- ygfcflryth or O. R. Jones, Esq., Llanfyllin. IMPORTANT JSOilCE TO CASH BUYERS. yOR FIRST CLASS PROVISIONS GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. FOR. GENUINE ARTICLES GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. 'JPOA PRIME OX TONGUES GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. "FOIt XLNT ROAST BEEF GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. FOil, CHOICE HOME-MADE BRAWN GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. JJKM FLOURY NEW POTATOES GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. JPOR EXTRA GOOD TEA AT Is. 7M. per lb. GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. YOE THE FINEST COFFEE Is. 6d. per lb. GO TO EVANS BROTHERS. If you want to Paironise the Small Profit Shopkeeper Patronise EVANS BROTHERS, 9, MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. HWEBTSTRE^ RYTOT W YTHT JOB: N EVANS & SON (ORGANIST ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH,) MUSIC SELLERS, STATIONERS, &c., PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, AND AMEBICAN ORGANS, FOR SALE OR HIRE. HSBTSUS Wards' Specialities, Bedfords' Photogra.pha Views, &c. JSvaas and Son's celebrated half-guinea Ledger and Day Books. CIRCULATING LIBRARY. TESRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN E. J. LLOYD, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, LIBRARIAN, &c A assortment of BOOKS' suitable for Presents. BIBLES AND GHUE'CH SERVICES. SCHOOL BOOKS, &c. JMBDQERS, DAY BOOKS, ACCOUNT BOOKS WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PERIODICALS. AGENT FOB SUTTONS & Co., CARRIERS. All Books not in Stock obtdpfoed On the shortest IMtice. D RA.PERS'i)OSTERS; & HA.NDBILLS displayed in first-r ate style, and on the shortest notice., OBERVER OFFICE, 4BERYSTWYTH AND ABERAERON. lUufiUc Nottrtø. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS" TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS, 1881. TOURIST TICKETS will be issued from May 2ad, JL to the 31st Octoner, 1881. For particulars see Time Tables and Programmes, issued by the Company. GEO. LEWIS, General Manager, Company's Offices, Oswestry, May, 1881. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICUL- TURAL SOCIETY. NOTICE. A Meeting of the above Society will be held at the Town Hall. Aberystwyth, on Monday, the 4th day of Juiy next, at two o'clock p.m.. for the purpose of fix- ing the prizes for the exisuing show, appointing judges, and making all necessary arrangements for the show and for the tvatiisa ition of enerttl business —Subscriptious will be received in the meantime at Cardigan House, Queen's Road, Aberystwyth. W. MORG-KN, Secretary. V. R- 1881. GRAND ANNUAL TOUR. 1881 TFP GUE i Show OF T i K WoRLD. BOSTOOK AND WOMBWI,,LLS ROYAL NATIONAL MENAGERIE. THE QUEEN'S EX i IBI L, toN. THE LEVI&THAN ESTABLISHMENT OF THE AGE i HIS Old Established, World-Famed Zoological J- Collection, at present the most complete and varied travelling the British Empire, after its second season of brilliant success at the Royal Agricultural Hah, Loudon, is now on its Annual Tour, and will be exhibited at ABERYSTWYTH (Smithfield), Monday & Tuesday, July 4th and 5th. ^pirv-ll/Ixi'r' Wednesday, July 6th. \r irn vv! r'Lv'rti Thursday, July 7th. rv v«/ivr Friday, July 8th. ■^ru -fr i Saturday, July 9ch. the Manager directs the attention of the Nobility Gentry, and Puid-c generally to this Colossal Estao- lishmelit, the Cortege of which comprises EIGHTEEN HUGE AN SPACIOUS CARRIAGES OVER SIX HUNDRED BEASTS, BIRDS, AND REPTILES, FIFTY POWERFUL DRAUGHT HORSES. THE GREAT ANT A,—TAPIR, OR RIVER ELEPHANT from Zaluland. Jnst added a remarkable curiosity from the Transvna.1 THE CHIBOPOL-TAMUS OB* VLACKB.VAS The most hideous, rare, and ferocious of the Ho« tribe; the first over imported. Everyone should see it. Ihe latest arrival is a true so-cinien of Dr Darwin's Missing Link, the BLACK GORILLA or HAIRY WILD MAN. The nearest approach to the human being of any animal yet discovered. The only one in Europe alive. The Manager feels great pride in stating that he has secured the services of young M AC COMO, *ru ^ANT?EPID AFBrCAN LION-TAMER, Who will display his deeds of daring with Groups of LIONS, TIGERS, LEOPARDS, BEARS WOLVES, AND HYENAS. The transatlantic reputation of this great artiste is a sufficient guarantee of his excellence in this peculiar art. All should see him, and the Hundreds of Foreign Beasts and Birds collected from all parts of the known world. Where the Menagerie remains but one day, open at four o clock. Descriptive Lectures and Performances of MACCOMO, with his trained aninjals, at five, seven I and nine. On the second and following days in a town open at Twelve at Noon. Lectures, &c., at One, Three, Five, Seven, and Nine. General feeding-time. 9.30 p.m., 6d. extra. ° Admission—One Shilling. Children under ten years of age, Sixpence. Sole Proprietress, Mrs E. Bostock, niece of the late Mr George Worn bwell, Britain's Famed Menagerist SPECIAL ATTRACTION AT ABERYSTWYTH TUESDAY JULY 5. On account of many Ladies and Children being unable to attend the feeding of the Animals at 9.30 p.m., the Manager begs to intimate that on the above date there will be a Select Exhibition (under distin- guished patronage), consisting of a full Descriptive r Lecture, Performances of the Wondrous Maccomo, followed by a Grand Banquet, or feeding of all the Animals and the Pelican race. Commencing at 2.30 I p.m. Carriages may be ordered for 3.45. Admission on this special occasion—From Two till I. Four p.m., Eighteen pence; Children and Servants, One Shilling, [ ALL SHOULD SEE THIS GREAT ZOOLOGICAL TREAT. Duftltratfatt. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES MAGAZINE. l The last number of Vol. Ifl will be issued on I Saturday next md will contain A Retrospect. Ed see. Marine Flore and Fauna of Aberystwyth. „ £ r- Gadow and Prof. Parker] .Translations from the German Or Ethe The true nobility of life.F. W. Lloyd-Jones To Rose D > TT Alfredi Tcnnysoni -Kev- J" Hoskyns-Abrahall The Ancient Marnier (done into Welsh) J. E. Lloyd Our Oxford Letter.T. E. Ellis. Scientific Notes.Dr. Humpidge. Literary Not es Prof. Mac Callum. Common-Room Talk .Yorick. College News; &c., L' Envoi .Prof. Angus. The committee would feel obliged if distant Sub- scribers could sead their subscription (3/6 for the session) betore Tuesday next to thg Financial Secre- tary, R. Hughes, at the College; after that day it must be sent to the Registrar. Rev. E. p, Jones, M A JOHN J. WALLER. Editing Secretary J^ATTHEWS's PULLERS EARTH For Toilet and Nursery use- 6d. & Is. T^TATTHSWS's FULLERS EARTH Protects the Skin from Cold Winds, Chaps, &c. j!ifATTHE,\VS's FULLERS EARTH 'u Preserves the complexion from Cold, Redness, &o- OF ALL CHEMISTS 6d. & Is. -By post 2d. extra. ROTJSE & CO., 12, WisfRiore Street, London, W. ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urin- ary O-rgans, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Sold in Boxes, 4s 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors or sent to any address for 60 stamps by the Maker, l<; J. CLARKE, Consulting Chemist, High Street' Lincoln. Wholesale-all the Wholesale Houses. John Morgan, STEAM PRINTER, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH AND BRIDGE STREET, ABERAERON, I$ti0ine055 Notice#. PORTLAND STREET, ABERSYTWYTH. I W. R. W-HEATLEY, TEACHER OF THE PIANO, HARMONIUM, AND SINGING, &c., Will be happy to receive or visit Pupils for the above, j §N.B.—W. R. W. will visit Lampeter every Tuesday, and Towyn and Aberdovey every Thursday. PIANOS TUNED. THOMAS GARNER, CONFECTIONER, BAKER, &c., T K It It v C E ROAD, 1 ABERYSTWYTH. REFRESHMENT ROOMS. BOOTS! BOOTS! J. E. JONES 54, North Parade, Begs to announce that he will SELL OFF The whole of his Splendid Stock of READY MADE BOOTS AT A GEEVT REDUCTION FOR ONE MONTH. TEllMS—CASH. tADIES who save their combings of hair can hi e < them disentangled, nots turned, and prop rly prepared and. arranged into Twists, Plaits, Co .e, Chignons, &c., by H. P. HAWKINS, Artist in Hair, 23, Pier Street, Aberystwyth. Marble aad Stone Works, SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY B:, DODSON | > tCSPKOTFOLLY begs to intimate that bi, Li Show Rooms contain a large collection ef I Marble, StmHi,and Enamelled Slate Chimney Pieces ( Marble and Stone Mural Monuments. Jemetery nni Churchyard Memorials, Fonts Fouatains, Vases, &e. BREAD!BREAD!BREAD! GROCERY! GROCERY! GROCERY! PROVISION! PROVISION! PROVISION! ESTABLISHMENT :— 6, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. WILLIAM EDW4.RD3 & Oo READY TEA MADE .MONEY SUGAR BREAD SYSTEM &0 HAMS BACON &c. Great attention is given to the BAKERY and CONFECTIONERY Departments, the services of an experienced and first-class baker having been obtained. WILLI A.M EDWARDS is Agent for the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Office, and the Star Life Insurance Office. \17H E LPT ON'S VEGETABLE PURIFYING I vV PILLS ESTABLISHED 1835. Are one of those rare Medicines which for their extraordinary pro- mi'rTrrir. have sained an almost yMVERSAf, REPUTATION. >Tum- !wafr' ?Si a!'e continually bearing testimony f their great value in disorders of *prR«DE MBRKtREcisTEREo) I the HEAD, CHEST BOWELS, LIVJSrt., and KIDNliva also in RHEUMATISM, as may be seen from the Testimonials published from time to time. By the timely use of such a remedy many of the seriously afflicting disorders which result from proper means neglected might be avoided, and much suffering saved, for" Prevention s better than care," Sold in Boxes, price 7 £ d„ Is lirI., and 2s 9d., by G. Vv HELPTON and SON", 3, Crane-court, Fleet-street, London and by Chemists and_Medicine Vendors at home and abroad. Sent free by post in the United Kingdom for « 14, or 33 stamps. IStiucattom NOTICE OF REMOVAL. THE LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, Is Removed from Bridge Street, to No. 1 Victoria Terrace, Aherystwyth. LLANFIHANGEL GENEU'RGLYN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BORTH, R S.O. THE above School, which has been closed for many years, will be Re-opeued under a new committee of management on the 31st January. 1881. Papiis prepared for Matriculation at the Universi- ties, Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, Mercantile Life, &c. Fee—One Guinea per quarter, and a small entrance fee. For Particulars—Address D. J. Michael, Aberyst- wyth, or Llacfihangel Goneu'rglyn. NANT EOS ROUSE, 11, LAURA PLACE. ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES, Conducted by Mrs. HAUPTMANN & Miss MORRIS, who have had much experience in Tuition. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations. BRYNARVOR HALL, TOWYN. PRINCIP AT, MR. EDWIN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RESIDENT MASTERS fo Classics, English, Mathematics, Modern Languages Music, &o. ———— BLiYNARVOR HALL, commodious and well-fitted has been specially erected for the accotnmoda tion and tuition of boarders. It is boautifuiiy situatec in an eminently healthy locality, with extensive play grounds, cricket field, and gardens attached, alto- gether making the finest and most desirable school premises in the Principality. Pupils are prepared for the various examination* connected with the universities and colleges, for thi learned professions, banking and commercial pursuits Classes are held in connection with the Science ant- Art Department, the examinations being held in May in each year. The school year consists of Three Terms. For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. ""LAMPETER GRAMMAR, SCHOOL. (Founded 1805.) He u Master—MR.THOMAS H. WILLIAMS, B.A (' xon), Late Scholar of Jesus College and Second Class Honours Moderations. rHE aim ot the education given at this school will be such as to prepare young men for Matriculation at the Universities and LaaipeSer College; also boys for the Oxford Local and Preliminary Examinations. Tenus-ti guineas a year. 2 guineas a term. For further information apply to the Head Master CAERLEON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. PRINCIPAL.—MISS TRUBSHAW, Assisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign and English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridv Local examinations. For Terms, <&c.; apply to the Principal. The School yetr consists of three terms, beginning respectively January 13th, April28th, September 19th. but pupils can be received at any time during the terms.. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL, QUEEN'S SQUARE HOUSE, QUEEN'S ROAD. Conducted by MR THOMAS OWENS, C.M., In honours of the London Univorsity, an 1 late Senior Scholar of the University College of Wales. Pupils prepared for C, mmereial Pursuits, the Civil Service, the learned Professions, the Universities, and the various Training and Theological Colleges. ;.pecial attention paid to English and Commercial Training at moderate charges. Terms, reports, &0., on application. tieltgUltlø UNITED METHODIST FREE CHURCH, LEWIS TERRACE. TWO SERMONS will be preached by A. A. MAINVVARING., of Liverpool, on SUNDAY NEXT (To-morrow). Morning at 10 Evening at 6. All Seats Free. L L A N BAD ARN JTATW R~ A SPECIAL ENGLISH SERVICE WITH SERMON Will be held in the above Church, EVERY SUNDAY, At 11.30 a.m., during the dum.aer Months. Commencing on the First Sunday in May, and ending the Lpst Stindayin October. HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODERN (New Edition). Offertory towards the Restoration fand. Over « £ 5,000 airesdy expended. Dobt about £ 200. ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH CHURCH, ABERYSTWYTH. ORDER OF SERVICES. SCNTQAY :— Full Service and Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday in the month, at 11 a.m. „ „ 3rd "at 8.30 am. WEEK DAYS:— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and on Saints' Days and Holy-days, at 11 a.m. Holy Communion, according to notice. EveDing Prayer and Sermon, Wednesday, at 7 p.m. HYMN BOOE—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) ST. MARY^ (WELSH) CHURCH, Leading out of Bridge Street). SCNDAY:— Welsh Service and Sermon at 9.30a.m. and 6 ill, HøLy Communion on the last Sunday in the month at 9.30 a.m. or 6 p.m. according to notice WEEK DAYS: — Evening Prayer and and rmon on Thursday at 7 p.m. Communica.nts' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p.m. OFFEKIOKY AEXJiti AiOj i'HJB SUNiJAZ SfiBVICBS. SUNÐAY SCHOOLS :— At the Boys' National Schools, at 2.30p.m.—English Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.m.—Welsh. Ysgoldy at 2.30 p.m.—Mixed. Penyparke National School at,2.30p.m.—Mixed. (Service and Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) Rev. Canon PHILLIPS, M.A., Vicar. 1 ESTABLISHED 27 YEARS ■^S% DAVID THOMAS & SON, H Watchmakers, Jewellers &c 13, GREAT DARKGATE ST WU# ABERYSTWYTH. u II| |1H ■■UMIJIII » II —■■■! ■ r Business jacticfs. Important to Visitors and Others. OR GOOD BOOTS AT REASONABLE PRICES GO TO Dicks', 16, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. A LARGE STOCK of the Best Make (Sorth British) of LAWN TENNIS SHOES For SEA-SIDE PURPOSES. Most Useful Articles for Ladies and Children. ALSO A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF GENTLEMEN'S SAND SHOES, To be Sold at 23 6d. per Piiir. The Usual Price being 5s Gd per Pair BOOTS & SHOES of every description in. Stock. Repairs promptly and neatly executed. NOTE THE ADDRESS- Dicks', 16, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Establishments in every town in the United Kingdom and the Channel Isles. D Y F F KI N C A ST E L L HOTEL. j ^HIS ESTABLISHMENT has gone under thorough lcpa.it. with new ftT m.^gement and is now open to re-, 1- ceive Tourists, and visitors at very reasonable charges, either by the day or week. The Hotel is in close proximity with tho Plynlun ii mountain, and about- 4 miles from tlur Devil's Bridge, and on tne Turnpike road leading to Aberystwyth, Rhayader, and Llanidloes. Every accomodation including good Stabling, &o. RICHARD HARVEY. PROPRIETOR, PONTERWYD, (near Aberystwyth). GOGERDDAN ARNIS AND LION ROYAL HOTEL, A B Ui r WYTH. THE OLD COUNTY HOUSE FOR FAMILIES AND COMMERCIAL GENTLEMEN IS REPLETE JL WITH EVERY COMFORT, HANDSOME LADIES COFFEE ROOM, Gr300 SITTING ROOMS, AND BILLIARD ROOM. OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. JOHN ROBERTS, PROPRIETOR. Wine and Spirit Stores—1, Bridge Street (round the corner). PRICE LIST. WINES. SPIRITS —COXTINCEO PER BOTTLE Very Fine Jamaica Ram 2 6 to 2 9 v mi m i s. a. s. d. s.. j?inesf Imported ditto 3 0 3 6 Fine Old Claret 2 0 2 6 to o 6 Bess London Gin 2 3 „ 2 6 „ "Port 3 0 „ 5 0 Ditto Hollands 3 (!" 3 6 „ „ Sherry. 2 0, 4 0 f t — C F' Al Champagne 5 0 „ 6 0 Agent for \\< orthmgton & Co.'s Fine Ales. „ Moct & Chandon's 6 6 7 0 SINNER ALE (imperial PISTTS) Si pes doz. tr i m. w „ ( Pale Ale in Bottles, 4/6 per doz. Ho°k> c^ablls, Barguudy, ") The finest Brands, and Dublin Stout ditto, 4/6 per doe. Mosede. and all other >- are sold at lowest -r, D. TT. „ I Wines. ) prices iSarton Bitter and Mud Ales m 9 and 18 Galloa Casks at Brewers' Prices, carriage paid. SPIRITS. MI NER A L W A TERS. ptcr Ttomu Gmger Ale, 4r per doz g g d Soda Water, 3 6 per doz. Fine Old Brandy, Pale or Brown 4' 6 to 0 0 lemonade, 4/- per doz. Seltser, 4/- per doz. Marten's 5 0 6 6 Good Cigars, 12/- per 108. Fine ditto, 16/- Fine Old Irish Whisky 3 0 „ 3 6 Ditto—a splendid bold Cigar for smoking ia or oat Scotch ditto 3 0 3 6 doors, 14 per box. These are really splenrlid Cigars. Those who appreciate a glass of goad Scotch Toddy „ should try my Mountain Daw-it is really a aP1 informed that iione butt- good sownd Wine. Spirits arc treat oat of Scotland. sold at the Lion, BREAK TO DEVIL'S BRIDGE EVERY MORNING AT 9 30. FAREDOUBLE JOURNEY, 4s. Od. SINGLE DITTO, 3s. 0<1. I Posting in all its Branches. Good Horses and Steady Post-Boys. DEVIL'S BRIDGE HOTEL AND WATERFALLS. JOHN JAMBS, PROPRI T OR. TpHE SPLENDOUR of GLEN and MOUNTAIN SCENERY surrounding this HOTET> and Neighbourhood are, beyond doubt, the most Romantic in Wales. The general n n sublimity of the SCENERY, the grandeur of the CHASM:, aad the imposing characoer j of the WATERFALLS, exceed by far any descriptions that have been read. I The DEVIL'S BRIDGE HOTEL will be found a Desirable Residence, with food Stabling and other Accommodation of the most complete character. b I The TARIFF is reasonable, and will compare favonrably with any Hotel pi /rlarlv j situated in the Principality. Tickets to view the falls, which Front the Hotel, are issued at the Bar at Is. ea.ch. Visitors may ramble about the peasant district, or may hire horses and carriages at the Hotel, and drive to more distant places of interest such as Parson's Bridge (two miles), Ponterwyd (three mites), Hafod • Church (five miles), Piynlimtnon Mountain (nine miles), Strata'.Florida Abbey Ruins (eight miles), and other places. Good Stabling. Post Horses and Carriages. READING PARTIES ACCOMMODATED. TEEMS. Boardand Residence, per «*k 2 10 0 BREAKFASTS AND TEAS. Less than a week, per day 0 7 6'™™. & £ < 4. Children under 12 years of age, half pricp U -.Tn ia ™ TTar "'i n"' 6 Private Sitting Rooms „ 110 with Cold Meat or Ham & Eggs p 2 (j DAILY TARIFF. Second Ck?(5S ?°°SS a,re now °Pen' aajoxmng tae Hotel. boup n. 0 1 0j Cold Luncheon 0 1 » Coal Meat Lunclieon. Q 2 Oj Plain Tea q I Chops and Steaks 0 2 6 j Attendance. 3d. each. Hot Joints, with Vegetables 0 3 Oj Sweets, 6d. extra. SPECIAL DINNERS TO ORDER. Driver's Dinner 0 1 of x> -n A 0 Jjafb Bottled Ale and Gmnness's Extra- Attendance, od. each fetout in pint bottles and on draught.