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BOROUGH MAGISTRATES' COURT. Tuesday. Before Messrs Isaac Morgan and D. Williams. A DISORDERLY YOUTH. John Evans, Danegryn, near Towyn, tailor, a young mau, was charged by Mr Ktlvinnton, station- master at Aberystwyth station, with being drunk and riotous, at the railway station, on Monday evening. Mr Richard Goff, station-master at Llanfihangel Geaeu'rglyn, said he was in the employ of the Cam- brian Railways Company, and saw the defendant oa the previous evening in u third class carriage at the Aberystwyth station, about four o'clock in the after- noon. He was a little intoxicated, and very much excited. On being pressed, the witness said defen- dant was drunk, lie was challenging a man to fight across the compartment, and was endeavouring to get at him. Mr Kilvington said he did not wish to press the charge, but wanted the bench to warn him. This was not the first time they had had trouble with, him, although he had never been brought before the bench until now. Mr Isaac Morgan warned him that if he came before them again a much heavier penalty would be inflicted. He would be fined 5s. and 6s 6d costs, or seven days imprisonment with hard labour. The money was paid. Wednesday. Before Dr Rice Williams (in the chair), Messrs G. T. Smith, and David Williams. A CONTRITE TRAMP. Margaret Lawles, Chester, tramp, was charged with being drunk on the 5th inst. P.C. 34 said that a little after 10 on the previous evening he saw prisoner drunk and disorderly in Great Darkgate-street, followed by a great crowd. Prisoner said she was very thankful to the police for having locked her up, as she had had a drop of beer. Defendant was fined 5s and cofcts, in default 14 days' imprisonment. A NUISANCE. Jane Owen, Bridge-street, spinster, was sum- moned by Mr Rees Jones, surveyor and inspector of nuisances, for neglecting to provide privy accommo- dation to a house, her property, situate in Mary- street, and in the occupation of Adam Sims. The complainant proved the case. On the 28th May last notice was served upon her to provide proper accommodation, but it had not been complied with. An order was made. ASSAULTING A WIFE. Albert Dawson, Thespian-street, plasterer, was charged on remand with unlawfully wounding Jane Dawsoe (his wife) by striking her with a jug on the head on the 26th June. The prosecutrix, who was summoned to appear, said she was the wife of prisoner. On the 26th June last she was at home. When asked what occurred,she said it was nothing; it was her fault. Her husband did not strike bar. It was her own self that did it. She bad a row with her husband but she struck herself she supposed. She struck herself on the top of the bead. By Mr Smith: I did not aee my husband strike me. By the Clerk I did not make any charge against my husband. Supt. Lloyd said that about 11.30 he was called to defendant's house and found the woman crying bitterly, having a scalp wound on her bead, and her hand was also cut. She complained to him that her husband did it, and he also saw gome broken earthenware on the floor. Sergeant Evans said that shortly after eleven o'clock on the night in question he was called to de- ft ndant's house, and be corroborated the evidence given by Supt. Lloyd as to the wounds. In conse- quence of the woman's complaint Dawson was taken into custody. The Bench wore quite satisfied that the case was proved, and defendant was fined 5s and costs, or 28 days. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. Thomas E. Jacob, Now Mill, Llanbadarn Lower, student, was charged with being drunk and dis- orderly on the 27th June. Defendant did not appear, and service of summons was proved. P.C. 35 said that on Monday week he saw defen- dant fighting with a man on the Terrace. He separated them, when defendant rushed at the man and struck him again. His mother said that defendant was now ill in bed, and admitted the offtnee. Deftndant was fined 10s, and 8s 6d costs. DRUNK. David Jones, Chalybeate-terrace, blacksmith, was charged with being drunk on the 2nd inst. P.C. 34 proved service of summons. Witness was on duty in Victoria-terrace on Saturday evening, where he saw defendant drunk, and witness was told that he bad been disturbing the town band. He told him to go home, but be refused to do so. He was in a very dirty state. Defendant was fined 10s, including cests, or seven days. John Jones, Windmill-court, boatman, was charged with a similar offence on the 2nd inst. P.C. 34 said that shortly after nine on Monday evening he saw defendant drunk in Market-street, and told him to go home. In Windmill-court de- fendant fell headlong, and witness assisted him in- doors. Defendant said he knew he was drunk, and did no harm to anybody. Defendant was fined 2s 6d and costs, or seven days. Rees Morris, Princess-street, shoemaker, was eharged with being drunk and disorderly on the 2nd July. P.C. 34 said at 11. 15 his attention was called to Little Darkgate-street, where he found defendant drunk and very disorderly, and on witness remon- strating with him he became very abusive. Defendant was fined 5s and costs, or fourteen days. Evan Hughes, Pwllhoby, Llanbadarn, labourer, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 4th inst. P.C. 20 proved finding defendant drunk and dis- orderly in Little Darkgate-street, with a crowd round him, and he several times invited the officer to fight him. Defendant was fined 5s and costs, or fourteen days. ASSAULT. Henry Dodd, Railway terrace, teacher, was sum- moned on a charge of assaulting and beating Wm. Jones, Ardwyn school, on the 2nd July. Defendant did not appear, and P.C. 35 proved ser- vice of summons. Thee omplainant said that he was a pupil at Ardwyn House school. He met defendant and two other boys in Terrace road on Saturday evening, and defendant asked him to look at some portraits in Worthington's window. A question was asked if complainant wanted to fight, aad Dodd said, "Now Jones, do you want to fight me?" and he struck witness twice in the face. Defendant was fined 2s 6d and costs, or seven days.




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