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LOCAL MEN. The visit of the Federated Chambers of Trade to this district is an event which should be of the greatest importance to a place which has grown with the rapidity of Barry, and it is only right that those who visit Barry should know that to a great extent its public bodies have helped to make it what it is. We have pleasure in giving- the portraits of the chairmen of the various municipal bodies. Taking THE LOCAL BOARD as the principal authority in the district, its chairman I DR. J. P. O'DONNELL has had the honour of having a seat there from the first year of its existence. and took the chair last April by seniority. Dr. O'Donnell, who was bora at Castel Co.. Tipperary, Ireland, came to Cadoxton in October. 1886. and immediately took a pro- minent part in the public life of the then village. He was selected by the Yestry as a member of the Parochial Committee appointed to act in conjunc- tion with the Rural Sanitary Authority. He was .also member of the committee appointed by the Vestry to watch the interests of the ratepayers when the Barry Company applied to Parliament for powers to acquire part of Cadoxton Common for the eonsLruction of an import dock, and acted as honorary secretary to that committee. On the formation of the Local Board he was elected third on the poll, and was made chairman of the Bye- laws Committee and member of the Public Works Committee. He has discharged the duties as chairman of the Health Committee with consider- able energy, and taken a deep interest in the question of Barry Local Board being made a Port Sanitary Authority. Dr. O'Donnell is also a member of the School Board, being elected at the top of the poll at two contest?. THE SJHOOL BOARD. -7 "1: ME. JOHN LOWDON.. I.N.A., M.I.M.E.. is the chairman of the Barry United District School Board, and is looked upon as a very high authority upon all educational matters. He takes a deep interest in the work of training the young, and never feels more at home than in the chair at a meeting in which the rising generation play an important part. He has rnucli for Barry, and in return commands the respect and esteem of the ratepayers of the district. Mr. Lowdon is of Scotch parentage, and a marine engineer by profession a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, and of the Institution of Naval Architects. He is general manager of the Barry Graving Dock. THE BURIAL BOARD --?. Occupies the unique position of being the ouly public body in the district which is not elected by ballot. It is the offspring of the much-abused vestry meetings, of which of t times little is known until after they are held. lln Chairman of the Burial Board in this district is —- — MB, WITLUM THOMAS, Perhaps there is not a geitleman in the district better known, and we micrhfi say morp highly respected, than Mr William Thomas. He has don good work in the the past for the neigUi/L Uinuod He is an auctioneer by profession, and aho member of the Local Board and Public Libraries Committees. At the llst Burial Board election Mr Thomas was returned at the head of the poll in the Cadoxton Parish. Mr Thomas is also chairman of the Public Works Comm ittee of the Loca Board. BARRY DOCK MASTER. One of the most popular and well-known of the officials at Barry Dock is the genial Dockmaster, CAPTAIN DAnEg. Mush has depended upon the way in which Cap- tain Davies Ins received and treated those who; have business at Barry i)ock. arid the members of the Federated Chambers of Trade who meet at Barry Dock will find in Captain Davies one who has always been ready to help around the wheel of fortune for ra;"ry. Captain Davies also takes an interest in yublic matters. and was elected a mem- tier of the School Board at the last two elections. BARRY CHAMBER OF TRADE. To the activity of this body is due the present visit of the Federated Chambers of Trade. The local body has indeed had an up-hill fight, and we are compelled to say that had it not been for the very able and energetic President, Hill I I I I I MM [Mill l.ljljUlll' J' ■■ ■ Mil D- T A r,r.\ wnr-ytr > the Barry Dock District Chamber of Trade would not to-day be in existence. He has been its back- bone from the very start, and has been the means of making it a success. Several attempts were made to start a Chamber of Trade but with no success. until a few tradesmen, and notably Mr. Smith-Jones (the secretary) founded the present one. It has done gcod work in spite of its many difficulties, and will ill the future be looked upon as a powerful body, and especially as it is one of the Federated Chambers of Commerce. Mr. Alexander has worked with a will, and kept the wheel revolving, and the Chamber has been a blessing' to many tradesmen. It took a very active part in the Railway Rates question, and has been the means of securing a return of the over charges made by the Railway Company. Another great work of the Chamber has been the efforts put forward to induce the Barry Railway Company to run through trains, and to secure direct communi- cation with the Rhendda Valley. We are pleased to say that its work is now being crowned with success, and if tradesmen in the district would only take a deeper interest in its doings it would be of still greater benefit- to them. Everyone in the neighbourhood has benefitted by the increased postal facilities brought about by the Chamber of Trade, and we feel sure that when it is found that this body has for its object the bringing of increased prosperity to Barry many who have not hitherto put their shoulder to the wheel will do so. They can rest assured that the President and Secretary, backed up by the Council, will leave no stone unturned to bring this about. There is perhaps no gentleman in our midst who is looked up to by all parties with greater respect and admiration than MAJOK-GENERAL LEE, R.E., J.P. J 'l"mqn is chairman of the Finance Committee of the Local Board, a magistrate, guar- dian, and treasurer of the District Nursing Asso- ciation. He has worked hard for Barry in municipal matters, and is looked upon as a sound representative of the people. Major-General Lee is also a member of the Chamber of Trade, and has taken a prominent part in the question for the establishment of a Poor Law Union for Barry.