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j TRADE ADDRESSES. j THE WITCpLL YVAM HOTEL, BARRY-BOAD, CADOXTON. BILLIARDS. 5 g PROPRIETOR :— B. HODDINOTT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT, ALE, AND PORTER MERCHANT. CONVEYANCES LEI ON HIRE. [17 L ROYAL HOTEL, CORNER OF BARRY-ROAD a^D MAIN-STREET; CADOXTON -JIJXT A-B ARR Y. I i JlAMILY AND! COMMERCIAL HOTEL. CENTRAL. AND PLEASANTLY SITUATED. GOOD STABLING. FRED C. WILLIAMS 114] PROPRIETOR. OTTTVT INSURANCE OFFICE oU JN (FIRE)- FOUNDED 1710. 'Sum insured in 1892 £ 391,800,000. n I For all particulars Pl^y to the lollowing Agrenfc :— 15] Cadoxton. Mr. B, G. DAvifcS. PRINTING- of all kinds. LETTERPRESS and LITHOGRAPHIC, done promptly at tue "STAR" OFFICE, VE HE-STREET, CADOXTON. Tne Parcels Post affording great facilities for cheap and raoid transmission of parcels, the Management will henceforth avail themselves of it to xorward small parcels of circulars, &c., to their many country custom- ers. Orders executed by return of post when so re- quired. FURNISH ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. HOUSED OR APARTMENTS Completely Furnished on a New System A DOPTED solely by us, whereby all publicity, XJL. exposure, and enquiries usually made by other companies are dispensed with. WE HAVE AN IMMENSE STOCK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF CHEAP AND SUPERIOR QUALITY. All Goods sold on the Hire System READY-MONEY PRICES WE MAKE NO EXTRA CHATWE FOR CREDIT AND ALL GOODS SENT HOME IN A PRIVATE VAN FREE OF CHARGE. No Stamp or Agreement Charges made no Bill 4- of Sale everything private. Arrangements com- pleted without delay, and being Manufacturers, WE GUARANTEE QUALITY, And will undertake to supply Furniture, etc., At 10 per cent, less than any price v .J: list issued by any firm in Cardiff. ELEVEN SHOW ROOM Call and inspect our IMMENSE STOCK, and com- pare Prices before purchasing elsewhere. WE SUPPLY NP WORTH FOR 4)8. |»D. WEEKLY. £ f> l> £ 10 W0RTH F0R 4s' WEEKLY- WORTH FOR ~S. WEEKLY. £ lo 0 £90 WORTH FOR GS. WEEKLY. ,J ) And so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. No objectionable agreements used. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS South Wales Furnishing Co, 31, CASTLE STREET (Opposite the Castle), [:)1 CARDIFF. TRADE ADDRESSES. LIFE: LIFE: 1 LIFE: fay DISEASE AnnuaHy. ALL MAY BE SAVED BY GIVING THEM MORTIMER'S GBODP & GOUGH MIXTURE I!.T Also a valuable remedy for Coughs, COUGH, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Influenza, Sore Throats, Hoarseness. Diphtheria, Fever, and all Affections of the Chest and Lungs, both in Adults and Children. Patronised by the Public for over 60 years. The following are a few from among The originals may be seen at the Proprietor s anyone doubting their genuineness may write to addresses S1From the Right RevTthe LORD BISHOP OF SWANSEA. Dear Sir,—Our children frequently suffer from attacks of Croup, and we have always found Mortimer's Mixture a fi'ire' and safe remedy. My wife says she would -not for anything be 'without it in the house. Having had experience of its beneficial effects upon our children, we gladly take every opportunity of re- commending it to our friends. Yours very truly, J. SWANSEA. Penrhos, Newham Road, Bedford. Sir.—I received the three bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Whooping Cough Mixtnre Please send me twelve more booties, as lrJY children have all got the Whooping Cough. I find it does them so much more good than anything else in fact, I have never known it to fail in Croup or Whooping Cough. Kindly send by return, and oblige.— Yours truly, A. BEES. In Bottles, Is. H-d. and 2s. 9d. each; sent by post to any address. Prepared only by MORTIMER, LIMITED, CARMARTHEN, SOUTH WALES. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. Wholesale Agents: W. SUTTON & Co., London. R UPTURES.-IIOW CURED. PEARCE & Co., Removed t.o 14, STATION TERRACE, opposite Tag Vale Railway Station, Cardiff. MAKERS of SOFT BAND TRUSSES, ARTI- FICIAL LEGS, ARMS. EYES, LEG IRONS. SPINE SUPPORTS, BELTS, ELASTIC STOCKINGS, &c.. 26J Only Address: 14, STATION TERRACE, CARDIFF. Opposite Tafc Vale Railway Station. 4 RMS LEGS, EYES, SUPPORTS, BELTS •\ GEVUTCHES, TRUSSES, LEG IRONS, STOCKINGS made and fitted by ALLEN PEARCE 4, CHARLES STREET late 13, THE PARADE, CARDIFF. VALTTABLS DISCOVHSY ron THE RAIH.—If your hair is turning grey or white, or falling off, U8e MEXICAN HAIR RENE WEE," for it Kill positively restore in ever a case Orey or JVhite hair to its original colour, without leaving the disagreeable smell of most Restcrera." It makes the hair charmingly beaiuiiul, as wel £ as promoting the growth of the haix on bald m'ota wfcaro the glauda are not decayed. Price oB. Od. Fiv an Oil to make the Hair soft, glossy, and uSalill ask for CARTER'S COLOGNE OIL." Price Is. of all dealers. W hcieeale depot, o3, Farrmg- don Road, London. JACOBUS, c FLEIRRATED L OXDON rjpAILOR, 96., ST..Th:IARY STREET, 96. I CARDIFF. L156 — R. Bis H O I% TAILOR, HOSIER & HATTER, 50. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. N.B.—OPPOSITE THE EMPIRE. BRANCH :45, WINDSOR ROAD, PEXARTIL BEST VALUE FOR CASH. [337 K IMPORTANT- NOTICE. M Just Published, a, book for Young Men. f| By Dr. J. A. BARNES. M.D. (U.S.), entitled "HOIV TO ESSTJB-E HEALTH," On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and/TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhr.ustirrti of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical, Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memorv, Indigestion. Prostration, Lassitude, Depres- sion of Spirits, Loss of Energy aud Appetite. Pains in the Back, &c. Sent post free for 2 stamos: or by let ter post 3 stamps. "THE FEMALES' FRIEND AND ADVISER" Will be sent to any address on receipt of Two Stamps. Address. Dr. BARNES, 48, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, N. [358 ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION, « CEstablinked by Royal Charter, A.I). 1720.) FOR SEA, FIRE, LIFE, AND ANNUITIES Agents for Bridgend and Vicinity— jyj-ESSRS. WLT. ^TILLIAMS & gON DUNRAVEN PLACE. BRIDGEND. [86 PRINTING of all kinds, LETTERPRESS and LITHOGRAPHIC, clone promptly at the "STAR" OFFICE, VERE-STREET, CADOXTON.—The Parcels Post affording great facilities for cheap and rapid transmission of parcels, the Management will henceforth avail themselves of it to forward small parcels of circulars, &c., to their many country custom- ers. Orders executed by return of post when so re- quired « srEATIIWS POYvDEB." iCiiia Fleas. Bags, Moths, J^eetSea. FEMWs'PbWDBE." Kill* Fleas. lings. Moths. "Bcet'a: "|TSATI3N-G5S POWDEB." KiikJ £ l^a £ "gs- Moths. Beetles. 66 troth Beetles. Kill? i-leaa. V,ng3. Moths. Beetles. ".1{:EA rfIÍi G'š-PO\¡¡¡DER." 1 rvia Fcwiipr. co re1*bra':e<?. is BcrffcTlv unvivftllfrt in destroying RUGS. FLKAS. MOTHS. BEETLES. tiifi all Inserts (whilst- per- fcmlv lisrni'i^s to »'.i tuiraai Hie). All woollens and f, s should be wcK sDi-.nklwi H il.li jib Powell)- before placing nway. It is invaluable to to LJI- S>ISV!P. To arold (iisappoii tcicnt- insist npnn having KeaMru't. I'ott'fter." No otlier Is 'eftept-ual. 8oM o»tp iu Hag. «c!l2., uid 3s. od. Ben p,ve oi imitations. Don't 1*s (Secslvmi. WORMS IK CEILDREN. iv-? easily, mtre'.y. wi'.ti tvrtect sarat-y got vid oi br twins: XKATISfi'S V.'OK.M TABLET'S. Nearly nil clifldrea sr.3er i>ora •.V»>rin<i. If s'iswscted. do not wait; you can with ease care the child •Si3i*<0 offecr-HsbefTon worm*). So!<i hTaliCl<eroist!>.inTms.1B-icil. Clarence Temperance Hotel and Dining Rooms, 18 and 17, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation, for Visitors. Well-aired Beds. r", SSER. N