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  ?? *f*  Leader Masamed 'i Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO CE LET, LOST AND FOUND. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions Insertions 20 Words. 1 0 2 0 & 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Words. 2 0 4 0 5 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three 8ix Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 1 6 2 6 3 6 30 Words. 2 0 S 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND MARRIACES. One Three Six ..2, Insertion. Insertions. Insertions SO Words. 1 6 3 6 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0 8 0 48 Worde. 3 0. 7 0 12 0 I" EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 30 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 SO Worde. 2 6 4 0 5 6 40 Words. 3 0 5 6 7 6 MONEY,, per line. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. FBEACH POLISHERS.—-Wante-d, at once. j? French Polisher; liases. 16. 9d. per hour; females, la. per hour; permanency guaranteed if work satisfactory ,—Jotiii Threat and Co.. Furnishers. Carmarthen. 117A?-S7 HONEY-MAKING Work Offered; whole or .l epa, time; particu'ar?: also Pocket P.?r Stamp of your Nam.? and Address tfl R;chford, Ltd.. Snow HiH. London  IAA 11-3 "loT A!.nED. for one concert view to -rr:- T mancnt engagement Violin, 'CVllo, Bass. State full particulars and tcrmL to Box F H. Leader ( 4"e. nlA(J.U WAATFD, Smart. Practical Mili;?>e:\— w f Apply W. James and Son, 94 and 100. Woodfie'd-street, Morriston. Also Smart Yomth. as Apprentice fo,, On tft' ting. 116A10-2B WOMEN AND GIRLS. CHAEW03JAN reauir-.d Daily—A, Mrs. W A. Rces Olydacb Bakery, near Swansea. 119 A10-23 /"I OOI> Maid required: good v?ges to suit- ?? ablo prson.-ADuly Mt? W A. ?pps. ?yda.ch Bakery, near SV.1iB1O-2[j I GENEKA'J Servant ranted ;g?o.i wa'G ?Jt &nd Erood home: references required.— Apply J. H John. 50, Ku'K Edward's-io?d. Swansea. 121A10-27 TAlLORESSES Wanted immediately Apply to Pelta and Kosenbaum, Union Chambers, Union-street, Swansea. 117A10-27 XV\* fANTED. Smart Lady Manicurist for V t Gent's Hairdre;¡i f. Saloon -A pnI:v H Pole. Cigar Box. 2. "i.^rANTED. Gowerton neighbourhof?. Vr capable, experienced Person as Gen- eral, 6r Working Housekeeper; small familfly. good home, wagM. outings. Please fctate ase. previous experiene in first letter -WritEr" Help," Leader Office Swansea I 117 A10-27 i ■ ■■ MEN AND YOUTHS. I CARPENTEES and Joiners wanted immei- diately; several; ftrst-ela-ss men.—T. and G. Spragg, Builders, Brynymor Yard. Catherine-street Swansea tA D TC L; TOBKK EEPER Wan fed. with good !;■ 0 ledge of Engineerinir reciiirements- N"rite Bo* II 15, Daily Leader C10-27 HGENTLY WA^VTED^SO:' Student? to <J Qualify for Existing Vacancies. Thiro is a splendid opportunity fo; a Youth be- tween the age of 17 and 9A to secure a per- manent lucrative bertii to" life Ciiem ployed Demobolised Servico men with a knowledge of Wil'elel'-S of the above ■•ttf. should write or call at once.— Wirelees Training College, Ltd, St. Mary-street Car- diff. or Castle-street. Swansea. ~W ANTED, a General Servant.— W Mrs. Shaw. "Furzebaub- fleathfield, I Swansea 121A10-27 w A.NTED. Practical Nierht Mill Foreman ] tT —Apply, by letter, in first instance, j etatinc aae experience an 1 wapes required to Meosrs the Villiers Tinclatc Company. Ltd.. Britot.ferry. 121A10o1 TV*' 7ANTEi). Drivr for Ford Car — VY R. ReDi>, A!0.&treL_.120AI0.26 Tt'?7"ANTEi'. Junior CScr? —Apply. person- ally Beor and Wilson. Solicitor*. Temple-street, Swansea. 117A10-28 'J{fÃkrEiiBalŒr and Confectioner: must ?t be well up in trade—Apply, statin?: age a.nd experienc Nelson Bakery, ?.el?on. street !;QZ? I r\\T ANTED, Younsr Draftsman U3pÕ to Heating and Ventilating Engineer's work.—Apply, by letteL stating age, csperi eIóce. and salary required, the Brighteide. Foundry and Engineering Co. 2J, St Mary's. street. Caroift 12! A10-30 ,I,XrAjNTED ck ,trt, Counter Hand for Grrv !.?'? eery and Irovisioits -AT,;)Iy. by let- ter, statine age experience, and wage re- quired. to Grocery Manager Co-operative Society. BS Orange-street. C10-25 :1:(TANTEV- Smart Youth as Porter; 'YV chance to learn Shtp Duties.—Apply T. 0 Palmer, 19, Green-street. Neath. J.20A10 25 rrjIfANTED, by First-claz-s Innurance Office LTf junior Clerk. 15—16: references or Devious P 14. li experience required—Write Box i4. Leader Oiffce. 12OA10 30 MAilTEu-ËxperieÐced Motor Mechanic m. for (}rage.-A POIV stating age, ex tcm?ce and salary, to Box X 13, Cambria Paily Leader CJO-27 ANTED Solietfrs ()frice, Junior c(, f (Shorthand, Typewriting).—"Lexicon. Leader Office. 117A10-27 ?TtfANTED. for & large Steelwork in W Souch Wales. a thoroughly competent Hoi ting Shop Manager, thoroughly con- xereant with the most ur-to-date methods of Basic and Acid Steel n.arnfacture for Sheet Rs.r* Tin Bars. and BHIets Apply, gating a;??. experience, and salary re- Otatiz ? no original testimocialn to be sup- lied. If th!.? is done. they will not be re- turned. Al app?icaticns will be treated with strict confidence.—Anplv R 12," Cam- bria DaiJy Leader. Swansea EDUCATIONAL. OSTAL TUITION.-Learn Pitman's Short, JL hand and D?E B^ok-keeping quickly New easy method. Shorthand 20 lessons. \1fla- 6d.: Book-keeping 223 6d.—Daniel Jones iJ.I.P S.. etc. (the Well-knowu Coach), Neath. Cli-5 p RIVATE TUITION for London Katric J- and all the Professional Frelim. Ex- ams: Shorthand and Book-keeping rapid'y taught at Lishman's Coaching College, 40-41. Worcester-place (opposite Castle Cinema) Swansea. TC MONEY. U?W-12 London-road, Neath Makes E. Cash Advances from £ 5 and upwards, trictl.. Private. Establtehei'. 1C76. TC. IF you require a Loan apply to George Jt '1'homas, Manager Church-strcet (oppo- site- St Mary's Church Swansea. Private and conffuential. "7l,J"ONtY to l?nd to Respectable llou?- ONE-Y to [And to Rf,?r)e(!t,?ib,e liottc-e- Ivor D. Thomas, 5 Wnterloo-.t.. Swansea ADVANCES, S15 TO £ 5,0C0 0.1 written promise to repiy or any security Principal rentains or can b" repaid by 15 or instalments: no charge of any kind tlnlpES business done-, promptness and privacy; avoid exposing your requirements cally.-Wr,e oldest Company existing: E. LAWRENCE, LTD., Den Chambers, Wine-street, Bristol. PERSONAL. A DVERTJSER wishes to Invest from £ 5C to ?MJ on good scunY W?at offers. -r^Writj Terms," Leader Office 118A10-2# IN Onclt Bei,t's Toffee 8hnp there is JL "Stat.dint. ro Onlv." Uncle Bert and 1 is Son thank you for your help. You are c:øiuz "Your Bit" as we did ours Thanks! JSvvancea. Thanks!! PROri "MlCHAEL Celebrated Astrologer Iterb Phsician: AyeHlia. hie great Fs-ychic Mf-diurn. The Rcx:king Stone? of Wales. Post le. 3rl.. birtii date.—Sariplo- 1Wm. 33. Queen-°trce.t. Cardii? 120A11-29 LOST AND FOUND. STOLEN 0" strayed a Roan Mare, about ? 14.2 hands; knee niirked: nnder re- warded.—Charles Williams Machinery Mer- ciiaJit, Morrifctoo- C10-27 HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. "jpARL\ POSSESSION.—For Sale. in Pine- Uplands, excellent Lease- hold llouse; two silting-rooms, kitchen, larder, coal-house, wash-housf. 3 bedrooms, bath-room, w.c.; line view," of Bay etc lO:l;{ Ifafifi; low pround rent.— Appl? to Messrs. J. Blewitt Jenkins and Sons. Estate Agents Surveyors, etc. 4. College-street, y-ansca. Clt-29 I^V E R^LE Y RO A I)~SK KTTY^—Fo v Sa le. I with early possossion. Freehold Sem!- f.etaclicd Villa; two rccaytion rodin>i, kit- chen. stuhpry. washhouse etc. 4 bedrooms, bath-room, w.c.; KCOd ,zarden -Ailplv to Messrs. J RJewitt Jenkin-s and Sons, Estate Agents. S-urveyors, etc 4. College-street, Swansea. C10-30 OR Sale, two Houses (Nos. 23 and M. F. Cla. e-road, Morriston), in central posi- tion; ad yea,sl lep-se; -L;r<)urj6 rent e.eh kkouae.-Apply, 26. Clase-i-oad. Morris- ton. 1!5AHI-Z7 l^liEEHOLI' House for Sal., at Woodlands- A tnri-ace, Montpeiier-tc rrace and Rose- iiili-tcrrace. alao excellent Leasehold Hotiiee ill the Uplands to be sold with vacant 1:0"- se-ssion —Joseph HarrM Auctioneer, 1. G to rgft-st ieei t? wanwea. 010-30 l:OI- SALE with vaca.nt possess?n. Free. Fho-I I Villa in Eaton-grove —An?Iy Roche. Auctioneer. Rutland House, '?uan- sea C10-28 I,, Or. SALE No. 14 (»Bm]-detached). IB J). i 22. and 24, Manor-road, Waitppiton.- Vrito 'Owner," c/o Daily Leader, Swansea 118A 10-29 OR Sale, Freehold 8-roomed House (Up- JL lands); alio 6-roomed House at Mum- bles.—Clark, House and Estate Agent, VV altar-road, Swansea. 115A10-5 HOUSE and Shop for Sale prominent ,£"j. position main thoro.'fhfare Morri?ton: 91 years unexpired; fcrtrightly tenancy; annual rental amounting to £ 102 irclusive rates, price £ 1,000.—Write Box S 13, Daily Loader. 315A10-25 IyoUSE and Shoo for Sale in one of zifai ii 1 tlioroughfares; 12 rooms, bath, etc. nvwly ronova.trd; £ 1.2-5<I- to quick buyer; long lease- with or without stock ftttinffs: easy, bueinc.? to te?pn: nnlinntcd pn5«pecLs —"V. rite Ilon-se." Dany Loader U5A10-25 T?rEATH -For Sale. t}.;ë-S;h;tnÏi 11 Leasehold Premise known as the Neath Auction Room: goc, central posi- tion ter i unexpired P.3 veatv. early vacant t OBPespioii — Apply Henry Pafminter The EAmtiOAT) IIA FOST—Two well-bi-lit Hou'es for Sale, to immediate purchaser- low ground rent—Joseph Har- rj-i AneTior.eoi* 1. George-street, Swanfca. QT. GEORG; 'S-TTIRRAI'I^-(.iust off Waltir- a road: -Vacant House for Sale; every! toorlern convenioUce: nricv> to immediate pr.-chaser only £85J) Josenh Harrie Auc- tioneer, 1. George-street Swansea. "TT ACAT House for Sale. Walters-terrace, t Mumble?; semi-detached; in good repair; leasehold; 5 room? and Scullery.— Further Particulars of J. Barron Pnscoe, F.S.I., Estate Agent, 7 Gower-street Swan- R<'&. C1015 illll'y' Pav Pent 40.000 House* airesd^ » T througa our system for Prospectus and Balance-sheet write Bo* D 1 Leader Office 115A10-25 wlll enable yofi to Purchase a TIOI- V, worth £ 250 for an average repayment of 5$lid veekly — Write Box W 8. Leader Office. Swnhsea. C10-1  WEF?LY'?f?Purnhafp ki!?? JTl /CU anv (1j"trict: poh': by arrange ric.nt.—1 Landlord," Leader. Swansea. T.C. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. FRONT Bedroom and Sitting-Room f Vacant: Two Gentlemen preferred: with or without board.—Contir.entol Cafe. Southend, Mumbles. 117A10 27 ?WO Rorrectahla Single Men require two T FnrnMhed RocQ? and "light attend- ance.—Box X 3.4, Leader Office. 12CA30-27 ANTED, Comfortable Lodgings for »T Geiitif.jcan: would live with family.— Reply 95 Rhyddings-terrace. Drynniill. 121A10 27 PREMISES TO LET & WANTED (1 AH AGE to Let at "W?J 'eM-road .—A pp! v. T S. Rubenstein. M. Gowerstreet. Swan l sea. 115A10-27 T/\7"ANTED in Nesfh or dirict, Premi." l IT suiiar]? for Worka: must have rail. way accommodation .—Reply Mercbaot," Lc^ado-, Olilce. 115A1C-25 HOUSES WANTED. Sinali Furrsshed ilotlw (n batb-roorn preferred; at Langland or Newton.—Write M" Ijeadc<- Cf&ee, 121A10 30 ATi^ANT'ED. Fxirnished House; Mumbles or n Sketty Ddstriet; for Long Period.- Write. Crown," Daily Leader," Swansea. 119A10-2C £- -3-0FFtREDfor-KèioTgOOd 6 or 8- v roomed Boue6 ir. good part of Swansea or Mumblee, or district; good ten- ar.tc.—Writ<- imtnediately to Box K 14 IiCiuler Office. I18A10-28  ?C*? ?y of House in nice diatDct c?< U to rent.—Write Bo>. W 14. Leader Office. Swansea. C10-29  OFFERED for Comfortable. Furnished. c?tj or, preferably. Pirt Fu-rn, liouse. long peiiod: Swansea or Mumbles- good ter-anti.rite to Box L 14 Leader Office. 118A10-23 II Ml III LIVE STOCK, &c. DAY Mare eight-year-old, for Sale; clean limbed animal; good action and worker; 15 handa. Also harness and tin- Fruiterer's Wagon -W nittaker Bros.. Step- ney-street, Llanelly 115A1ú- (-iÃ.GE Bi¡,d-Fncie.-Haing bought a (-, Large Consignment of this year's har- vested Caaa:> Seed, we are now oilpring the same at 6id per lb.: mixed. 7jd pfr lb.; Hemp. Rapo, Linseed, and Parrot Food, all at 9d per lb On sale at Swansea Poultry Corn Co-operative Stores 26 Fabian-street, St Thomas and No 6 Stail Swansea Market (Waterloo-street sidpi). opened every day. 121A10-30 VORSALE, 50 Fisbruary, Mareh. Aprl. JL 1919. White. Wyandot' Cockerels, of excellent utility strains, from 12e. 6d.— Clements. Uaniiienwpn Farm. Morriston ClO-M 17OR Sale, active Chestnut Horse. Useful black Mare; 15.2 hands. Also two Landaus and Brougham.—George Thomas, 15, Kinley-street, St. Thomas, Swansea. 117A10-27 GEESE! Geeee" March hatched* make X monsters, lis. 6d. each: 200 in stock: 70 young Ducks 6s.: 40 March Pullets, ltlk.: Sa Layimr Fowls, 9s. African Talking Par- rot. £ 10: Fruiterer's Hand Troek and .14»,—JSeill. Peglerstreet. Brynhyfryd, Swansea. 120A10-25 each at five mouthe old. for four c ftmall store pigs bought at 5s. each was one beginner's record after using Karswood Pig Powders. Yoi can do it tool Twelve for Is. Thomas. Chemist, Goreein- on. and Old Bank Pharmacy, Llanelly sKseasKSHssB-EKas—asaa- 1120\11-6 FURNITURE. IfURNITCRE.—Best given ? me JL for S€<x'nd-band Farritcre and Antio?e Furniture of any description. Drop me a rostcard or call.—Wm. James. 8. Fabian- street St. Thomas. CT.O. • I'-oc_s. CYCLES. &C. ,4 IÆIO CHASSjS.-Wcca??Scr derive' | ( 1\ of 60 cwt Chassis enn September. 60 Cllt. November and 30 cwl. and 00 cwt. No- vember. subiect unsold.. ('ash. Ejwy Te rns. I or Exchange.-RE Jones. Ltd. (Motor Dept.). Diilwyn-street Swansea TíO I A~ P ? C<)?.iEH(.'lAL\BHlCLt-.S.-Ai) A.E.C. Parts in Stock.—Thomas .?hite a.nd Co., Engineers Barry &n th )Vales Asent? C10-25 ? ''ALCOTT? LisbtTCar (lsWri)ickey eeat. dynam(? lighting. electric horn; re I aintpd ilnd overhauled: it excellent con- I. clitior. ar-rt splendid runnil1 order, £ 460.- Auply W Bfcvan 28- The Promenade, Swan- sca. 4]10.30 )OR SALE. 12 h.p. Bizizer 191S 5-Moot-er J. Touring Car; open to expert examina- tion.-Apply Braijfer," leader Ofiide. 117A10-27 OR SALT., P. and M. Motor Cycle 3j »' X wita or without sidecar Apply 17 Se- i',astonol-strcet. St Thomas 118Al0^25 F OR- SALti, a Lady's Bicycle, in good on- 1 dition.—Apply, Mr. Griffiths C'J, Free- naaJi-street, Bry ahyfryd. 115A10-23 Eiuill Motor Lorry lor Halo; Sizavie and JLJ Nanclixi, 10-12 h.p.. Bosch Magneto,- suitable Greeogrooer or Fish Merchant; fe- oently overhauled; carry half ton; do E5 miles to the gallon; any trial; price, £ 120.— Apply, Brent, The Cross, Morris.on. 115A10-25 IV E. JONES, Limited (Motor Department) V. Dill wyii-street. Swansea List of Cars in Siock for Immediate Delivery:- AT SWANSEA úEPOT 12 h.p Mas; 2-seater and dickey seat, G.A. V. lishting £3Oû C.A.V I9H Yulbot Touring dynamo 12 h.p. lighting 11-9 Ilurtiber 1914 2-scater. elec- trif lighting .i. L495 ind f5tart"fig Coupe. C.A.V tighti'ig and starting £7:>0 Milher-Dainder 2.3 ton Lorr.v.. £ 350 16 9 h.D Napier Touring. C.A.V. lighting ljjrbtinCiA.,RDIFF DEPOT New 30 h.o Daimler ,-Itaseie El%u New Studcbaker Big i-990 11.0 h.p 19: j Belize 2-3 seater, dickey. electric lighting 20 h p- 1913 Daimler 3-4 soatcr coupe, C.A.V. lighting. 10 h.p 1914 Mathis 2-seater and dickey. 3J h.p. 1915 Lexington Touring elec- !lic lighting and starting I6-C5 h.p AustroDaiml?r 1911 S?rUnc 2.scater. C;A-V. '-seateLr. ONDON DEPOT AT 4 Do Dion IS h.p. Cbase. £575 26 h.p Vauxhall Touring. C.A.V. !ight:ns» 25-35 h.p San beam Limousine. Lacaa duplex lighting. ALL offered subject unsold Cash, easy terms, or exchange. SAXON. Two-seater: 11,1 h.p:: perfect run- ning order and condition: recently c-erhanlad; acetylene oil tail h'1nn: Bosch magneto: 4 new tyres- £ 210 — Bennett Gorseinon. fl7A 10-27 1 Q1 Q H() H;; A N-D iS-LUXF for SaleTXc; J 8 h,p < Jap enfiff. painted royal blue: ui?c wheoio: head lamps tail lampa. hood COV3r etc.; milea.T?. 1,009. new tyres ,n'hat oitc-r-i Can be seen any time at 17. G rogvenor-road _Sket jy 117 A10-23 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. nEAMO PiiOiN ES. — Ha.M03o?B six-panel ? oarved Oak £ 4 17?. 6d. (usually 17); R?c-ords. Is. 16. W., 23. Heoords Kx<*hange<i. 3ø dozc"-—19, Park street. 118A10-23 M. USICAL INSTRUMENTS!^ W'E MAKE. t Manuiaoture Buy, Sell, and Etcha-nsyo blunged Inetruments. Our Strings are un- equalled: used by every Professional in awaneoa and District. Repairs receive « x- pM-t attention on the premises. Get your Musical Lequirements attended to hy us. and receive the benefit of 45 years' practi- I ce experience thereby gaining satisfaction I and making your music wha', it should be- a pleasur. Get the rk»nt grode from the right shop, selected b." an experienced player rtn ,lillter. the, youl. rendering I will be at its best.- Wood in i-, Gower-street. asisaa th<* man who understands Mnnce? Instruments, and their "oui7-c- I ments. and the requirements of their DJay-1 ors IMAla'?9 OVEKSTRUNG Ir&n Pram. Baby Grand \.? Piano, equal to ne?. 75 gn: Oak 1 .ano, 65 aris; Second-h'»:r.1 Pianos from 30 gns; Organ;; from 10 pns. Cash, ot Terms Arran^d -Dale, Forty and Co., Ltd. 20. R in Ed w a rd e-road Sw3 naea, 121A1(1.:5 PIANOS and Ortfans.—I specialise in Re- .t pairt and Tuning. II Hawkins 22. Vb^,etstrect, Jiumbies All districts visited. 25 years with Godfrey and 00,. litd 112A10-24 AMrgairo; 12. 34. 33. 45. 55 Guineas; Largest end Cheapest Selection in Wales. Cash Only.— Excliangc. 19 Park- street. Swansea.. 118A10-28 SECC)ND-HAND P?noa by Conard :wd S Collard ?psncer. Monin?on and We? toll other wcH-kn?Tn make". In?ccc. tion anvited Gratnonhr>nfft from £ 4 4s.: New DonbIAsidel Record froTr 18 ,nch Lame ocl:. Lists Free —D J Sne? 21-S? HiTh- strect Arcade. Swansea. 110A30-25 T HOItT",qO-N k ND RUACKELLIS ATN- i. NOUNCEMENT8 .— CHICAGO Orsyan, 4 sets of reeds. 8 etops, 2 knee swells; very fine tone. £ 28.— Thompson end SbackelI.Ltd..3.- Castle- PLA.NOFOHTE by Ralph Allison. fuU com- p pass, ivory d keys: 50 guineas cash. o: oasy terms.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd 39. Castle-streat, Swansea. TLEXANDIiA Paris. Harmonium; 12 stops, A 4 set? of reeds; large powerful instru- ment, suitable for place of worship: £ 35 — Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 39. Castle- street. FOR SALE. I^OR bALE, firewood, 100 tons Oak ¥, i- f.o. Swansea. 4?s pe • ton —Write f.o. Leader, Swan?a. 114A?O-25 17'O&SAL ?a?ed Partition, 11.8 x '69: .r doo. in centre and ahduig window. Safe (Withers) 2.6 x 1.8 x 1 x 1.7 and Stand Desk. 4.10 x z.6 x 3.10 (2 flaps and 3 drawers).. Trebarr-e. Burrows Chambers, Swansea. 121A10-27 i?OR SALE, Sail Aprois fo- Tinworkerg. ct.: a ls<. larae piece.s for other nur- cosee.—Apply SheOhan a Stores York-Street. 119.A10-27 FOR SALE, Kitchen Tab?s, Bedsteads FOverlay. Three Large Mirrora. A?so PÍQno, £ 30 or Nearest Offer.-M.. Mahoney, 1. Bvkige-fltreet, Swansea. 119A 1 0:28 1slREW<Sbl' Choopins MMhinf for R?Ie— i Barron." Also Sawbences and oth3r surplus Woodworking Machines. Ciailee. and Traction Engine for Sale-C. Jenriin.g snd Co. Ljù Bristol. C1().?Ç j "L^OR SAI.E Ch?S'ontter. auitaMe forh-:1'd I I or power: also Horse Gear equal nw. —Apply To. Daviee. PanUa&sc Morriston. 120A1 VOR SALE Splendid Green Plush Ma- X h rig any ChesterSeld Suite, almoet new. Also Drawnpi-room Table and Harmonium. —Write Alice," Lealer Office Swansea 114A 10.27 Afi-BLE Butter Block for Sale; 3ft. v 2ft it'i. -Box 0 14, Daily Leader," SwaHPeo., C10-27 OLD Corrugated Sheets; promiscuous lengths. 4ft. to Bft suitable for fencing; ? tons for Sale.—Thomas Jenkins and Prit<)rferry. )15A)027 and Sop.(Fire-Resisting, ,Oin. to 43in hih. 8 for Sale. Also pair S?in. Winding 'Engin8. Steam Wagons. Petrol Lorri,- Birt. 47a, Strand, Swansea. Cl?-2 T^fALNUT Sideboard. 6ft-: large bevelled Alro ?< cta'? back; excellent condition. AIro Overma'iteli to match. Can be ae?n Ash- leigh," Ffvr.ono. 120A10-25 SMALL ADVERTISE MENT ORDER FORM. ,,f ■, 1 —— —— ■ j S r t b. 1 ■ ■ !'■ HI Tf— I -• ■ ■ I ■ 11 ■■ Ml »TO1I>IHJ>W¥I t.i<.<! I -—— y PiMae )u?tish ? ?b?ve é.dvt.tim a, fo? "'hleb 1 9 Name and Address: I it desired, replies taay be seat to Dei NunAsti ftt thd "Oaanbria Daily I Loader Office. 1 | This form should be tt4ireat*A to Advertisemcst DepartElCEt, C&mbris Daily | | Leidfer," Swaneea. S win mi mm 1111111 n in 1 —"ifi'HrT-nri—rrnrn 1 ———. ( I TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. ;'r A MAiAMi'CHD.—6ea<-on? Goods—indoor )r I A out)—whether Cartridge^ (Eley s, Ky- i.och e. and Curtis' and ilarvey s), or Cut- lery. Tabic Lamps, Mantle^ Nickel FenUevs and Irons, aL Harriet' th, noted Furnish- ers and iroirmongers. CIO-30 A'LARM'"C.LOCKS"ADother Larse Wu- A sicumpm just arrived; best mnk«; every ono guaranteed: £ 1 ea?h.—A. Joseph, Jeweller. 20 Heathfielrl-strpei inext to bi,l- ,IeNveller. 20 (iiext to Bi., BLiVNKETS.—We have a tine range of AiF B Wool Blankets at Moderate Prices, ihey are exceptional value.—John Richards, Cradock slreet. Swansea. 117AJ&-27 BAD LEGS.—1 have successfully treated -D thouN?nds. and 1 guarantee a cure in every case,H, Deakin, Herbalist, Alexan- dra-road. Swansea. 120A10-29 BAD LEGS. My Stimulating Herbal Anti- JD septic treatment cures in every caee.— Write or call ,).(lay. -De-,t!,zin. Ilertxiliet, Alexand ra-road, Swansea 120A10-29 ClAi^xCO that is much below to-day's value; > We have a few special lines in White and Grey,—John Richards, Cradock-street, Swansea. 119A10-2S TUïiá-iwmodeIie;I-J;jv ou prëæB we are ahl v to make Old Fu? look like New. All the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sete. —Tenuens, 5. Cradock-street. Swansea. 115A10-25 IN Uncle Bert's" Toffe Shop there is "Standing Room" Only." Uncle Bert aud his Son thank you for your help You ar3 doin; Your Bit." 116 we did ours 'Thanks! S%vqnwa Thanks!. 120A1023 P, ITIVATE and Aiitogiviph Christmas -tL Oa-rds; drop me a Post-Card, and I will bring within five miles radius of the General Post Office my Sample Books for your inspection; absolutely finest and cheapest eelection.—Address, Box F14, Cambria Daily Leader," Swans,&. 117AIC.-27 PRACTICAL PROOF of the value of Nos. JL troline" Na&at Specific awaits every victim of Nasal Catarrh. Influenza. Head Colds. and Sore Throat who will give it a trial. Use it dailv for health and comfort of nose and throat. Of leading Chemists everywhere Is 3d. (by post Is M.). Sold by E Bevan. Nelson-street; O. T. David Manse!-street; D R Davies. St Helens road: J T Davies, Ltd lall branches); II, L. Havard, Brynymor- road G H Kent 45 St licien's-roa(d E. J Kieft Robert-street. Manselton. A thewB Oxford-street: B Needham. Neath- road: OrlenG. Cash Chemists, Ltd High- street: J and D Bees, Fabian-street. St Thomas and Port Tennant. E T Rich Hieh treet; E W Richards College-street: E Thomas, High-street; Wright and Son Waiter-road; W. J. Davies. M.P.S., PictOB- placc. Fforestfach Swansea; W. T. Thomus, Gorseinon; M L. Beva-t 99, Woodfteld- street. W la.c 86 WcHidfield-street. MOR- BISTOJS and all Chemists In Neath ij; A iNCOATS of Distinction. We have re- i-V oeived our new delivery. These are extremaly smart and moderate in price, stocked in all sizes fori Ladies and Maids. Also a good range of Oltpes and Hoode for Little Girls John Richards, Raincoat Specialist. Cradock-street, Swansea. lQ7A10-2i PECIAL Offer of 50 "Aquatit-e Raincoats C3 in Trench and Raglan Styles at 72s. 6d. and 76s. each.—Williams, Temple of Fashion, G-oreemon. C10 25 SIDNEY Palmer's well-known Cakes ,L and ? pastrieg are made of best ingredients only. ?eddinR and Birthday Cakes in stock and made to order, Noted for reas and Cold LiLDcheoiia. -Palmer's O&fe, onpo- slto Binr)ir!, and Branches. i!5A.10-25 URG lC A 1.. APplianœs.í'rUS8e6I-Srav!ll. ? Eucma?. Surgeons' Rubber q OVs :'nd Surgical Rubbei 0-ds of every dMcriptlon W ntJ for Catalogue, Mot post free.—Le Bi-asseti-e Surgical Co.. Ltd Dept D.V ), 90 and 92. Worcester-street Birmingam, T.C. YOn get reliable boots at the Ne-,v R.-G. X Shoe Store, Goat-street; Good Shapes. Good fitting. Reasonable prices; Try them. 119A10-28 '>00 LAMES' and Children's Hat? ? A6)..I 00 Ciea,- at Ba.r?:n Prices Ladies' All-Wool Tweed Coats Furn. and Fur Coats -Special Offer for three days.—Richards I Hiah-clae-s Milliners 40 King Edward's- l-oad. Swansea. Brynmill oars stop at the door. 120A10-25 PE}.¡-UALE'S OVl}RCOAT SALE P"~ENHALE'f for Ladies' Blanket Oo ate. Special Offer for this week only* 55s worth 75s.: Newest shades Sax. Wine Choc:, designs See our Windows. "|5eNHALE'S Specialih for Gentlemen.-I -L The Prince-Coat: sma rtt coat in Swan- sea; i:5 30* to £ 7 7s. See Windows. New I Dftsign" s and Styles.—232 High-street. Swan- sea 010,25 Goai-t?-ts for 3 Nanniee and 2 IL BlJh(' 18 months old: pood offer not refnsd -ADpJy J Lewis. Penbryn Garn- ?wyd. I?andorp. USA) 0-25 BARGAINS at Enoch's, Arcade; Ca? net D -of litèrature. 0 vols.; fine set of Burns' Poetica.1 Works. 5 vols.: comp?et? set Elti- cott?s Commentary, 8 vols.; Practical Draper." 5 vols.; "Popular Encyclopedia, 14 vols.; Teachers' Bibles. Welsh a.nd English, from gs. Family Bibles, etc.. etc. 115A10-25 Mills, English, and Co., Ltd., Swansea, Specialities. SERVANTUONE?-W« have Vacuum Car- o pet Sweepers in Stock. L EAK, -Ack fol- our dTltex.the uuiok cure. -I,(IR 'lRE.-The Princ8 Grate at- taohment w'U save vou using bricks for fuet economy, f < AS.—If vou use it do not forget thajf) ? ply i? reduced A 8mall Meco Wver will burn rubbish and cook and boil for 14 persons. We do it. Call and see. UGLY Fireplaces cause discontent -(all and see our Artistic Mantelpieces. Malkin Pa-riels and Eagle Fire Urat". IFTJRN your Kitchen into a Breakfast i room by adopting the Twin Interior, which has hot water parlour fire and un- aeen oven combined. NOTICES. A MUSICAL Treat is assured those who visit the Albert hall Swansea, on No- •tiaber 1st. First-cltw Vocalists ajid Choire, oonipeting. Soats can be Booked immediately THe Swaueoa Branch Com- mercial Travellers' Association promise the Puulie their Eisteddfod to be the Beet Quality produced. BALLROOM DANCING.—Lat«st London JO Dance.* taught, including Waltz. Private and Class Lt^sone.—Apply Mrs Gooftiey Lewis. 3 Georgt-street, Swa,n- w. or at The Central School of Duociiiff, 8t Helece-road (Godfreys). Swansea. H 2 A 10.29 CHOCOLATES Confectionery. L:I ) Quantities supplied: trade only 3M vcrKtica Write price 1:« letampt Dipt, H X6 C i Lv CcniMtionery Co. U9. im)'es, i 1" ndol ..nAl(1-30 CCONTINUED Succœs; Madame Pletch..r ?' M.B.P.S.; test reading free; send birth date and stamped envelope.—5, I Arcade, Pontypridd, Glam. U5A1Q-25 DANCE Music fpr Sale, if numbera high- L class. sniaP orchestra. Piano and vari. olifi extra parts for all Hawke's publica- tions. complete ball-roo-n programme, new: also 5 v ( -U-cs The Ru sipal Educator. by Caxton Publishing Co -Richa.rds. 31. Kelvin-road. Clydach-on-Tawe 90AI0.25 I)ANF) LNG -M-adam Jfvssn> Davicyi nas Re- sumed her Private DaLcing Lessons, latest [lances taught. For terme apply 35 George-street Swansea. 121-A10-30 F Oit Light Haulage of any description at x reasonable chargee, apply S Hearn. 28. Trafalgar-terrace. 98AJ 0-31 HORSES and Traps for Hjre. also Pony JLJL and Governese Car: by hour, day. or by .k.-S Hearn. 28, Trafalgar-terrace. I 98A.1C 31J L"V\ fOTICE—The Ammanford and District i.'< Allotments and GardeM Msociation will hold their Horticulture1 Show the end of August 1S20. Will Secretaries øen-d their Dates t) present clashing of interests to S. Jones. Dyffryn Store. Tirydail-square, C10-25 maniord C1o.2S N"0 SURVEY FEE is charged by thc  Lan- (fore Parmanent Building Society the Largest in West Wales. Advances made on Property tt'' any time. Secretaries: David Roberts and Son. 61. Wind-street, Swansea Cie-25 TWO WaoDt' two HorsM. a.nd Harnem I for ?aJe —1 nysforgan Farm, Morriston, nea,- Tra r, Terminus. 117A10-28 rpO all Intending Purchasers of Household t Furniture.—Ygu should, without delay call at HillV (the Manuiacturem) and in- spect ihc4, Large and Various Stocks. direct from their own works. No middle- man's profits Cash or FAry Terms. Please note the Address. Hill's Gower-street Swansea Also 14. Windsoi-road Neath i20A10-2« nX pYPEWRITERS.-The Master-Model Royltl JL Standard Tjipwriter No 10 The cnaj oho?oe of &H discrim;natin £ Writing Mar ?u lne Buyers Rnt Go?ernm?nt or ere for over 7,000 Royals Facilities protidfed for inspecting all other msvm of Type- ters: Olflce Appliances Company. Sid- [ dafl Bnifding. Swansea. Oil-? MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. ?' BUY Furniture. New or Seoond-nand j Serkiu 219. Hiarh-e?reet SwaM?a,. i'5A10-25 TREES Wanted over Pitwood size.—Jen- JL ninKS. LtA. Woodworkers. Penny well- ?o&d. 8riaW Branch at p<?u?-' ",rf,