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v. AMUSEMENTS. 6.30. TO-NIGHT. 3.30. i 'Phone: Central 92. i FRED KARNO presents a New Production HUSTLE Cast includes— A. W. BASKC0M8, Beryl Deane, Mon- tague Golding, fcsme and Dolores, Supported by a Hive of Bustling Hustlers Scene I-office6 of Simon Slack, Stock and Share Broker CHAOS ?c?ne 2—Reception Hoom, the Mind and Memory IDstitiit .PCLLMAN1SM Scene :t—Simon'8 Othees nndr the New it?ime THE EFFECT :s; RE:S'ECT I PHIL & PHLORA, in thirCltra-Refined I 2'. Acrobatic Dancing Act. Silent Comedy. TERRY TWINS, the Duplicate Comednins. JACK THOMAS, the Goblet of Mirth. L. y s I Li Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Phyllis Monkman as "Lady Mary Skode" in HER HERITAGE. HOUDINI, the Handcuff King, in the Master Mystery." IN SUNNY ALGERIA (Interest). AMBROSE'S RAPID RISE (Triangle I Keystone). Teoical Budget & Usual Full Programme Monda* Next.—The Silver Greyhound. .C STLE A CINEMA. 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. Chrissie White and Henry Edwards in HIS DEAREST POSSESSION, a Hep- worth Masterpiece of Screen Art. POLLY ANN, Five Act Triangle Comedy Drama, featuring Bessie Love. STATE ROOM SECRETS (Eddie Lyons Comedy). The Telephone Belle. Pathe Gazette and Weekly Pictorial. CAKLTO W. 2.30. TODAY. 18.30. SPORTING LIFE, the Greatest Drury Lane Drama, by Cecil Raleigh and Sey- raour Hicks. with an All Star Cast. BILLY'S PREDICAMENT, a Stoll's Two Part Comedy. Fun Fast and Furious. The Great Serial, HANDS UP. Episode 10: "The Sun Message." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERS;, Jungle, Vaudeville, Interest. Pathe Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE 2.39. TODAY 16.30. Dorothy Daiton in QUICK SANDS. A Dorot.hv Daiton Picture produced by -T. H. lne. Nothing needs to be added. THE BAR SINISTER, a Story of a Man's Great Love, featuring Mitchell Lewis. THE ENCHANTED PROFILE, An O'Henry Story. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, J Pathe's Gazette. I PUBLIC NOTICES. j SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. CONTRACTS FOR IRON, CHAINS, TIMBER AND GENERAL STORES. The Trustees are prepared to receive and entertain TENDERS for the Supply of IKON. CASTINGS, CHAINS, TIM- BER. OIlJS. IRONMONGERY, SHIp. CHANDLERY, and GENERAL STORES for Twelve Months from the 1st January, I 1920. Forms of Tenders and full particulars may be obtained on application to the I Engineer, at the Harbour Office. Tenders, sealed and marked, to be de- livered to the Clerk to the Trustees, at the Harbour Offices, on or before the loth Nor ember, 1919. Tho Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. P. W. PHILLIPS, General Managed. Harbour Offices, Swansea, October, 1919. SWANSEA UNION. ASSISTANT MATRON, COTTAGE HOMES, COCKETT (which applicants should visit). The Guardians invite Applications from Single Women or Widows (without en- cumbrance) with knowledge of Cooking, Housekeeping, and Sewing, for the above appointment. (Welsh desirable). Age between 25 and 45 y;,arr.. Salary, £ 3,i per annum, rising by S2 10s. per annum to 138 ,with rations, washing, uniform, and apartments. Further particulars and forms of appli- eation to be obtained from the under- signed, by whom applications roust be Teceived not later than Monday, 3rd 'November. 1919. LLEWN. JENKINS. Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Alexandra-road, Swansea, 23rd October, 1919. FOR SALE, OCTOBER 2Sth, 1919, at OAKFIELD, HEXDY, PONTARDULATS 8 CATTLE (ling 44Young Milking Cows. 1 Cow with *5 weeks calf at heels, 3 Heifers), 2 Horses. New Ralli Rubber- Tyred Trap and Governess Car, Grocer's Delivery Cart, Gambo, Harness, Horse TIlth. Petrol-driven Pump. ljin. dia. rams, 6in. stroke, on Stttl Girder Bed- plate .etc. Sale to commence at 2 p.m. Six Months' Credit, on approwd security. Messrs. J. DA VIES AND n, Aue- tioneers, Cowel House, Ll&nelly. SOAR CHAPEL, Llwynhendy., A GRAND C H A I R EISTEDDFOD Will be "held at the above place on SATURDAY, NOV. 29th. 1919. Secretaries—D. Serenfab Morris, j Byner •, Griff Daries, Caegwyn, Bynea. CYMRODORtON ABERTAWE. DARLITH NO £ FAWRTE NESAF, tn YSGOLDY'R TRIN'ITI. am 7.30, gan y Parch. CASNODYN RHYS, Ar "TREM AR WLAOFA GYMREIG PA TAG ON I A." — Gvehoddud snunt i bwwjb* — j AMUSEMEWTS. 1 ??T? A '?'?t?\.?*T??  GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 1919, 1 Six Nights at 7.30, I MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. The* Royal CARL ROSA Grand Opera Company. TO.NIGHT at 6, I Verdi's IL TROVATORE. Mesdames Ina Hill, Beatrice Waycott. Messrs. William Boland, Frank Clarke, ITarry Brindle. The Performance of II Trovatore on Saturday will commence sharp at 6.45 p.m. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK- Mr. J. A. E. MALONE'S Co. in TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL THE JJ.LY' THEATRE, LONDON, SUCCESSES, THE MERRY WIDOW, MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WED- NESDAY EVENINGS at 7.30. GIPSY LOVE, I THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SAT- I URDAY EVENINGS at 7.30, I SATURDAY MATINEE at 2.30. I ——— < I Company includes— EDWIN DODDS, J. W. HUGHES, ROBERT NEEDHAM, ¡ MAISIE DARRELLE and PRUE TEMPLE. I j B o O f 't i (,p Box Office Ofr. W. J. Casey) Open at. j the Theatre Daily, 10 till 5. Tel. Ko., i 1411 Central. I AT THE T a ar I ELYSIUM. Mon., Tues. & Wed. MARJORIE PELLIS IN The Silver ij Greyhound A Thrilling Story of a King's Messen- ger being Robbed on the Dover ) Express, with a very Absorbing and Dramatic Climax. EDDIE POLO in The CIRCUS KING. Episode 13-" The Plunge for Life. HIS NINE LIVES Billikin Comedy. Dramas, Topical Budget and usual Full Programme I Thursday Next- ALMA TAYLOR and GERALD AMES in BOUNDRY HOUSE. I PUBLIC NOTICES. J. S. ARNOLD, ¡ STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. Tel. "Jarold," Swansea. 'Phone 181 Cent. Swansea Junior Liberal League, MOND BUILDINGS. On Tuesday Next, October 28th, At 8 ocloek, Mr. T. W. RICHARDS (Vice-Chairman Liberal Association Executive), will give an ADDRESS on "Belgium After the War." Chairman-Mr. E. B. Norton. A Hearty Welcome to All. CHANGE OF BANK HOURS. As from the 1st of November next, the Swansea Branch Banks will Open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, instead of 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. as at present. I SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. SWANSEA PILOTAGE ORDER, 1891. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a ¡ MEETING of LIC ENSED PILOTS will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 5th day I of NOVEMBER, 1919, at 11.30 a.m., at the HARBOUR OFFICES, SW A. SEA, for the ELECTION' of THREE REPRESENT All VES of Licensed Pilots iinder the provisions of the said Order to serve as [Members of the Pilotage Committee of the Swansea Har- bour Trust. Nomination Papers and Proxy Papers respectively must be in the form settltd I and auppHed h. the undersigned, nod h? lodged with him not later than 4 o'c!o(.k I on 'Tuday. the tth d?v of November, i1919. 'I TALFOrtU) STRICK, Clerk to the Trustees. I Harbour Offices, Swansea, i 26th October, 1919.-




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