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Njk N ?BB m? NtMMtB M B NEATH ?? a B N?? B??a'? B a ?S *? a!E?E* '!a SURPRISE! The well-known Tailor, T. C. PALMER is OPENING Premises at 19, GREEN STREET, NEATH, (TO-DAY SATURDAY.) with an entirely New Stock of Suitings, Overcoatfngs, and Ready-made Overcoats. (MAXIMUM VALUE. I jj MINIMUM PRICES, jf ronnrna—iBvirm™-thtt-h— SEE WINDOWS 19, Green Street. o m Got Your OF-In OVERCOAT P ?M? ?y EBNBNtL?????*? a B Look! Look!! This is IT "YOU Hotel Keepers, Merchants, Shopkeepers, Store Managers, Hawkers, Fryers, I and Large Vinegar' Users, are you ALIVE to your own Interests. Don't Pay more than 1/- a gall. for Strong Malted Vinegar. It is so eptsy not to. Simply add from 30 to 60 galls, of water to one gall. 4 40 POWER VINEGAR Fine Stuff. For all Purposes. Made Dark, Light or Medium. Wholesale Prices. 1 2 3 5 10 15 25 50 100 gallons, 42/- 41/- 40/- 39/- 38/- 37/6 37/- 36/6 36/- per gallon. Carriage and Packages Free. Sample to make 15 to 30 gallons for 22a. Efere is Profit-T-Tser Saves 25 per cent.. Merchant makes cent. per cent. Shop. keeper makes three times what it cost him. II DOUBLE" STRENGTH VINEGAR, No. 20. All Shades, in Casks 6 9 12t 20 30 40 60 100 500 gallon*. 2/2 2/11 2/1 2/0i 2/Qt 2/- 1/112 l/11i 1/11 per gallon. Cask Charged (Ret.) 9/6 12/- 14/- 18/- 22/- 25/- 30/- 40/- each. No 30 Three-quarters above prices. No. 40 Half-price Vinegar (as strong as most Vinegars) half above prices. F.O. R., Boston, 5 per cent. allowed towards carriage. Send your own Casks to ba filled. We have some 50 galls 14s each returnable "DOUBLE STRENGTH" in Quart Bottles. All Shades. Half-gross 1 3 6 12 gross. Carriage and Packages Free. 80/- 79/6 i-Si- 77/- 761-per gross and 24/- per gross on bottles. t nett with order, Cheques, P.O., etc., Crossed. No free samplos. Goods Guaranteed. Quick Dispatch. Only Manufacturers, Avi n," Wide Bargate, Boston. Arm Anti-Window Steam absolutely prevents windows steaming, Is. and 2s. 6d. iiiWLii ■wn——iwiw—wr i'«mi ■mil—iw—i—■ iiiiwi———■winiimmuj—uui f, GOOD NEWS. j p una i CD. Lo. Beg to announce that on account of the relaxation of war restrictions on brewing, they are in a position to 2g meet their customers' demands for their celebrated I Pre-War Brands of Ale and Stout. | Fimom FRIDAY MEXT Strong Ale and Special Stout will be again obtainable from all their Agents at the 1| following prices:— 1 Per Flagon S STRONG ALE 1/6 SPECIAL STOUT 1/3 Exclusive of Deposit Charges on Bottles. I AGENTS EVERYWHERE.  FOR SALE, ? j? ??M?.B ?!M'? ? ??b ?? h. p. ALBION LORRIES PRICES from A400 to 9900 Each. Also many other Cars by well-known Makers. ¡ All these are in thoroughly good condition. j Guarantee given with every Car. |  BAILL Central Garage, 'I LI/\lLiJb SWANSEA. I Messrs. EDWARDS & FLITCROFT j Wish to annourlce that, owing to the expiratic.,n of lease, they have now 1 REMOVED their DENTAL SURGERY to No. 59a, Alexandra Rbad, Swansea, iFive Doors from High Street Post Office and just round the corner from their old premises.) Houjifi 9 to 7. Thursdaysi 9 to 1. 9 Only Address 59a, ALEXANDRA ROAD. I iiiiii 11 iimii iiiiiMiinwi ■■im™m'«»'™,wniiiiwiiir.Mmi—n»——wwi—fiiuwfafc J }




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