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— Show, I We)sh Nationa! Show. THE REMOVAL TO LLANELLY. Since the National Show was established in W:des some years ago it has been held on a silo on the outskirts of Aberystwyth. Here the agricultural forces of Cambria have an- nually engaged, in keen though peaceful con- tests, and we have every reason to think (says the "M.orning Post") that stockbreeding in Wales has benefited by the worthy aspira- tion. which prompted the institution of this exhibition. At the annual meetings held within the yards' the rival forces have argued with, considerable vigour for and against the principle of a iixed show. Prosperity some- times covers a multitude of faults, and had Aberystwyth supported the society, fair wea- ther or foul, with sufficient loyalty to make the exhibitions a financial success, no doubt I the few voices raised against a. permanent site at the Cambrian watering-place would have struck an unresponsive note. But the gate I money last. year has fallen off to the extent of iL205 compared with 1908, and the sub- scriptions are less by £ 233, so that those I sponsible for the work of the society fur e Other thinga to think, of than loyalty to ;■ i  un.'remunerative principle. Out of adversity we may expect some profit to agricultural Wales, for the recent meding of th2 Welsh National AgricuHural Society has agreed to I hold its show in August in Llanelly. It has I always seemed to the writer a mistake for aw. institution with national claims to localise it- self and neglect the wealthy industrial parts of the Principality. ?Nor is it possibte to make an exhibition truly' representative 01 the stockbreeding of the country unless a direct appeal is made, to 111(5 sympathy of North, South and Mid Wales, and that appeal can only be delivered by taking the show on circuit. A HINT FOR DEVELOPMENT. I If, Yery second, year the convenience ot exhibitors from both ends of the Principality were consulted by revisiting Aberystwyth Ihe financial resources which wonldbe materially strengthened by incursion every third year into the 2STorih and the Suruh. Wales has much that is distinctive in stockbreeding. Being a hill country its breeds might be ex- pected to mature slowly. So they do when they are kept 011 the uplands, but on midland, pastures there are many excellent Welsh I runts fattened annually at the same ago as Herefords and Shorthorns. There are diffe- rent types of Welsh cattle, the old Castle Martin breed being favoured by some, but a great si ep forward was taken when the cleavage k%as healed and one Herd Book established. Registration makes slow pro- gress amongst hill sheep breeders owing partly to the difficulties incidental, to proper super-, vision on very large mountain sheep-walks. There are many different traits in the breed I ■owing to the -efforts of "improvers," who have introduced alien blood, but the real tan speckle-faced sheep are to be found in large numbers on the mountains and much smaller in frame than the type favoured in lowland flocks and on the rielier pasttires. The true Welsh, pony is difficult to find in these days when the hackney has been so largely intro- duced, but in the races mentioned Welsh, breeders have a source of great agricultural wealth which the National Society should endeavour to develop.


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