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BOARD OF GUARDIANS ELECTION. To the Electors of PwlS. Ladies and Gentlemen, At the earnest request ors, I have allowed myself to Uj. Animated for a seat on the .-(.hove Board. I desire to point out that] an I a heavy ratepayer in the whole district, and have been. So tor many years. I have also a life-long ^xperience as Builder and Contractor, and t'y •peculation I have greatly improved the vi i lHge of Pvvll. If elected to represent yon, it will Tie my "iiiiest and constant endeavour to administer Justice to the poor without fear, or favour in all eases of relief, etc. n fisting to be favoured with your support «„ nr] confidence at the coming election, I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, WILLIAM BASSETT. ^'•ldi.-ld, Llanelly. 7595 BOARD OF GUARDIANS ELECTION. Monday, April 4th, 1910. ) To the Electors of Ward I. ladies and Gentlemen, ] At the request of many ratepayers, 1 j eg to offer myself as a candidate for Ward 1. the above Election. l?????Im?yf?rlyclaim. that tlio know- '.? ? have been able to obtain by long and being constantly thrown in ??'h??hthepoorerclasssswillbeofsomc '.?'?ce to help me fill the pOHition of "ardian. will be n-iv const,.i,nt ??ded, it will be my constant endeavour tf) ?t with prudence and without ])its. having ?.? regard to efnciency in administration and ? ?onty to the Tatepayers. iiig to be favoured with your vote and at the forthcoming Election, I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, A Venue Villa, J. LLOYD DAVIES. ^JT-Janelly. « 7580 GUARDIANS ELECTION. No. 2 WARD. Ladies and Gentlemen. y Having had the honour of representing Von • on the above Board for 20 years, during  time I have studied your interests to thp) ? ?? my ability, I again seek re-election, an ]  of your conndence ^Hr] ask you for a renewal of your confidence ^lvu'g' me Your vote and support in the E ectiod. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen. Yours faithfully, THOMAS JONES, ^^ynmair, Llanelly. 7574 GUARDIANS ELECTION, 1910. Parish of Llanelly Urban, No. 2 Ward. 'I 10 THE ELECTORS OF THE ABOVE WARD. ?dics?nd Gentl ?nrmr ??'?? years ago you did me the hem electing me as oOne of your repre- a?t ? ?'? ?? the Board of Gitardia.iis, I ? ?t.i.nu.ed to represent you to the best  pei-io(l. -1 think of f 0;v ???ty during that longperiod. 1 think aim with justice that the poHey I I'IOTIV advocate then, I have adhered to 'taHi,f?? and the best proof of that lies in the f that whenever my seat has been in lenged, you have renewed your confidence j,t ?.? each time. !106' was first elected the attitude of PaT- 1J )Iel!ta.nd ?? the Local Governmpnt B(ml ^Por ?? question of Poor Law Administration has ??dergone a great and, in my opinion, hf'??p? change. j, has been my earnest and constant en- ^eav?- Ur to administer the Poor Law as it ?ffp t? ??? town of Llanelly according to its st)i as we^ as the strict letter, and it would ha.v ? "een impossible for me to do so without ? oung much time and care to the work. alAs a Guardian, I have made it my special ?p?d constant duty to treat real!y deservmg Ca§ S "? ? fair spirit, while, at the same time, Sifti-an^ exposing the undeserving appli- S!s fr? relief. 'in £ been born at Llanelly, I have been &tid am malmost daily touch with the social kle Qt t.he town, and I think I can claim a ? ??m ?'iedge of it which is second to no man's. J "??' Perhaps, now be permitted to say that ?hU,')? last year I have retired completely from hll^sess, and, therefore, .1 shall be able to 4e even more of my time than before to th.?. 'duties of Guardian, if you do me the YO'Trour '? once more returning me as one of ?Ou '??'s. And in respectfnl1y asking y(), agaIn to shew your confidence in me by shew your confidence in me by Kivh '? your votes and influence, I promise Y')u? ? I shall, if elected, do all in my power to D ?. ???' your interests, while administering ??K ?-"?n.tJy and economically as possible the I have the honour to remain. Your faithful and obedient Servant, VE, rynglas, R. C. JENKINS. Queen Victoria Road, Llanellv, 23rd March, 1910. 7579 BUTTER i so dear just now that you should try the BEST "MAYPOLE" MARGARINE (BRITISH-MADE) a.t a lb. Other reliable qualities at 9d. & lOd. a lb. I OVER-WEIGHT GIVEN AWAY. Half-pound with each Pound. Quarter-pound with each Half-pound. Two-ounceu with each Quarter-pound. Guaranteed to please, or money back. Maypole" Dairy Co., Ltd. 630 Branches now open. 7538  Mansel (late of Golden Fleece) has opened I ?CoweH Street and Market Entranc, with "took of Drapery and Millinery xxl*. I Irl% B ?t?  ¡Peglrs'  I Delicious Sausage i I ai 6d. lb. ARE IN GREAT DEMAND. Have you tried them I BEST Canadian cnccsc 7d. U. This is sure to give satisfaction. The QUALITY is PERFECT. l BEST BUTTER, Is. 2d. Equal to very BEST FARMHOUSE BUTTER. ————— -4 EXTRA SPECIAL LINES:— Strawbery Jam j Raspberry 2go Bl?ck Currant ? ?'? ?' Damson (BIb. Jars), 5d. Plum (BIb. JaIS) 4d. JARS FREE. ALL Unies & Provisions are of the Highest Quality and Prices are exceedingly low. I NOTE THE ADDRESS:— PEGLERS' I k STORES Stepney Street, I. LLANELLY.


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