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BEVAN & COMPANY, LIMITED, WALELARGEST FURNISHERS, 3 < Are now offering VERY HEAVY SEAMLESS AXMNSTER CARPETS (grand patterns), handsomely bordered and ready for laying, at the following remarkably low prices3>yds. x 21 yds., 42'9; 3 yds, x 3 yds., 52/6; 3i yds. x 3 yds., 67/6; 3J yds. x 3J yds., 82/6; 4 yds. x 3 yds., 79/6; 4 yds. x 3i yds., 92'6.  DnutHn!o ? a?LP iUttMaPcnntHn ) ?ttpEr iphecnnt L t?imntpcr t nutHt?pOr t ttttmnntcMPC aJt t ILf bv PIRROloitos, BeastoadS, Beumg, CaMae! Goods, Site »i svem uuiioa, Linens, caipt? R?os, &0., train DeI CRnt. mot Bite uses! Cwmbach Buildings, Llanelly; above Post Office, Swansea; Cardiff, Newport, &c. Catalogues Gratis. Free Deliyery up to 200 miles. ADVERTISING CHARGES. J FMtiamentary Notices h. per line per iusertMB j Government Announcemn'ts 9d. j Legal and Public Notices "> Municipal & School Board !v6d. Tenders and Contracts -) Auction Advertisements 4d. Freenold and Leasehold Pro- i perty Sates 6d. Lectures & Entertainments 2s. 6d. per inch Religious Sertices 2s. 6d. per inch —• 1 i; Educational. TYPEWRITING and DUPLICATING neatly and J JL promptly executed by competent operators at the Arcade School of Shorthand.—For further parti- culars apply at the School, Arcade Chambers, Ltan- elly., 7598 BE TAUGHT BY EXPERTS IN Shorthand, Typewriting. Book-keeping, Office j JL routine, and Languages at the Arcade School of Shorthand, &c. Situations found for com- petent pupils.-Apply Roland P. Thomas, 26,  Gilbert Ro?d. or *t the Arcade, Llanelly. i Wanted. W ANTET) a Good ASSISTANT, also Apprentices j and Improvers to the Dressmaking.—Miss J Swaucott. Braril, Gletialla Road. 7G12 j W ANTSI), OFFICE BOY, able to write Short- I hand and Typewriting. Apply in own writing, j stating age, experience, and wages required.-Apply X Y Z, Mercury. 7610 j WANTED a SALESMAN for Mineral Waters.- ¡ W Apply. Arthur Hughes?e Co., Felinfoel. 7594 j WANTED a Supenor Workiug HOUSEKEEPER Vv for a farm servaiitkert. Comfort- ble home. —Apply, Mercury Office. 7593 WANTED, clean young OIRL. General; three W in family.-Apiply Mrs. E M. Riehards. 36, Glenalla Road. 7568 j DRAPERY. — Wanted AfPRENTMES for I JL? Fancy, also Apprentices for Millinery Wo'k- j room.—H. Edmunds, Commerce House. 7578 WANTED, a Capable GENERAL SERVANT; atiotber Itept.-Apply Mrs. Griffith, 14 Goring Road. 7550 PIANOFORTE TUNING and Repairing in all its JL branches by thoroughly competent and experienced London Tuners, who visit all parts regularly. Charges strictly moderate.—Apply at Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 60, Stepney Street, LlaneKy. Houses, &c., To Let. 0 FFICES to Let. No. 1, Frederick Street, Llan- elly.-For particulars appiy on premises. 7490 TO LET, THREE-STALL STABLE, Store Room above Large Yard at back of 14 Frou Terrace.— Apply Johll B tighes., I Mina Street. 7477 STORES and OFFICES to Let at Great Western Railway Dock, HaneHy Dœk.-Apply H. Jones, G.W.R. District Estate Office, Neath 74:16 LONDON HOUSE.—This Old-established SHOP JLj to Let.— Apply, Evan Davies & Co., Castle Buildings. 6643 TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP at G&tben Terrace. TAlso several HOUSES for Sale.-Apply T. P. Jones, South Wales Stores. 6398 _n_ TO LET. 2, Goring Road, UaneHy; Bathroom, Th. and c., &c.—Apply to W. David, Auctioneer, fcc., Old Town Hall Chambers, Llanelly, 4332 BUILDING ? SITES TO LT at Havard Road, Bleading from Llygad-yr-ych to Dafen; con- venient to Llanelly. Water supply no borough rates; large Gardens; reasonable terms. Also at Capel.- Apply W. J. Rees, Uplands, or J. E. Burnell, sur. veyor, 2, Frederick Street, Llanelly. 1607 For Sale. I^OR SALE, warranted, Ho i?e !7 hands, C?rt, and 1-I Harness; to be sold together or separate.— Apply Mercury Office. 7611 I?OR SALE, Chipcart, stroug Pony. ard Harness r useful Turn-out; also Spriugcarfc suitable for greengrocer or fjsh-salesman-Hügbes, Bynea. 7591 FOR SALE, GLASGOW HOUSE, Swausea Road. F-Apply Rees & Edwards, Solicitors 7575 ITOrIjALE, Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE. with j Stable and Coach-house, near Glanliiedi, FI), fuel.-Apply Rees, Edwards, Solicitors. 7577 (I ENT'S 18ct. IJIAMOP*D lUNG: liare White X Stone. worth 110; take £ 6.—Bowen, Pawn- broker, Station Road. 7551 FOR SALE, TAPESTRY SUITE, equal to new, by r Waring, Liverpool; cost X19 18s sacrifice for ;LIO.-Apply E. G.. Mercury," Llanelly. 7431 I?OR SALE, Two Semi-detMhed HOU8E, Goo,l FBay View situate at Elgin Road, PwU.- Apply Thomas Evans & Son, Builders. Pwll 7261 SEVERAL well-built HOUSES for SALE at Penult .) Terrace, near the Box; healthy locality, aud let to respectable tenants —Apply B. Howell & Bon, Ltd., Llanelly Saw Mi!ls, New Dock, Llanelly. 7207 I -OR SALE, or to Let, at Marble Ha I Road, freehold or Leasehold HOUSES.-Apply. J. Charles, Marble Hall Yard. 8805 "IQ1A DUNLOP. Palmer, Clincher Tyres; also Covers, 3i3, guaranteed Air Tubes, with valves, 2/3 each Wheels, Free-Wheels, Pedals, Chains, Saddles, &c. Special lists free 1910 Goods.— W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 7427 BEAUTIFUL Walnut Pianoforte, full trichord, Beheck ?ctiou, iron frame, briHiaot tone usual price 33 guineas, now reduced to 28 guineat, at 14s. per month. Several others quite as nheap. For further particulars apply at Messrs. Thompson and btackell's Pianoforte Warehouse, Llszelly.  GUINEAS at 10s. 6d. per month. New Rose- Jd x wood Pianoforte, handsome design, check action, trichord warranted London make. Inspec- tion invited.—Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., Stepney Street. Money. (1ASH ACCOMMODATION, £10 to EI,000 In- V7 terest, 2s 6d. in the £ for agreed period. W. JACKSON, 7452 25, Tudor Road, CARDIFF. MONEY— £ 15,900 to be invested on Freehold and l' Leasehold property at 3?. 4 and 5 per cent. Interest on large or small amounts to suit intending mortgagors.—H. Greenwood, 1, Frederick Street, Llano Miscellaneous Notices. MADAME ZIPPIA, CertiBcated and Diplomed ?i PALMIST, giv?s Full Re'?tng&ud Best advice. Fee. 1 Note Only Address—Arcade, JLianelly. Daily 10 to 10. CHANGE OF ADDRESS. Tl/rlSS JULIA LEWIS. RC.M.. resumes lessons ?JL on SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd. at her new ati(itess- 55, Coldstream Street. 7603 W. J. THOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, I 6, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. THE NOTED HOUSE FOR WEDDING, KEEPER & DIAMOND RINGS. IS* Large Stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, and JEWELLERY of every description. REPAIRS of all kinds executed by i Practical Men. Read the flowing TESTIMONIALS IN PRAISE OF W. J. THOMAS' PLATE SOLUTION. Aelybryn, Llanelly, September 4th, 1909. MRS. TTOU.!>3HA\V begs to say that she has > used your Plate Solution, and is greatly < pleased with it. -She finds it much superior t|\ to anything else she has, ever used. V Bank House, Llanelly, August 2ist, 1909. MRS. W. GRIFFITHS has great pleasure in highly recommending Mr. Thomas' Plate I Solution for cleaning Silver, etc. It is highly effective and lasting. Cleans instantly as New-Gold, Silver. Electro-plate Goods, Gilt Goods, etc., with one application. The most Wonderful Preparation on the Market. JFcaill Directions with each Bottle. Prices i 6d., 1 1 /6 & 2/- per Bottle. (Obtainable only from- W. d. T-HOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, S, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. Preswylfa, Llaneliy. I MRS. JENKIN LLOYD has much E pleasure in testifying to the excel- lency of Mr. W. J. Thomas' Plate Solution for speedy and effective cleaning of both Plate and Silver articles, and the brilliancy of its polish surpasses any other she had used. T07, County Rd., Liverpool, January 3rd, 1910. DEAR SIR,-Kindly send per re- turn a Dozen Bottles of your Plate Solution same as last supplied. We have been using your Plate Solution for some time and are very well pleased with it. As it has given better results with less labour than any other preparation we have for- merly used, and we have pleasure in recommending it.—Yours truly, SoCIETE D'HORLOGERIE INTER- NATIONALE R. E. STEWART, Agent. Orders are now being booked for Wreaths, Crosses, and all Floral Devices, Made, from choicest home-grown IFIowers. Never exoelÍed-Seldom e@«alled. NEW GARDEN*and FLOWER SEEDS—only the choicest and best sold. M. SPECK, HIGH-CLASS FLORIST & FRUITERER, LLANELLY. 7451 J. JAMES, HOUSEHOLD AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, Vaughan Street, Llanelly THE HOUSE FOR VALUE IN Travelling Trunks & Bags OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. SEE WINDOWS. Bedsteads and Beddings A SPECIALITY. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS AND | CUTLERY SUITABLE FOR WEB DING PRESENTS. ROYALTY THEATRE, Llanelly, APRIL 9th, 1910. PARISH CHURCH RESTORATION FUND. Tableaux Vivants Concert i And Fantasy "Shades of Night" By R. Marshall. Entire Programme as given in February. Popular Prices:—Stalls, 3s. Dress Cirle, 2s. 6d. Circle, 2s. Front Row Pit, 2s. Pit, is. Balcouy, 6d. Gallery, 3d, Plans may be seen and Tickets obtained at:— BOOTS' CASH CHEM ISTS-Stall?. Mrs. ANDREWS, Vaughan Street-Dress Circle, 7491 TABERNACLE, LLWYNHENDY A Grand CANTATA, entitled— Footprinfs the Saviour? AND A J Miscellaneous Programme I Will be given at the above place j On Saturday Evening, April 30th, 1910 i PARTICULARS LATER. 7567 1 I Mr. E. TEW II. GO YEARS WITH THE LATE MR. MACPHAIL) SUPPLIES ARTIFICIAL TEETH. fferfect for Mastication and Articulation. American Teeth, Gold Fillings, Porcelain Crowns. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN. FILLINGS OF EVERY 'KIND-GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER ALLOY, PORCELAIN & CEMENT, j Attendance—Every Thursday at Mr. G&ecoiGNE's, Stationer, 22, Market Street. CROSSWELLS CARDIFF BREWERY, LTD., THE BREWERY, ELY, NR. CARDIFF, Have obtained the only Medal awarded to WELSH BREWED FLAGQN ALES at the BREWERS' EXHIBITION, 1909. Finest Wines ana Spirits. Single Bottle at Wholesale Prices. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. Local Agency 9, Market Street, Llanelly. 7457 13, VAUGHAN STREET. Two Special Features This Week: NEW BLOUSES (these New Styles are very Attractive, all Well Cut and Finished), and NEW Ready-to-Wear HATS (Every Hat shown is correct in every detail). l A POINT worthy of notice is the exceptional value which we are offering in the above. L. W. ADAMS & CO. NAT. TEL, 154. 7168 THE 38TH ANNUAL SHOW Of the LLANELLY Entire Horse Show SOCIETY, will be held on THURSDAY, APRIL 14,1910 By the kind permission of Capt Jas. F. Buckley, At BRYNCAERAU CASTLE GROUNDS When there will be TWO CLASSES for ENTIRE CARTERS, HACKNEY & COB CLASSES as usual. For further particulars, see bills, or apply to the Hon. Secretary, S. N. POWELL, Z549 23 Market Street, Llanelly. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SOAR CHAPEL, Llwynhendy. A Grand ORGAN RECITAL AND Miscellaneous Concept Will be given at the above place On Saturday Evening, May 21st, 1910. D. H. JENKINS, Hon. See., 7534 Tanygraig, Bynea. N.S.P.C.C. Thb ———— ANNUAL MEETING Of the Society will be held at The TOWN HALL, Llanelly, ON MONDAY, APRIL 4TH, 1910, at 3.30 (SUBSCRIBERS INVITED). 7592 Mrs. DAVID, Ty'rfran. THE LLANDEBIE ANNUAL Chair Eisteddfod Will be held on SATURDAY, JULY 9TH, -1910. CHIEF ITEMS:- Male Voice Competition (to Choirs not under 50 in number), "The Destruction of Gaza." prize, ;CI5 aurl a. Silver Cup, Mixed Choir Competition (not under 5 voices), If Yr Haf" (Gwilym Gwent) Prize, X7 and a Chair. Children's Choir Competition (not under 30 in number and under 16 years of age), Hail! Hail! Merry. Merry Playtjme Hail!" (T. Price). Prize, f5 and an Enlarged Photo of Conductor. Soprano, Contralto, Tenor and Bass Solos 11 Is. each. ——— Programmes, IzLd. (Post free), and all particulars may be obtained from .the Secretaries-D. T. Evans, Glyn Coed, Llaudebie; and W. S. Gray, Tyrosser, Llandebie. 7601 DRILL HALL, BURRY PORT. THIRD ¡ ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Whit-Monday, May 16th, 1910. MIXED CHOIR. Blodeuyn Bach wyf a ri-g mewn Gardd Prize. c?iU Silver-monnted Baton to successful Conductor, and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor, JUVENILE CHOIR, Cwsg, f' anwylyd. R6 Cwsg" (D. W. LEWIS). Prize. Silver-mounted Baton to successful Conductor, and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. OPEN CHAMPION, Prize Z3 3s., and handsome Silver Cup. Solos, Champions, Recitations, &c. Adjudicators :-Music, Messrs. WILLIAM THOMAS, Treorchy, and W. T. SAMUEL, Cardiff; Literature, 11 Melitifab," Llwyuheudy. Programmes Id., Post Freel £ d„ from— Sec., WM GBIFFITHS, Bank House, Burry Port. Treasurer, R. T. HAMMOND, Pemberton Avenue, 7392 Burry Poet. SALE TO-MORROW. GIBSON'S AUCTION MARTS, 1, MARKET STREET, LLANELLY. Sale of Excellent Household Furniture, Boots, Shoes, &c. CHAS. GIBSON has been favoured with instruc- tions to remove aud ell by Auction at his Mart, a quantity of Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, also a quantity of BOOTS, SHOES, &c on FRIDAY, APRIL 1st, 1910. N.B.—The Auctioneer is prepared to receive and include in this Sale any Surplus Stock of Furniture, etc., which may be delivered up to the preceding. Thursday evening. Sale at 1.30 Sharp. Terms Cash. SALE ON SATURDAY. Great Sale of Cycles. To Cycle Makers, Dealerp, Private Buyers, & Others., CHAS. GIBSON has been favoured with instruc? \? tions to submit tor S»!e by Auction, at his Mart, on SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd, 1P10, about 25 Ladies'. Gents', and Juveniles' CYOLL-6. These Cycles are made of Weldless Steel ltubing, fitted with Ball Beat ings, Free Wheels, 2 Roller Brakes (Brompton or Bowden). Rustless 'Spokes, Plated Rims, beautifully enamelled and finished, Lined Two Colours, BEST MAKE TYRES, and several are fitted with 2 and 3-Speed Gears. Sal at 7 o'clock. Terms Cash. N.B.—The Auctioneer beg to call the special attention of intending buyers to the fact that these Cycles are all New and are of the Best Make and, Finish, with Clincher Ty res, well worth their attention. Nat. Tel. 108. 7609. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERSr T^OTICE is hereby given that anyone found ±> TRESPASSING, by Fishing or otherwise, on any of the Land of GLANGWENDKAETH FARWt will be prosecuted. By Order, T. GREVILLE, Maesderweu, Pontybereoiv > March 23rd, 1910. 7564, t Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway Company. NOTICE is hereby given that a GENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors of the Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway will be held in the COMPANY'S OFFICE, MANSFIELD HOUSE, LLANELLY on FRIDAY, the 8th proximo, at 2.30 o'clock p.m., to receive the Directors' Report and Accounts for the year euded 31st December last. and for the General Purposes of the Company's business. JAMES MORGAN, Mansfield House, Secretary. Llanelly, 22ud March, 1910. 7562 G. W. R. EXCURSIONS. FRIDAY NIGHT, APRIL 8. TO LONDON for 1, 3. 5 or 8 DAYS. Dep. DAY FARE Carmartheu. 10-54 p.m. Llanelly 11-40 q Swansea (High St.). 12-0 midnight J- 81- Neath 12-35 a.m. < l'ort Talbot.. 12-50 It J For details, see bills', or send postcard to Stations or I Offices. Swansea Statiou 'phone Central 1001." Telegrams 11 Rees, Great Western, Swausea." 7607 James C. Inglis, General Manager. Llanelly County Intermediate* Schools. AN ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION will be held on SATURDAY, THE 18TTI JUNE NEXT, at the above Schools, and such other places as may be notified two weeks before the Examination, if found- necessary. THIR rY-EfGHT SCHOLARSHIPS (24 for Boys- and 14 for Girls; of the value of X4 10s. each, will be awarded on the result of the Examination. teen of the, Preference will be given, so far as thirteen of the Scholarships are concerned (8 for Boys and 5 for girls) to Welsh-speaking candidates. The Candidates must not be more than 13 years of age on the 3lst May next Full information as to the subjects of Examination, together with Forms of Application, which must be returned to me on or before the 13th Mav next, can be obtained from the Head Master, Head Mistress, oc. trom the undersigned. Dated this 18th day of March, 1910 JAMKIS H. BLAKE; Clerk. 72, Stepney Street, Llanelly. 7568 PICTUREDROME. Sole Lessee T. H. SAMUEL. Manager.W. H. PARKINSON. 7 & 9. TWICE NIGHTLY. 7 & 9. LEADING PICTURES FOR THURS. DAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY. DRAMATICS- The Scar. Beautiful Coloured Picture. The Two Mothers. Moderp Thieves. The Gipsy Child. And A Broken Heart. A very pathetic Picture. COMrOs- A Father of Many. The Uplifting of Mr. Barker. Ad Imperturbable Yankee. And No More Children. Mp. CHARLES HOLLAND, The Popular Local Tenor, Will occupy the boards next week. Popular Prices :-9d., 6J., 3d. CHILDREN'S MATINEE: Saturday, at 2 and', 4 o'clock; Tuesday, 5 o'clock. 7608