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.-''II1I ,MERTHYR. I-!


I MERTHYR. I- DELEGATES PLEASE NOTE.—Merthyr and Dist- rict Peace and Anti-Conscription Council will meet TO-NIGHT (Friday), 7.30, at Bentley's Hall. ROYAL SMOKES FOR THE TOMMIES.-As a re- suit of the sale of postcards by Miss M. Glifton at the Theatre Royal last week, Mr. Norciffe has been able to forward £ 3 7s. 9d. to the. Performer Tobacco Fund for Soldiers aiid Sailors. Truly Royal smokes one might say. THE LARGEST REWARD ever offered for -information. WHO STOLE THE MILLION- AIRE BABY ? Seen in High Street, Merthyr, at -the Electric Theatre on Monday next, April 10, 191b. It is known by'Selig Red SeaJ. If you do not know who stole the Baby-Make, inqui- ries at the Electric.. MERTHYR AND THE DEPORTATIONS.—The large feting addressed at the I.L.P. Institute, -Bentley's Hall, by Guy A. Aldred. unanimously ?udors?tj a resolution moyd by Mr. W. Harris, -■and seconded by Mr. J. Adkíns" condemning the action of the Government in deporting the .'Clyde "workers wihout giving them the element- ary right of a British subject, the right to a fair tnal, and demanding that they be given this -right FORTUNE TELLING ?—In the interests of "ner- vous and hysterical people, particularly the wives of soldiers," several prosecutions were this week brought at the Merthyr Borough Police Court under a grimy old Act ne,a,ring its "centenary, against Madame Eversiley, a local pa l rni-  f? palmist, for palmistry. The witnesses were, for iflie most pairt constables and sergeants "Wives, or police station menials. who had been pressed into service to play the part of po- ace spies, and although all these, women ad- mitted that they had not been imposed upon, defendant was fined 40/- and costs. A similar case against- Wm. Price, Abermarlais Terrace, a Corporation labourer, was opened, but adjourned on a technical objection. We nave little sympathy with" fortune telling," put we do not like this habit of deliberately us- Ing policemen's wivès as stalking horses for the local police prosecutions. It looks too much "ike connivance to us, and we would like to see <every such witness prosecuted for aiding and •abutting. It is a sad,commentary on our sys- tem that harpies and bullies and fat publicans should be allowed to prey on soldiers' wives as everyone knows they do to-day. whilst these trivia] offences should be the subject of such •careful working up.

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