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THE PALACE. Manager, HALL-JONES, Comfort, Refinement and Amusement. Great and Special Attraction for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Daniel. Frohman presents the celebrated International Star, GABY DESLEYS (supported by Harry Pilcer) in HER TRIUMPH. The Great Serial-THE BROKEN COIN, Episode 12. BRITISH SPORTS, No. 3, and THE GAZETTE of Latest News. Next Thursday, Friday and, Saturday, a further great treat. Colossal gorgeous wonderful! A thrilling drama of eastern jealousy, passion and love in three parts—IN THE LION'S CLAWS. FlIn Programme Drama, Comic, Comedy, and Interest Pictures. Children's Special Entertainment every Saturday morning at 10.15. Id., 2d. and 3d. Merthyr Electric Theatre Manager J. BOWEN. The Last Word in Picture Enterprise! Monday to Wednesday, April 10th to 12th- THE MILLIONAIRE BABY 'A Selig Red Seal Master-play in. four parts. The Question is-Did Dr. Pool carry out his scheme ? Did Yalerie Carew ? Did Justin Carew ? Who Stole the Millionaire Baby ? Special Exclusive-WHEN WAR THREATENED. Thursday to Saturday, April 13th to 15th-Bold adventure to book at an enormous expense, Grand Ideal Picture Play— THE GREAT ADVENTURE! Story by Arnold Bennett. The brilliant satirical Comedy which ran for three years at the Kingsway Theatre, London. Produced by Larry Trimble, producer of i! My Old Dutch," Iris," Far from the Madding Crowd." Caste includes Henry Ainley, Rutland Barrington, Esme Hubbard, and Amy Lorraine. Whatever you do, do not miss either of these great Pictures Full Star Programme of Up-to-date, High-class Subjects. Prices as usual. Please Note!—No Music allowed after 10 o'clock by order of the Licensing Authorities. r" II It II II (THEATRE ROYAI AND EMPIRE PALACE, MERTHYR. I 7.30. PNOE NIGHTLY. 7-30. I Monday, April 10th, 1916, and during the Week. S MACDONALD oil: YOUNG present (by arrangement with Mr. Alfred Butt)— I" Peg o' My Heart" t -? t  By J. Hartley Manners. A Comedy of Youth in three acts. Now in its second year at the II Globe Theatre, London. Matinee on Thursday at 2.30. I The Scenes in the com?y -Act 1 The Coming of Peg. Act 2 The Rebellion of Peg. j S Act 3 Peg o' My Heart." I Prices of Admission: I Ordinary Doors at 7.15 p.m. :-Circ1e, 2/6 Stalls, 2/ Pit, ?-; Gallery, 6d. I I Early Doors at 6.45 p.m.:—Circle, 3/ Stalls, 2/6 Pit, 1/6; Gallery, 9d. 5 i. II II It .i "THE SPUR." Because the Workers need a Spur. Edited by GUY A. ALDRED. Kartooned by KRITIKOS." The Bnemy of every God, the Foe of every King, Flies only the Red Flag. Single copies-Post free, Hd. annual subscrip- tion, Is. 6d. APRIL ISSUE NOW ON SALE. Special No-Conscription and Anti-Tribunalitis Number. Together with Miscellaneous Collection Aldred's Literature, worth 3s. Od. post free, Is. 6d. Published at 17 Richmond Gardens, Shepherd's Bush, London, W. Bentley's Hall, Merthyr, SUNDAY EVENING NEXT, APRIL 9th. Gome and Hear One of Our Great Statisticians—MR. WILLIAM HARRIS DEAL WITH The Cost of the War. Chair will be taken at 7.45 p.m. Admission Free. Collection. Merthyr, and District Peace and Anti- Conscription Council. GREAT STOP=THE=WAR MEETING AT THE OLYMPIA RINK On THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL 13th, 1916. SPEAKERS: MR. R. C. WALLHEAD, And probably Mr. ARTHUR PONSONBY, M.P. Or The Rev. Dr. ORCHARD, London. Admission Free. Collection. The Chair will be taken at 7.30 prompt by the Rev. JOHN MORGAN JONES, Merthyr. j National Insurance Acts. Merthyr Miners' Approved Society. THE ANNUAL MEETING Of the above will be held at the Assembly Rooms, Angel Buildings, MERTHYR,on MONDAY, APRIL 30, 1916, Commencing 6 o'clock. Members, Please Note. Send a Donation to the Special Easter Fund of the WORKERS' SUFFRAGE FEDERATION Head Office 400 Old Ford Road, Bow, E. Hon. Secretary Miss Sylvia Pankhurst. Hon. Treasurer Dr. Barbara Tchaykovsky. MEMBERSHIP Id. entrance fee; Id. a month afterwards. Open to all men and women. Junior Associates, 14 to 18 years. Works to secure Human Suffrage, namely, a vote for every man and woman over 21 years. The Woman's Dreadnought. V2d. weekly. Published at 4CO Old Ford Road, Bow, E. The Mother's Arms Day Nursery and Mother and Infant Clinic, 438 Old Ford Road, Bow, E. Cost Price Restaurant, 400 Old Ford Road, Bow, E. Poplar Clinic and Cost Price Restaurant, 20 Railway Street, Poplar. Bromley Clinic, 53 St. Leonard Street, Bromley. South-West Ham Clinic, 55 Fife Road. Our clinics are costly because we realise that a bottle of milk is often better than a bottle of medicine, a good meal may be more useful than a tonic. Co-operative Toy Factory, 45 Norman Road, Bow. Send us as much as you can. Help the Women to help them- selves and the Children. THERE 18 ONLY ONE OINTMENT THAT CURES And this is supplied by Chemists and the MANNINA OINTMENT CO., FISHGUARD, And is sold in Three Strengths—1, 2 & 3. GET YOUR I TOBACCO I AT. Our Shop 74a, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE Kept in Stock or got to order. THEATRE ROYAL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. A REPETITION CONCERT Will be held at the above on Sunday, April 9th, 1916 Under the auspices of the ABERCANAID & DISTRICT Male Voice Choir When several well known Artistes will appear. Chairman: His Worship the Mayor, Councillor J Harpur, Esq. PreviousTicket Holders will. be. admitted. Proceeds in aid of the Soldiers and Sailors of the District. Admission: Circle, 2/ Orchestra Stalls, 1/6; Pit, 1/ Gallery, 6d. Doors open 7.15. Concert commences 7.45 prompt County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil. EDUCATION COMMITTEE, s ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS TO SECOND- ARY SCHOOLS, 1916. THE above Examination will be held on JL FRIDAY, 2nd JUNE, 1916, at the under- mentioned Schools L-MEHTHYR INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. —Twenty Scholarships, Ten for Boys and Ten for Girls, amounting to the value of School Fees and Text Books, will be offered. It.—CYFARTHFA CASTLE MUNICIPAL SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS.-Thei-e will be vacancies at these Schools in September next for about 60 Boys and 60 Girls; these vacancies will be filled by the Candidates for Examination whose names appear first in the Order of Merit List showing the result of the Examination. Only Candidates whose parents or guardians are Resident Ratepayers of the Borough axe eligible. As a condition preliminary to the Examina- tion the Parents or Guardians of all Candidates will be required to sign an undertaking that, in the case of a Candidate having satisfied the Examiners, and having been accepted for admis- sion to the School, they will keep such Candi- dates in regular attendance at the School for a period of at least, four years. And, far- ther. as a condition preliminary to the admission of a Pupil to the School, the Paren,t or Guardian of such Pupil will be required to sign an Agree- ment, undertaking, if the Pupil is withdrawn from School within four years after his or her admission, to pay the penalty fixed by the Com- mittee for such withdrawal. For further information and Application Forms, apply to the Head Teacher of the Elementary 'School where the child is now a pupil. RHYS ELIAS Director of Education. 4 th April 1916.

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