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ABERDARE. DEMOCRACY AND ITS APPRECIATION OF MUSIC. —The last meeting of the local members of the W.E.A. took place in the Boys' County School last Tuesday. Mr David Evans, G. L.. w¡1& the speaker, and he gave an excellent and rooSt; pleasing address on Music a.nd its place the Jiife of Democracy." The masses were cra- ving for good music. Music schools should be- governed by the people so as to give a chance to the poor as well as the rich. Of the na- tiona-1 airs of England, Scotland. Wales anct Ireland, the Welsh had the greatest vogue, be- ing set for orchestration on the Continent- I There were 1,200 Welsh Airs. An old Welsh: air, Cyweiro Gwair," was then effectively rendered by the lecturer, accompanied by Mr- Owen. Aoeraman. The speaker did not thinlC much of the present day craze for rag-tinic, Take the Tag; out of it, and there was no music left

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