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The yoi ng gentleman whose body was found washed asi ore from the Comet, with C. B. S. marked on his linen, aud surgical instruments in his pocket, turns out to be Mr. Charles Baillie Sutherland, youngest son of the late Captain G. S. Sutherland, of Uppar. in the county of Suther- land, and grandson of the late Colonel James Sutherland, He was a itiost I)ioinisirig gentpel young man, only in his ISlh year, and wa" on his way to attend his third course of medical study at Edinburgh, where he was apprenticed to an emi- nent surgeon. Captain S ut berland left II this death seven sons and four daughters, and this is the first casualty in that interesting group. A poor strolling player was once caught per- the part of a poacher, and being taken before the Magistrates assembled at the Quarter Sesions, for examination, one of them asked him what right Iitf had to kill a hare? when he re; plied in the following ludicrous parody on Bru- tus's speech to the Romans, in defence of the death of Ccesar—"Britons, Hungry-uien, and Epicure* hear me for my cause, aud be silent that you may hear; believe me for my honour and have respect for mv honour, that you mav believe. Censure me in your wisdom —and avvako your senses that you may the better ind, If there he any in this assembly any dear friend of this hare, to him I say, that a poacher's love for hare is no less than his. If, then, that friend demand why a poacher rose against a hare this is my answer,—not that I loved hare less' but that I loved eating more. Had you had rather this hare were living, and I had died quite starv- ing—or that this hare were dead.thttt I mijht live a jolly fellow ? As this hare was pretty I weep for him as he was plump I honour him and as he was nimble I rejoiced at it but, as he was eatable, I slew him. There is tears for his beauty joy for his condition; honour for his speed and death for his toothsomeness. Who is here so cruel would see me a starved man ?— If any, speak, for him have I offended. Who is here so silly that woul(1 not take a tit bit; If any, speak, for him have I offended. Who is li(Are so- sleek that does not love bis belly ? If any, speak, for him have I offt-nded.* -1 You have offeniled justice. Sirrah,' cried one of the Magistrates, out of all patience at this long and strange harangue, which began to invade the lime that had awakened his appetite. *Then.' cried the culprit, guessing at the hungry feelings of the Bench, 'since justice is disatisifed, it must t needs have something to devour—HEAVEN forbid I should k,-i) any Gentleman from his dinner- so, if you please,I'll wish your Worships a good day aud & gooi appetite.'


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