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JitCXlsMtA/ Auq. 'THK fire-ships- of the Qreeks; length Found their way into the very port of Alexandria. On the evening of tjie f^ih iusi. threw vessels were observed stk'nding in fw the harbour. On« bear- ing ItussiaiT colours advanced boldly into that/ part of the port where the Pacha's fleet was at, anchor, and no suspicion was excited until she was actually alongside1 a Turkish frigate. The, Pacha was.^adnjidog from the windows of his' .palace the nttble entry of the supposed Russiah, when news was bro.ugttt to hinV,. thait the said, jttfssian was his S^et was likely a few in i [I it t u.,b e .ilv -t ;i ir, itid, his palace about his ears lie sallefl fortb and iiad.every giih on the arek. l'lie crew had baretj. ,|iine '-to lav lier alongside the largest frigate, to set fire to the conbnstiblesi nrtd to throw themselves into their hoar. In "valii 'was it that the battery st-wt ft'ftp¡'tnem' bat) aTW 'ball itlvlfi/J,(h\lt II French bHg of war gnllairtly> followed the example. The Piieek-^ont-Vg^rieif• (tie other fire sltiivWhieh was lying to for her wt:4 little distance. The blazing sressel every bosom-not a vcsset in the harbour Ill. peared fikely tn escape destincfioH. Suddenly the wind sprung up, ami providentially (;¡s it seemed) <H*ifteSfl the ifre-s*hiprto the leeward of every vessel in the ftarhoiir. The Pacha's ffi-et- was preserved for the conveyance or the, new army to the Morea—and five and twenty English. vessels to carry Cargoes d'f cotton to Lh-erpoot. This .was the grandest enwp yet. nilelyll)ted by the Greeks; had it succeeded, Ibrahim Paclva "wouldhave been left without the.; reinforcement he so moch nee-ds. jind Greece, in all probability •would Imve been saved. Its failure is only to be attributed to (over which audacily- and address have 110 control; An English cutter employed to carry mon«y to Mo'don-fi»r Ibrahim Pac!i», hns this week returned with hw cargo, not having been able to g«t any ;intelligence of him, either at Modoii orNavarina. r seventeen days there tiad been' no acconnt of hiin, alitl notwillistail(lilig his Jnndlon with tflis- sien Bey, fromCandia. at the head of six thousand Arnauts, his situation must be critical in the ex- treme.. Flushed with the trifling advantages gained over Nav^riMo aatf Tripolizza, he kas rashly advanced into the country with famine in ■iiis-front and Colocofroni in his rear. Tlie latter contrived to diddle the sen of the 4 ifercw Out of" :tweMy dHltt>;<lIIrl dollarIl"HfH¡htt'dMri,Pfor treason — which Colocotioni pock titled but did iiot earn. This fire phrgtie'-lras not ceased at the ac- ciistonierl season. Accidents daily occur. Two j vessels lately arrived ill Marseilles from hence; the crews ofvhich were infected, wad some <>f tli,-iii liti(i clic-zl Oil ille It i much tohc" -apprehended that two Kntvlish vessels wltichsailed hence iii April, had plague cases aboard at their departure. K S. The Paella Irns just gone: Otit iiilr,Iot of the Greek-siiuadroivV; for the" sake of the Pacha, it is devoutly to be wished there may be no rencontre.


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