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SPRING CLEARING! HOUSE FURNISHING I AND GARDEN REQUISITES ALL kinds of BRUSHES and BROOMS, POLISHING COMPOSITION, Ac. BEDSTEADS at exceptionally Low Prices. SPRING MATRESSES. J' Cornices, Cornice Poles, Stair Rods, Venetian Blinds. Bassinette Shaped PERAMBULATORS with STEEL SPRINGS-2.5!- Sewing Machines, Lock 0 Ditto Chain Stitch.. £ 1 10 0 A. SHEFFIED, (Late Wright and Sheffield) 170, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. H. A. STEER, Wholesale and Family wnE & SPIRiT MERCHANT, ALE & PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, MINERAL WATER DEPOT. 72, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Last Week of Sale J ^-GENUINE BARGAINS BOOTS & SHOES AT LESS THAN COST FURTHER REDUCTIONS! J. AMOS, 8A, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. Brgs to announce that his Tenth Annual Sale of BOOTS & SHOES IS NOW GOING ON, Aud the whole of the Large and Varied Stock will be submitted at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. If i b announcingjhis Annual Sale, begS # s to state that the whole of his Stock wiJl be ofl'c ed at Clearing Prices, and that he had 11. t inferior Good", to make his Sale attractive, but all the goods he will offer will be of the best manufacture, and in many instances are marked below cost. The Goods have been arranged in Lots, and be- low are a few particulars 70 Pan-* Women's Strong Lace Boots— 4 11. Splendid value, and undoubtedly the bof-t of the kind ever oflered in Rhyl. Pairs Women's Nailed Lace. A very serviceable and well-made boot. A remark- ably cheap hoot at 4 10 per pair. 150 pairs Boy's Strong Nailed Boots, (with heel aud toe plate) 2/11. Worth 4 J.A. has lon been known for the excellence of this class of goods. Ditto ditto 3 11—Worth 5/6. A superior make. About 130 Pairs Boy's Elastic-side Lace Boots various make and new. To effect a complete clearance they will be offered at cost price. Amos's Celebrated Strong Water-tight Lace Boots, heavily nailed, 6/9. Usnal price 8/6. Ibese are a marvel of cheapness, and are sold at other shops at 12 and 10/- per pair. 16 Pairs Men's Elastic Boots at 6/11. Worth 8/- A good fitting boot and a genuine bargain. The same in Lace at 6/9. Usually sold at 7/11. Special !—J.A's stock of gentlemen's boots is vary large, comprising about 350 pairs of the best Northampton make. Each pair will be guaranteed, and will be sold at exactly cost price. A large stock of gent's low shoes left over from last season will be offered at a great sacrifice to clear. 80 Pairs Ladies' Levant Button Boots— 4/11. Usual price 5/11. 70 Pairs Lace same make and same price 1 Both the lace and the elastic are extraordin- ary cheap and will wear well. 90 Pairs Superior Ladias Levant Elastic Button Boots substantially and [fashionably made—5/9. Worth 7 6. Special!—The noted 11 9 Button and Laee Boots will be sold as usual during the sale at 8{6. These boots are specially made for J.A., are the best value in ladies' boots in Rhyl. There are 150 pairs, and each < pair is enclosed in a box. An immense stock of Ladies' Stafford- make Boots and Shoes, and Slippers will be 1 sold regardless of cost. 400 Pairs assorted sizes II nd makes of Children's Button, Elastic-side, and Lace Boots at cost price. Rare bargains. 100 Pairs of Amos's noted House Boots, and Slippers from 2/6.—Good make and cheap. 220 Pairs Children's Plain Leather Lace School Boots at 1/10. Worth 2/6. A well made serviceable boot. The same at 2 9. 250 pairs Slippers and Goloshes (well- made ) at below cost. Terms during sale—Strictly Cash. Note the address: Amos's, 8a, Sussex Street, lihyJ. W. G. HOWARD, UPHOLSTERER, 5 K I N MEL STREET, RHYL. Old Venetian Blinds made equal to New. New Made to order. Hair, Wool, Flock, and Spring Mattresses Repaired or Re-made. lug or Drawing Room Furniture Repaired or Upholstered. Orders by Post shall receive prompt attention 1;3 a II, I ,,OM STREET,LONDON VOCK3 OR SHARE8 BOUGHT OR SOLS AT MARKET PRICES. fECULATIVE ACCOUNTS OPENED FROM £1 PER CENT. COVER. JPTIONS GRANTED AT MARKET PRICES. CLIENTS GIVING REFERENCES ARE NOT HEQUIKE^TO PAY ANY COVER IN ▲dvanci^A PROSPECT cW AND INVESTMENT CIR- CULAR FORWARDED BY TTTTE PRO:?RIETORS. Å AND SHARE BROKERS). Miscellaneous- G ENERAL—2G, experienced in cooking also Housemaid, tall, good appearance, require SITUATIONS.—Wagea £12 and £ 11.—161, Bris. tol street, Birmingham. WAN TED-FREEHOLD HOUSE (with gar- Vy den) pleasantly situated between Rhyl and Holywell. Particulars and Price to Advertiser," Highbrook, Holywell, 3apl8 LET, a splendid 1 roUSE-G, Elwy street, X Rhyl. Apply to Mr DAXIEL EVANS, draper, 31, High-street, Rhyl. TO LET, from the 1st of May, the DWELLING J- HOUSE and PREMISES, Ko., Brighton road. Rhyl. The house contains enter- taining rooms, G bedrooms, w.e., kitchen and scul- lery, china closet and pantry, with good garden and outbuildings easily convertible into stable and coach-house. For further particulars, &c., apply to H. MILLWAKD, 51, High-street, Rhyl. A SMALL stack of HAY on SALE, near f\_ Rhuddlan. Apply to A.B., Post Offico, Rhuddlan. A GENERAL SERVANT WANTED. One accustomed to waiting.—Apply stating salary expected, to X, Advertiser office, Rhyl. RHYL-—TO LET in Aquarium street, two New JLt DWELLING HOUSED, containing R Bed- rooms, Drawing, Dining, and Sitting rooms, 2 w.c.'s Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and 2 pantries in each honse.—Apply to JoiiN EDWAKTS, 2G, Wellington rond, Rhyl. 3al 1 POTATOES. — MAGNUM BONUM -471; per F Sack (224 lbs) READING HERO, ditto; CHAMPIONS, 3 9 ditto.—To be had from EDWARD AMOS, 26, Bedford Street. TO LET at South End Villas, Kimnel and Elwy Street, TWO HOUSES at £ 19 10s rent each. Apply to Mr JAMES DAVIES, Estate Agent, Rhyl. SHOP ASSISTANT.—WANTED, by the 1st of May, a GIRL, about 15 years of age, to as sist in a Shop, &c. Light business.—Apply K., Advertiser office, Rhyl. (BATTLE FENCING.—For SALE, 100 Iron J Cattle Hurdles, 6ft. long, with 5 bars and screws for fhing; quite new. Price, 3s. 8d. each, carriage paid Sketch sent. — STANBY & Co., 6, Livery street, Birmingham. flf f\f\f\ TO LEND ON GOOD SECU- 3^ _l_\y V/V RITY, In Sums from £ 100 upwards.—W. W. PARRY, Solicitor, Brighton Road, Rhyl, and Burslem, Staffordshire. rTOUSES TO LET IN PRESTATYN.—Con- JTJL veniently situated, within easy distance of Railway station ar.d beach.—For particular applys Mr E. HUNT, Laburnum House, Prestaty. TO BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, all that j FREEHOLD HOUSE and LAND, called FERN VILLA, fituate in Church Street, Rhyl. For cards to view and particulars apply to WM. DAVIES ASD ROBERTS. Solicitors, Rhyl. ARMY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MA- JL JESTY'S ARMY will, on application at any Post Office in the United Kingdom, be supplied, without charge, with a Pamphlet containing de- tailed information as to the Condition of Service and advantages of the Army, as to ray, Deferred Pay and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eli- gible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimen- tal District at Wrexham, or to the nearest Volun- teer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. Recruits, if eligible, can be enlisted for any arm of the Reyular Service thej may select. [.52-2 ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. TO MORROW REV. W. FOSTER, B.A. Will Preach. Services — Sunday, 1" 30 a.m. and (i-30 p.m W-"hn>day, Prr.yor Meeting"!) Friday at 7-30 p.m. Organist—G. E. Fielding, Esq., Funlefgh. (1HRIST CHURCH) H Y L. J j (PASTOB: REV. D. HI rHFORD HOOKE). During the Erection of the above Church, in Water Street, there will be SERVICES AT THE TOWN HALL. TO-MORROW, (SUNDAY) Rev. D. BURFORD HOOKE (Pastor) Will Preach—Morning at 11 Evening at 6.30. Collection at each Service. Week-even Service on FRIDAY, at 7 o'clock in Queen-street (Welsh) Congregational Chapel ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL BBIGKTOX ROAD, RHYL. REV. JAMES WISHART, Sutton, WILL PHFCACH TO-MOKROW. Services, Morning at 10-30. Evening 6-30 Collections after each service. V AUGHAN'S -g A T H s 14 & 15, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the GeQrge Hotel) RHYL, AHE NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. Hot, Cold, and Tepid Pure Sea Water Baths from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. Sundays, G a.m. to 10 a.m. Ozone anp Sea-weed Baths made to order. Also well constructed Bathing Machines upon the Beaih for both Ladies aud Gentlemen 1DHYDWENJONES § DA VIES (Late J. Rhydwen Jones) CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, CARPET FACTORS, &c., 33 & 34, QUEEN STREET,RHFL- Special Sale I CBANuE OF FIRM! SPECIAL REDUCTIONS DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL. TRANSFER OF BUSINESS: LINOLEUMS Laid Free of Charge FLOORCLOTHS Laid Free of Charge REDUCTIONS IN FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS, BFDTMNG, < I. RTAINS, HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, FLOORCLOTHS, F For Cash Only Luring the Sale. j Sales by Aucion. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO/S ENGAGE- MENTS FOR APRIL AND MAY. April 2!Plas-yn.Gr and Plas Clough. Grass letting at the Crown Hotel, Denbigh, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. April 17th.—Sale of Household Furniture, at PIas Chambers, nepr Denbigh. April 21st.-Sale of Freehold Property at the Royal l Hotel, Rhyl, at 2 for 3 o'clock. April 24th.—Sale of I arm Stock at Tyddyn lssa, Near Bodelwyddan. April 2t.-Plas yn Cwm, Grass Letting and Sale o' Freehold property at the Bull Inn, St. Asaph, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. April 2S.-Sale of Furniture and Effects, at 2, Market-street, Rhyl, at 1. 30 o'clock 30. — Sals of Farming Stock, &c., of P. H. ( ('hambres, Esq., at Ty gwyn farm, Henllan, I near Denbigh. May 11.—Highly Important Sale of Horses, Car- riages, &c., at the Royal Mews, Rhyl. VALUABLE: FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN THE TOWN OF RHYL. MESSRS CLOUGH and CO., are instructed by ) the several Mortgagees, to offer for sale by PUBLIC AUCTION (unless previously disposed of by private treaty, cf which due notice would be given) at the Royal Hotel, on TUESDAY, 21ST OF APRIL, 1885, at 2 for 3 o'clock in the afternoon the following Valuable Properties, viz. :— Lot 1.—All those two substantial and well built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate Nos. 16 and 17, Water Street, Rhyl, in the several occupations of Miss LI. Humphreys and the Misses Sprouson, at tho yearly rents of £40 and £3.1 respectively Lot 2.-7000 yards, more or less, of FREEHOLD DWELLING LAND, situate at the junction of the Vale Road and the Cefndy Road, with frontage to both roads, at the extreme boundary of the town of Rhyl, together with those four comfortable well built COTTAGES, recently erected thereon, with 'early possession, yielding a rental of .£36 per annum. Lot 3.—All those well and substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, formally Nos 22 and 23, but now Nos 27 and 2R West End Villas, Kinmel Street, Rhyl, in the several occu- fpations of Mr Carmalt and Mrs Weir at a yearly rent of .£19 10s each, standing on 201 square yards or thereabouts. Lot 4.—All that well and substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE situate No 5, Mona Terrace, Mill Bank, in the town of Rhyl, presently occupied by Mra Ann Jones. Lot 5 —All those two well built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate Nos. G and 7 Hope Place, Rhyl. The former being at present unoccupied, and the latter let from the 1st of May to Mr Thos. JODes. Yearly rent, £12 each. Orders to view, and all further particulars, may be obtained as regards Lot No. 1 from W. R. Wil- liams, Esq., solicitors, Rhyl Lots 2. 3 and 4, from Mr .Tames Davies, Estate Agent, Gwynfa Villa, Rhyl; and as to Lot 5 from A. H. Morecroft, Esq., 25, Castle street, Liverpool, or from the Auctioneers at their offices, Valc-street, Denbigh, and Uwynfa Villa, Rhyl. TYDDYN ISAF, NEAR BODELWYDDAN. MESSRS CLOUGH & CO. will SELL the iU. LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK (of Mr .TONES, who is leaving the Farm) by Public Auction on FRIDAY, the 24th April, 1885, com- prising 20 Head of very Choice Cattle 3 Powerful Cart Horses 2 Cobs, rising 2, by Almanger" Pigs, Poultry, and the usual Implements of Hus- bandry Luncheon at 11. Salepunctuully at 12. Catalogues and all particulars may be had at the Hotels in the District, on the Piemises, and from the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Vale street, Denbigh, and Gwynfa Villa, Rhyl. GRASS LETTINGS! MESSRS CLOUGII & CO. will hold tho foI- lowing, viz., at the Crown Hotel, Denbigh, on WEDNESDAY, the 22rd April, the Plas-yn-Green and Plas Clough Grass Lands. On MONDAY A TUESDAY NEXT, April 20 & 21 Sale of Valuable Household Furniture and other Miscellaneous Effects, at "RRYNTIRTON," RHYL, FLINTSHIRE. MESSRS. CIIUKTON, ELPFIICK AXD CO.. Ú will SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY and TUESDAY, April 20th and 21st IRS.), on the premises as above the remaining portion of the Excellent HOUSEHOLD GOODS and other Effects Sale to commence each day at 11 o'clock a.m., Catalogues may be had at the pbeo of Sale, or from MESSRS. CIIUBTON, ELVHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARD- SON, Chester. LONDON HOUSE, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Re Anno Jones," under a Deed of Assignment. By Order of the Trustee. MR J. W. ROGERS announces instructions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, without reserve, upon the Premises as above, commencing WEDNESDAY, APRIL the 22nd, 1885, the whole of the superior STOCK-IN-TRADE of USEFUL AND GENERAL DRAPERY GOODS, Belonging to the above Estate, which comprises Flannels, Blankets, Sheets, Counterpanes, Tapestry and Brussels' Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Calicos,Linens, Prints, Cietonnes, Silks, Velvets and Furs, Hosiery Prints, Cletonlles, Silks, Velvets and Furs, Hosiery and Gloves, Shirts, Ties, and Collars, Braces, Man- tles and Costumes, Millinery Goods, Straw Hats and Bonnets, Lace Curtains, French Merinoes, Black Cashmeres for Dresses, Coloured and Costume Cloths, Skirts and Skirtings, Corsets, Um- brellas. Ribbons, Flowers and Feathers, Wool Shirtings,J Woollen Cloths, Tweeds, Men's Hats and Caps, a few Ready Mades, and other Goods connected with the Trade. N.B.—For the convenience of Parties who can- not attend the Auction Sales, the Shop will be opon each day to 4 p in. for Private Sale, when Genuine Bargains will be offered. The Opening Day for Private Sale will be Wed- viesday, April 22nd, 1885, at 10 a.m. The Sale by Auction wiil commence at 6 o'clock in the Evening, Wednesday, April 22nd, 1885. Auctioneer's Offices, Llandudno & Aberystwyth, Notice to the Inhabitants of Rhyl and surrounding District. UESSRS FELL & CO. be to announce that their AUCTION ROOM, Town Hall, is NOW OPEN, and Auction Sales will be conducted NIGHTLY for 7 Days only, prior to removing to to Aberystwith,Breakfast and Tea Services, Dinner and Toilet Ware, and all kinds of Goods for Gene- ral use. Sale to commence each Evening at 7. Please COME EARLY, as the sale will positive. ly elose in seven days. ANNUAL ASSEMBLY English Congregational Union OF NORTH WALES. r u W N II ALL, R II Y L Tuesday, April 21st. p.m.—The Eighth ANNUAL ASSEMBLY will meet. Chairman Alderman MINSHALL, J.P., Oswestry. 7 p.m.—The ANNUAL SERMON will be preached by the Kev. SAUL. PEARSON, M.A., Liverpool. 8-o p.m.—UNITED COMMUNION SERVICE. The Rev. H. ELVET LF.WIS will delivor the ad- dress. The atteudanco of Members of all Chris- tian Churches is earnestly invited. Wednesday, April 22nd. a.m.—DEVOTIONAL MEETING. The Rev. W. E. HUGHES, Dolgclley, to preside. 10:;0 a.m.-Adjourned Annual A,embly, :10 p.m.—LUN<:HEC>N at the Westminster Hotel Chairman: SXMFEL MOHLEY ESQ, M.P. Speakers: PRINCIPAL KKICHKL, M. A., Bangor. Rev Professor EILIS EDWARDS, M.A. "0 p.m-PUBLIC- MEETING. J Chairman: SAJIUEL MOKLEY, Esq., M.P. Speakers: Rev. J. R. WOLSTENHOLJIE, M.A., Bolton. Rev. W. JENKINS, Newtown. Rev. E. HmfUR EVANS, Carnarvon. Collections will be made in aid of the Funds of the Union at the Evening Meetings. r. BrRFOFD HOOKE, I Hon Sec. Churtou Villa, Rhyl. ( I THE RHYL ADVERTISER May be had from the Proprietors, Amos BBOTHEBS I By Post. Delivet-odin Town 8. D. One quarter 1 8 Half-yearly. 3 4 Yearly. 6 8 d S. D. One quarter 1 1 Half-yearly 2 2 Yearly 4 4 k TO CORRESPONDENTS. Correspondents are requested to give theirname and address when sending communications. Orders, Advertisements, &(, to bo addressed to the Publishers; and all cheques, P. 0. Orders, &c. to be made payable to the Proprietors, AMOSBBOTHERS Advertiser Office, Rhyl. To ensure insertion all correspondence should be received not later than noon on Thursdays. We cannot undertake to return reiected manuscript W. J. D. AND THE VICAR OF NEWMARKET.—If the facts W. J. D. mentions can be substantinted no doubt he and his co-parishioners suffer under a great disadvantage. But letters such as have been addressed to this office are not likely to be the means of removing the cause or causes of complaints. However the whole thing deserves public ventilation, and if our correspondent would moderate his tone, indulgo in less personalities, and condense his somewhat lengthy epistles, our columns would be at his sentice, as they al- ways are for everybody to redress public grievances.





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