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J. ST ASAPH BOARD OF GUARDIANS. THURSDAY—Present:—Capt, Howard, Major Birch, Messrs B. Littler, S. Perks, Rhyl; A. E. Davies, Joseph Lloyd, John Kendall, St. Asaph; Wm. Ellis, J. D. Jones, David Edwards, Abergele; Wm. Williams, Prestatyn R. Davies, E. Angel, Denbigh; D. Davies, Henllan; Wm. Jones, Llanefydd; Thomas Morgan, Cwm; John Hughes, Llanfair; William Bell, Rhuddlan W. M. Clarke, Abergele. THE EETIBING CHAIRMAN. The Clerk stated that this being the first meet- ing of the new board the first business would be the election of a chairman. Major Birch said that before they proceeded to elect a new Chairman he should like to record how much they appreciated the attention the late Chairman gave to the business of the board, and the judgement and tact with which he conducted the duties. Mr Pennant regretted he could not be present that day, for he had a prior engagement of six weeks standing. He (Mr Birch) regretted that Mr Pennant would not be able to take the chair again as he was going abroad for twelve months. It conclusion he proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Pennant for his services in the past. This was carried with loud applause. Mr W. Bell proposed:a similar vote to the Vice- Chairmen, remarking that however faithful the Chairman had been, the Vice-Chairmen had been equally faithful (cheers). Mr Clarke and Mr Morgan briefly thanked the board for its kind expression of opinion. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Major Birch next proposed Mr Dixon as Chair- man for the ensuing year. That gentleman had been most assiduous for many years as a guardian. He had no doubt Mr Dixon, from his large amount of common sense, consummate tact and vast experience would do credit to the chair, and do his duty equally towards the poor and the ratepayers (loud cheers). Mr Morgan had great pleasure in seconding the proposal. He had known Mr Dixon since he (Mr Morgan) was no higher than the table, and they could not get a better guardian. The motion was carried unanimously with loud and continued applause. Major Birch proposed r .d Mr R. Davies seconded Mr W. M. Clarke as senior Vice-Chairman, and Mr Wm. Bell proposed and Mr Angel seconded that Mr Morgan be re-elected junior Vice-Chairman. Both motions were carried nem. dis., and both the re-elected Vice-Chairmen returned their thanks for the continued confidence of the board. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. Assessment Committee-.—R. J. Sisson; Captain Howard Mr Edwin Morgan Major Birch Mr J. D. Jones Mr W. M. Clarke Mr J. Roberts, I jreinas) Mr J. Roberts, (Foxhall); Mr J. Ken- al Mr E. Angel; Mr S. Perks Mr J Hughes. School Attendance Committee.—Messrs. Howard; Pennant; E. Morgan; Birch; Bell; Morgan (Cwm); J. Lloyd; T. Lloyd, (Llansannan) B. Littler W. Williams T. Parry. Finance, Contract, and Vaccination Committee.— Messrs. E. Morgan; W. M. Clarke Wm. Bell; R. Davies; T. Winston; J. Roberts, (Geinas) Joseph Lloyd Edward Angel; Wm. Ellis; D. Edwards J, Kendal; B. Littler. Visiting and Lunacy Committee.—Messrs.^ Pen- nant P. W. Yorke W. Price Jones R. J. Sisson E. Morgan E. W. D. Broughton; A. E. Davies; R. Davies J. Kendall; T. Morgan S. Perks; J. Roberts T. Winston B. Littler W. Williams. SANITARY BUSINESS. The next question was whether the board would relegate the duties Sanitary Authority to a com- mittee. Mr Joseph Lloyd proposed that the duties should not be relegated. It worked very well last year as conducted by the whole board. This was seconded by Mr David Edwards. Mr Bell moved an amendment, that the duties be entrusted to a committee, which was seconded by Mr Bir >.h.—On a division Mr Lloyd's motion was carried by 9 votes to 8. REFRESHMENT AT THE WORKHOUSE. A letter was read fom the Local Government Board stating that no objection would be raised to the supplying of refreshment to Guardians travelling a Jong distance to the board, on their paying cost price. The charges, however, must be entered in the books of the Union. THE AUDITOR AND THE RELIEVING OFFICES AGAIN. A letter was read from the Local Government Board regarding a disallowance of £1 7a. in the accounts of J. Jones, relieving officer for St. Asaph district,in respect of school fees granted to a person named Ann Edwards, in the Parish of Rhuddlan, but whose child had failed to attend school suffi- ciently often. While stating that the auditor's disallowance was quite legal, the hoard were willing to allow it to be refunded to Mr Jones, the board exercising its powers of equity granted by law. THE PROPOSAL TO SEND THE CHILDREN TO THE NATIONAL SCHOOL. Mr Joseph Lloyd submitted a ioport he had pre- pared on the above subject. The committee ap- pointed to consider the matter had not met, but he (Mr Lloyd) had shewn the report to several mem- bers that moming,and they seemed to approve of it. In the course of the report, based on information obtained from the Rev. Glamffrwd Thomas, Mr Lloyd stated that the cost of sending 20 boys (which wxs the average number in the house) to a day school would be -67 13s per annum. At present they paid the Union School Master £40 per annum, and £26 in rations. Towards that the Local Govern ment Board allowed £25. He considered it would be a great saving to the ratepayers and more bene- ficial to the boys themselves, to send them to a day school. Dr. Davies, was in favour of the suggestion as well as several other Guardians, but as the com- mittee had not considered the question, it was ultimately agreed that they should meet that after- noon, and report to the next board. The School Master's term of notice expiring on this day, he was requested to remain on duty for another month.






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