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Original (fforrrsponiience.


Original (fforrrsponiience. To the E, ditor of the Demetian Mirror. Sir, I think you would be rendering a great service to Aberystwith, as well as to persons desirous of taking up their occasional residence there, if you were to give publicity to a fact, of which, until I came here this autumn I was not aware, and a want of the knowledge of which is the cause of numbers, to my knowledge, staying away from Aberystwith at this season of the year. I allude to the alteration in the charges for lodgings, which takes place, I find, about the beginning of October, but which strangers imagine are the same as during the summer months. There is a strong feeling prevalent, I assure you, that a sojourn at Aberystwith for any length of time is an expensive affair, owing to the high prices which the inhabitants demand for lodgings; and unless this matter is put right, numerous families, no doubt, will be .kept from visiting Aberystwith, who other- wise would take up their abode here during the great- er part if not the whole of the autumn and winter. For my own part I was most agreeably surprised to find on my reaching here a fortnight ago, that I could have one of the largest and best houses in the most fashionable part of the Town, well furnished, for about £ 2 per week, and if this fact were generally known, I am sure many would be found residing in Aberystwith at a season when from the mildness of the air, a residence at this place during the cold months of the year is so highly desirable and benefi- cial. I think, Sir, you might draw attention to this matter in your paper, and I have therefore troubled you with this letter which, if you think proper, you may insert. Yours, &c. A VISITOR. Terrace, Oct. 15, 1840.

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(From the Sun.)