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TOWN CLOCK Every person resident in Aberyst- with, whether permanently or for a limited period, must have had frequent occasion to regret the entire absence of a Public Clock: the uncertainty of the hour, there being no general standard by which to regulate the private time-pieces of individuals, having been the continual source of vexation in the non- observance of appointments, by which the general ar- rangements of the man of business are, as a matter of course, sadly infringed upon. This inconvenience, we are happy to say, after having for years been dis- cussed, with a view to its remedy, by the authorities of the place, has in some measure been removed by an individual; but we regret that the situation, in which necessity has compelled him to place his dials, is not sufficiently central to admit of their being more generally useful to the inhabitants. Mr. John Evans, a schoolmaster, residing in that part of the town called Chalybeate Terrace, has caused an eight- day clock to be fixed in the upper part of his house, with a dial facing the bridge by the Gas-works. It shews the minutes but does not strike the hour. The mean time of the Clock is regulated by astron- omical observations, and the use of a sun dial adapted to the place which shews the apparent time, and by a table of the equation of time, both of which are fixed in the wall of the house at a short space from the dial of the Clock. By adding to, or deducting from, the apparent time as declared by the sun-dial, the minutes shewn on the equation table, the mean time is found. The algebraic characters plus X and minus Hare fixed on the top of the equation table, which charac- ters being movable, indicate whether the minutes pointed to by the hand on the table are to be added to, or deducted from, the apparent time of the sun-dial. Mr. Evans is a very ingenious and respectable man, and we think that his invention is one calculated to be of great service to the Town. We believe that a Town Clock, with an illumina- ted dial, would have been decided upon some time ago, but for the difficulty which appeared in the way as to where it should be placed. The Town Hall is in a very eligible situation, but from its inconvenience as a Court house, a new building having been in con- templation, it was not deemed prudent to add a clock tower to the present small and incommodious building. So seriously, however, is the inconveni- ence felt by all classes from the want of a public clock in a conspicuous situation, that we feel confi- dent if a subscription were once started, there would be but little difficulty in raising sufficient funds to enable the inhabitants of Aberystwith to add to the numerous and important improvements effected in the Town of late years, a clock worthy of the growing importance of the place.