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v iLj a Though you \'1 Rub! Rub! Rub! And you Scrub! Scrub! find that It's not in your power il In the old-fashioned way c;; To do in a day What Hudson's Will do in an hor .1 jvi dq r t 09 er im. F', E L S 01. e, C Li :"< ¡ & 'Ji Q pu^ Soap in fine Powd^ dis^oiv^ HUDSON'S SOAP is excellent for washing Flannels and Woollen Underclothing, as well as Linen, Shirts, Collars, Sheets, Table Cloths. &c. HUDSON'S SOAP is Sold Everywhere, in lIb. J lb., & Jib. packets. For Family use, in parcels containing six or twelve packets; also in 141b. 8> 28 Vz. bcz ir, -WORTS: ..A POUlsrD A. PACKET. < ISAAC PROTHERO, Pontypridd and Treforest, is AT PRESENT OFFERING EXTRAORDINARY GOOD VALUE J Jn Flour, Potatoes, Bacon, Cheese, Tea, Pn tent Medicines, and Toilet Requisites. 1 Do not fail to si-e the quality of his goods, and the price at which he sells them, before you go elsewhere It is a fact that yon will be quite ASTONISHED at the MARVEL- LOUSLY LOW PRICES he quotes; especially when you take into consideration the SUPERIOR Q ALITY I f the g"ods offered. FLOUR- Of good colour and qiialty, makes a firt-rate loaf, 2s per score. FINES, a spleiidid quahty 2s 2d per score. 0 POTATOES- t » Best magnums 24 lbs for Is. STJ GS-A-.R,— Bright Crystals, 2d per I b Light Brown lid per lb. TEA- 1CAEVELL0US VfLUE, 3d per quarter lb. A fine, rich, strong Con.,cu, rotbing in 2 town to m tch it, 4d quarter lb. COFFEE- Fiae French, in tins. only 10 per lb. CHEESE- Fine Americaa only 6d per lb. H. BAOON- FINEST rRESH Mild Cured, 6d per lb. Shoulders, JOB LOT, 3jd per lb. Ali other Goods EQUALLY CHEAP. Genuine Patent Medicines in Great Variety at Manufacturer's Prices. A SPLENDID SHOW OF f CONFECTIONERY, CHOCOLATE, BISCUITS, AND FANCY GOODS, AT • '• 1 "tT COOMBES. CONFECTIONER, Market street, Pontypridd. TRY OUR CAKE, IT IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. N• s' '( i FOR YOUR CAKE AND MINCE PIES GO TO ,/v A- r <■< HUT f •. i kv .■» p Ø>. "}" HOPKIN MORGAN, }- ,l; Baker & Confectioner «- I 74; Taft Street, and 5, High Street, FOIsTTYPRIDD. — — -1' NEW MUSIC SHOP IN PONTYPRIDD New Hire System for Pianos, FROM 10s. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIPP, &e., &0., &e. '¡ New Hire System for American Organs FROM 10s. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED. New Hire System for HARMONIUMS, FROM 10a. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED. Largest and Best Stock out of London to select from. New Catalogue, with Photographs and full particulars, sent post free on application to— THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, LIMITED, 86, TAFF ST., FQZETT'g'IPIRJIDID- N.B.-List of Bargains for Cash just published. Tuning Orders attended to. RUSSELL'S "New Type" "ROYAL ENGLISH LfiVER.with PERFECT KEYLESS ACTION in Massive Silver Cases, t5 fis, Is the cheapest and Best English Lever Watch ever made. Description:-Three-Quafter Plate English Lever Watch. Jewelled in Four Holes, with Chronometer Balaace. Daat and Damp Proof. All the Material aNd Workmanship are entirely English. The same Movement, in SOLID GOLD 18-carai cases, fl5. (Club and other Agents wanted.)-Illos- trated Watch Pamphlet sent free.-MrT. IL. Russell, Maker to the Qneen, Cathedral Works, 18, Church- Street, Liverpool [ ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41PILLS is war. ranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (acqwred or constitutional), Gravel and Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes 4s. 6d. eaeh, by all Chemists- and Parent Medioin« Vendors; or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Co., Lincoln. Wholesale, Barclay & Sons, Farringdon Si., and all the Wholesale Houses. Printed by Daviea Brothers, 23, 24, and 25, MiU Street, Pontvpridd. in thp County of Glamorgan, on Friday, March 16,1889.