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county of Glamorgan, and we are sure that it is with the liveliest satisfaction that this gratifying intelligence will be received by all who know him. For our own part, we are heartily glad of the promotion—a more befitting selection could not possibly have 'been made. The vacancy was caused by the retirement of Mr Superintendent Thomas, of Merthyr. Mr Matthews, during a long period of faithful service, has gained the highest opinion and confidence of the force and the public generally. He joined the force as one of the ranks 39 years ago, and within 18 years had gained the coveted position of superintendent, the arduous and responsible duties of which office he has since filled to the entire approval of all. Mr Matthews is a Welsh-speaking Welsh- man (a qualification which is a rarity amongst gentlemen of public positions). On behalf of thousands of our readers, we offer Mr Matthews the most -eherised congratulations, and trust he may live long to enjoy the privileges of an honour which seldom falls to the lot of one who has risen from the ranks. o LINF. OF BUSSES FOR PONNYPRIDD, In consequence of the prospective stoppage -of the Pontypridd and Rhondda Valley Tramway (Jompanyiwe are informed on good authority that Mr Solomon Andrews, of Cardiff, the well-known 'bus and tram pro- prietor, will shortly start a line of 'busses between Pontypridd and Porth. Rumour has it that the same enterprising gentleman will also establish a system of 'bus traffic ,from Pontypridd to Cardiff during the sum- mer. Both movements have our best wishes -we hope to see them in the full swing- of ,prosperity. o THE NEW VALUATION SYSTEM. A correspondent, "Looker on," writes us thus With reference to the note in your ,columns last week as to the alteration of the arrangement for preparing the valu- ation lists of the union, there is no mistake about i: we have been paying a great deal of 'money unnecessarily in this district for such work as that. Lists have been prepared at Tegular intervals where it might be known at the outset that no material increase had taken place. Would you be surprised to 'know that in one case a supplemental list was prepared one half-year at a cost of £60, and that the only addition made in the valu- ation list was X46. So that really the parish lost fl4 by the preparation of the list. This is not all. I could give another case in which a supplemental list, which <cost 235, brought in the munificent addition- al valuatiou of £ 18. The saving to the rates tinder the new arrangement will, therefore, r;be considerably more than you made out last "week. -0- "VERNACULAR DISABILITIES IN WALES. IP THE ENACTMENT REPEALED, OR NOT ? In the House of Commons, on Tuesday last, a question was asked by Mr T. Ellis, as ito whether the Attorney General was aware ,that coroners and official receivers in Wales, conducting examinations in the Welsh lan- guage, were liable to forfeiture of office by doing so. The Attorney General replied that he doubted whether there was any ne- cessity for an amendment of the law. Mr ,Osborne Morgan then asked the First Lord of the Treasury whether he would take steps to repeal the 20th section of the 27th Henry VII, cap. 26, the provisions of which were similar in effect to the above. Mr W. H. Smith, in reply, said that if the right hon. .gentlemau would look into the matter he would find that the enactment was already #ep^$led. -0- THE RHONDDA TRAMWAY COMWANY. "Fa-irplay" writes :—" It was a very unfair and uncalled-for suggestion on the part of Mr George Lucas, in your last issue, that" Resurgam" should show his manli- ness" by subscribing his real name to his letters on the above subject. I am a warm admirer of anonymous signatures, for this reason- When a person wishes to express his 'opinions on a public subject he may do so under an assumed name. It is the subject, and not the man, that it is wished to bring -forward- What matters it whether the writer is John Jones or Dick Williams ? Look at the subject on its own merits, and not from those of the writer. Mr Lucas impliedly admits that he could argue the vpoints on the tramway question if he knew the name of the writer who was pitted against him, but as he dees not know who Resurgam" is, he cannot. Strange reason- ing that, I must say. As regards the Sunday traffic, Mr Lucas evidently sees it is wrong for the Tramway Company to run their vehicles on Sunday, but, of course, it is not wrong for Mr Lucas and the noble army of break drivers to run their ricketty- racketty conveyances on Sunday I say the Tramway -.Company are fearfully handi- capped by the break drivers, and it would be well for the authorities to look at both sides ,the question, and not deal too harshly with a company that confers so appreciable a boon upon the public."










Pontypridd Police Court.¡






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