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Fourteen JlIghwaymen are reported to have stopped and robbed a passenger train near Irola, Mexico. Cavatryareinpursuitoftiterobbers. Thomen employed at life Atbion Colliery, near Pontypridd, have struck work in 'consequence of eonie dispute. Intelligence from New York states that a fire in Brooklyn the other night did damage tQ _the amount of 250,000 clols. The Liverpool Overhead Railway Bill has been passed by the Select Committee of the House of Lord-,subject to certain conditions. A LOlldun policeman lIamml Samuel Parish has died at the Royal Free Hospital from concussion of t.he brain, caused by attempting to alight from R tramcar in motion. /t is understood that the foundation-stone of the ( liurch House will be laid dining the London The amount, raised up to the present does not much exceed £ .">u,000. The b"dy of a woman apparently about fifty years of age has been found in the canal near j Chisenhale-street Bridge. The body, which is so far unidentified, bore no marks of violence. A miner named William Davis has been killed by an unexpected fall of earth in the great Snaefell lead mine, near Laxey. Another miner working where the fall occurred was seriously injured. The china and earthenware works of Messrs. Fielding, at Stoke-on-Trent, were partially de- stroyed by a fire the other night. A number of hands will thus be deprived of employment. At Grantham, Thomas Duke, a man who had been in the employ of the Lincolnshire Herald newspaper as canvasser, was fined 23s. for an unprovoked assault on Mr. Walter F. Freer, editor 3f Chat journal. The petition for divorce presented by Mr. Edward Taplen, a coal merchant, who had married a widow with fourteen children, came before Mr. Justice Butt and a common jury, and was in the result dismissed. Sir Henry Ponsonby and Major Bigge, on behalf of the qiiecii, attended the funeral of Mr. J. Kanne, Director of Continental Journey, by whose ieath her Majesty has been deprived of an excel- lent and valued servant. The Cheshire lines have decided, in order to meet, the requirement of commercial men, tojruna daily express train from Liverpool (Central) to Manchester at 10.55 a.m. arriving at Manchester at 11.35 a.m. At the Bangor Petty Sessions, before Messrs. T. E. Harris and W. Pugh, Evan Jones, a militiaman of Carnarvon, was sentenced to a month's hard labour for being drunk and biting Police-sorgeanb (jM-itfiLhs and Police-constable W. Davis at Bangor. Miss Ada Pearson, youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. Pearson, of Golborne Park, has been married to Mr. George Montague Brown-Westhead, son of Mr. Marcus Brown-Westhead, Lea Castle, Wor- cestershire, and Redclytre, Newlion-le- Willows. A boat which left South Queensferry the other afternoon with four men for a pleasure sail on the Forth went ashore near Newhaven, about ten miles to eastward of South Queensferry. The boat was empty, and no trace of the four men has yet been found. At St. Helens, John Pickavance, a mute, who has been several times convicted, was charged with sleeping in an office at Messrs. Pilkingfcon Bros. The charge was written on paper, and pri- soner wrote his answer.—He was committed for twenty-eight, days. The Trauscaspian Railway has now been 'con. structed as far as Katta Kurgan. It is proposed to complete the line to Samarcand by the 21tib prox., when it will be formally opened. M. de Lesseps and Professor Vambery have been invited to attend its inaugural ceremony. A well-known character at Warrington, named Ellen Connor, made her appearance before the borough magistrates for the fiftieth time, on jhargo of drunkenness. The defendant was broughb into court in an helpless state of intoxication, and was removed in custody, creating a great uproar. A tetter received at liome from Crete describes the condition of the island as very menacing, and id Is that, murders are frequent, and that the jorernor has lost all control of the population. Official information has been received at Rome to :he elfoct; that lie has resigned. A daring jewel robbery has been committed ab Munich at. a jeweller's shop on the Marienplatz, from which precious stones to a considerable amount were stolen. The thieves made an entry into the shop by cutting away a portion of the flooring from a room below. At a session held atOldbury Police Station, before Mr. B. T. Sadler, Joseph Goode (22), of Causeway Green, labourer, was çhargpd with committing an indecent, assault upon Alice Hadley, married woman, of the same place. Pri- soner was remanded. On a descent of the St. Helens Colliery, near Workington—the scene of the recent terrible ex- plosion—being made, several horses were found alive. The pit has been flooded, but owing to the nature of the workings it is thought this will not) interfere with the recovery of the remaining bodies. The overloaded floor of a public hall at Rush- Sylvania, Ohio, fell during the progress of an entertainment. The audience 400 in number, fell some twenty feet into a funnel shaped abyss in the centre, two being killed and sixty injured, while nearly all had their clothing torn into.shreds. A joint stock company has just been registered, with a capital of £ 10,000,000, for the purpose of combining the whole of the telephone companies of the United Kingdom, into one corporation, having a complete interchange of subscribers to their respective exchanges. The Queen's Bench Division the other day de- cided in the licensing appeal case of Sharp r. Wakefield and others—which was an appeal from a decision by the Westmoreland justices refusing to renew the licence of the Low Bridge Inn, Kenb- mere—that the justices had absolute discretion. A young sailor named Ernesto Harper has been found lying outside the premises of his father, a Wolverhampton publican, having seriously injured himself by jumping from a bedroom window. An examination of the premises showed thab he had murdered his brother Thomas, after which he bad attacked another brother. The society for promoting the Due Observance of the Sabbath has a new grievance. It complaint that children who find the shops closed on Sundays go to the railway stations, and suck a fearful joy from the automatic sweet-machines. This is terrible. The profanation of the periwinkle is ae nothing to the abomination of the toffee-machine. Mr. A. Dalgleish, the well-known Central Asian traveller, has been shot by a Pathari near the Karakomdaji Pass, while on his way to Yarkand. His body is being brought to Leh for burial. It is understood that a small expedition will be des- patched next autumn to the Chittagong Hill tracts in order to punish the murderers of the late Lieu- tenant Stewart. Another vessel has been added to the effective strength of the Navy at Portsmouth by the launch of the twin-screw composite sloop Nymphe, one oi the Buzzard type. Length, 195 feet; extreme breadth, 30 feet; and displacement 1,080 tons. She will have eight 5in. breech loading guns and six Nordenfeldb and two Gardner machine guns. Speed, fifteen knots. Ab St. Helens, John Digman, middle-aged, has been charged with begging. Police-constable Stewart stated that he saw prisoner come out of a beerhouse, and after taking a shade from utidei his hat he placed it over his eyes, and then groped his way into the Cotham Arms, and solicited alms. —He was committed for seven days, with hard labour. Sergeant-Major Hughes, of the Artillery (Ash. ton-in-Makerfield Troop), who resides at Newton. le Willows, was riding a spirited horse in Newton, when the animal shied, throwing its rider violently to the ground and inflicting serious injuries. When picked up he was unconscious, and was medically attended. But little hope is entertained of his recovery. At Blackburn Police Court, John O'Connor, a young man (20), has been committed for trial on six charges of obtaining money by false pretences. He went to the houses of the prosecutors, and, re- presenting himself as the landlord's agent, received the rent. The police allege that he is wanted on similar charges at Burnley, Heywood, Bury, Dar- wen, Colno, Nelson, and other places. A Cairo telegram says that natives who have escaped from Mahdisb headquarters report the assassination of the Mahdi by his lieutenant, who has assumed power. A proclamation which has been issued enjoins all bolievers to make common cause with the dervishes, and declares thab the Mahdists have conquered Abyssinia and forced the foreigners to fly