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a^i^XlOZi'S IlVFAltfT FOi'WDESJElS. Brynhyfryd, Abeiavon, Glam., Jan. 31, 1887. DEAR SIR, Three years fig) otss of my little boys, who had been centals d for abcut seven weeks, ivas twice given up by the doctor attending, when, as a. last resource, I te1. graphed for a supply of your Powders. The effect J)f giving him one was indeed marvellous, n less tl an twelve hours he was free from fits, and has ,)tf<;er had one since. I needn't tell you I always keep a stock in band, and should feel obliged by year sending me another packet —stamps enclosed. i Yours faithfully, R, W. LLOYD. Mr B A Greorgf, &c. cpirrtrs CF THE PI ESS. FABlLS IN IIEF.EFOKOSUIRK.—The Registrar- Geueiul, in hit recently issued "Quarterly returns," refers to the f'tCt that the tumber of deaths of in- fauts has heec far less in Herefordshire than ir l. :).l;y >thtx county, btiny only 65 out of every 1,000 births TegL-t<aed, while in other counties it rat from 151 tc 180 per thousand. TLis great local C01.FO€&€^ S&JFCII Will be paid to any person that will prove the above Powders contain A Thousandth Part of a Grain of Opium in a Ton of them. The Proprietor guarantees them perfectly harmbss to the youngest babe, and that they are mare actios th.*n any in the market, one fair and unprejudiced trial will convince the most s.-eptii-al. lieud remarkable and interesting testimonials around each packet. For Fits, Convulsions, nflammation, Looseness of the Bowels, constant Vomitting, Bronchitis, Small Pox, Scarlatina, Measles, Fevers, and all the roubles while Teething, they will be found invdwxhle if given according to the special directions arouud Packet. PROPRIETOR AX INVENTOR— -CT. A. Manufactuand dispensing Chemist, I'M.NTliE and TON, Rhondda Valley. blessing is largely due to the general custom of Herefordshire. mothers giving their mfonts "George's Infants Powders," or "Europa Life Preservers," of which one chemist alone in Here. I fordshire (Mr P. Ralph) sells more than all otfcei babies' preparations put to,ether.-Herefori Journal. :J.b, B.GEOSGE'SMEDICAL PREPARATIONS.— vYith all the advantages of wide publicity, articles in them- selves worthless can have no enduring hold on the public; but if they be of value, then it onlJ requires to make them known in order to create and maintain for them the advantages of public demand. This has been the case pre-eminently I with Mr George's Medical Pre parations-nota b ly his Eoropa's Infant Powders, which found their way throughout the United Kingdom, the English Colonies, and the United States, and are appreciated by all heads of families who adminiptei them to their little ones. Mr George, havine found a remedy for the many ailments incidental to infantr, deserves the acknowledgement of the public for his entelprise in making his preparation* known, and we are glad to hear that in addition tc the gratification he muse feel by the many testi- monials ha receives of the efficacy of his Infantf Powdors and Cough Balsam, his commercial rt ward is seoured.-Merthyr Tele,oraph, May 11, 18«»7 CQRNS CORNS! (Registered Trade Mark, No. 36996.) A Certain Cure for Corns PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. fHORNSl This inf allibleremedy introduced by J MUNDAY has obtained a world-wide v-irvT> VQ reputation. The efficacy of VIRID1NE J jpJORlSS.1 may jagged by its having Cared Corns of over 50 years' standing, which bad resis- /lORNS 1 ted all other remedies. O succeeds where all Plasters and „AT)^D I Caustics have failed QORNS! XK REMOVING BOTH HARD OR • SOFT CORNS AND WARTS. PORNS I 2 KS TIM JNIALS. From Mr. HOPKIN HOPKINS, Gors- f^ORNS einon, near Swansea. DEAR Sm,—I heartily congratulate you PORNSl for your treatment for corns. The bottle Viridinu von syiit me some time aj^o I has proved almost rsuriC ilous to the corns I had on my It is QXacrty the remedy NS I What you recommend it to be, I hope v iiv.'iil become more known in the Princi- paiicy, for there ate, no doubt, hundreds oi ^r90JE8 thilt wcuia be glad to know of its OplVJ-b! iJiFSln Mdlle. MARIE ilULLER, Ain^tsidam, Holland. QORN3 Mb :.1un-i».VY, f DE\I: SIR,—I bought a bottle of your pORNSIV/ewittuc 'Viridine' some six monias asjo m V Piiis which cared ma,and as I am a prmei- •iftHlVs f ti il daueor,'you know my feet are my living. -he bottleI-bongbt did the service you 'f b oi c,a t /VSnxr*1' r^otfritaende.a it, but I bought another one aaer^ard'a, which was forged and no good want a bottle ob.$e>miiie for a mend oi V/ ? mi.a«,-whtyia uw'y aywl.wifch pain, wiil you please seud ma one direct.— n >R.N s t Mdlle- CAUTtOT.^As' tliare' ai«'sevei«t imi- JHORNS tations of si.-3 ^reparation, the public are —^ re^estc^rs- as:svosrrrr.~r. P<OaSS 1 k y I S V r. R 1 D I N E. O O LiN S Aud the end of each pkekagei- Jf ■ ruKlXl By ordering Corn 'Ccc^' you may \j 1 receive o.iS of the mrai-y ao-caiifd,■ .em ry i) t edifca' which only give roliaf, O* iome worthle3S imitation of Vindme. IN BOTILES, PRICE Is.; BY POST, Is. 2d. PREPARED ONLT BY Yi C HE 4 1ST, 1, H I G a STREET, CARDIFF. Sold by all Chemists. GEOaGt-S.J^FANTS'-Pfl'JcHii. TESTIMONY" Fit Oil LONIXitf. »■* '1 ? "• Qieeri's London, W.C., Jaly 24th, L885. Dear Sir, I kAp,104d' six of yoar *a g*ate Infanta' Powders. A packet is too maoh I like to have ohem fresh. I Snd them invaluable, and always use them with the sanction of our tfaedioa man. By so doiol, 70a will oblige, ————?oaM reNpeotfally, C. EDWARDh. B. A. Gaoaaa, Esq. A packet forwarded to any address for Is li B A. GEOftCia. JIedia^l Hal^ Pentre, Pantypnda, Glam. • -"YM' lA 'II SSOLLEH^QDDERS AND THE SCJUil. CORNER'S PINB'3 • >f)EVOXSIHRE OILS- For Sheep, Horses, andjCattle. A RE the Bost Re oely for Swollen Udders, Oow i\. after calving. Invaluable to the Shepherd n the 3eaa >n of Limbing, for the Scour and CU TS in SEI!j]AFtlZG. Eitablisued 55 years.—Promptly used is unequalled for any external ox internal ailment or accident A fine EMBROOArlONfor Broken Kaees, Gilla.Chaps. Braiaes, Swellings," Indammations, Spraius, Lame Bess, SpngD* Tendonit, Ao. Sold everywhere. 2i wine size. Scour in Lambs mastered by theDjELVON SHIRE COMPOUND. (JS ever Jails.) 2s, two bypoat -4»0d.—CORNER'S FAMILY EMBROCATION for "Colds intheCheat.Rhsnma.tiam.Chilblains.Accideata <fcc., Is lid.—Writd for Testimonials, Proprietor, Richard Corner. Wellington, Somerset, whose sig- nature is on each Bottle or it iit aparioas.—Registered Trade Mark "DEVONSHIRE." ',¡ Colliery Offices, Cardifl, Febraary 13th, 1883 ME RICHAKD COBWEB.—Dear Sir,—We have pie sarei n stating that we have for some time past oee using yonr DSVONSHIBB OILS for oar Horses, and oar people advise as, with very satisfactory resalts. We nave over 70 Horses at our Colliery. We have sent 100.. renewal of our Orders.—W# are, dear Sir, yova truly, GHO INSOLE A SON! •V. }■]_ YAUGHAN & CO, STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS. JIJANDAFF ROAD, CARDIFF. Branch Establishments:— 'V, cf.KHERBTOWN, P.RnTF,P j:s. BLIE STREET, f 42, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. 83, HKH STREET, NEWPORT. 27, C-, STI E »1REET, SWANSEA. A.yen, for Rhondda- MR. J. H JHJM S, TAILOrt & DRAPER, HANNAfl ,r'EE'r, POiifa. Breath Freely Sleep Calmly!! J: •Francis' Asthma Powder Has never failed. Gives insfaat relief ill oases of BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, CATARRB, IV OOPI NA COU3 FL, &c.. ::3e" Tbstim inials from Prrtfessional Gentlemen and othevs who anve tested We Vlarvolloua Effjct of t UJ Powder. JJll by all P iCent .-Ijilioiae Venljrs, in 2,0, -i/6, & 11/ \V'aule8ale from ■7. Sactoa t Son, 1J, lljjvoharch Ya.rd,ILondon. Or to the Proprietor, CIOAT SNIEET, HAVERFORDWEST. V T/ I > K I'- ;l)'cviced in a«. — about ljd. each dose. TiRAXACUM AND J^ODOPHYLI IN.—A liver medicine without mercury, is a raixture of juieee of tiie mandrake and dandelion plania, goed for headache, lorpiditv, costivenesa, flatulence, heartburn, lndigeo- iiou, biliousness, repu^uacoe to food, general tua- jomfort, depression, ifec. Pepper s Taraxacum l ocio- Tihvllia, bv stimulating |fce liver with aanost geutit vction on the stomach, te the'safest,' moat x&I-afcie ravdicine. Bottles, soil everywhere. Iae: (.!jJ having Peppers. J# To D.IRKKN aaEY HAIH.—LocEYKE'a St.ruuK H/I. rtoEIH';RER produces a perfectly natund ahado in few days. No hair restorer offered is iqaal t Lockyer's Silphur for its bettutr.yifcH. action on the hair, causing it aiwxv- tu ^rc>w. L It bottles, Iii, 6d. Sold every w hart. DEAFNESS, NOISHS IN THE EARS, AC.—L'KB' AU' ESSENCE FOB DEAFNESS is "till tue only RETRIED) o. I\ny real worth. Its power of clearing the t a-f passages and often relieving oid cases has been proved daring a quarter of ft century. Applied ou cotson wool. Bottles, Is. lid. Sold everywhere jy A D»W<J*TFUI. FLAVOUB.—CBACRO^TIS SAXTAEVNIIJ TOOTH '^FASTE.—By nsin'ff this delfeloae Arotnati. Dentifrice,, the enamel of thh teeth becomes white iound, -and -polished like ivory. It is exceeding]; rragrant, and specially used for removinj; iiieruyta -.ions of tartar on neglected teeth. Sold by M- CL, Mi-its. Pots, la. and 2s. each. Get Cracroft^s. Livi,i t,Co u piiiwr.-TLLree-fourths of our functions ■.ieriwuemeHts are caused by interrruption of th liver's action. A few doses of Rise's DANDELION AN; LIVER PILLS. witbout mercury, are a poteu remedy. They'perform all the benefits of'mercury without any of its diaqjlvaiitaffea and ■* daugorp Dr. Kind's Pills remove all liver and stomach com fjlaiints, bilioosness, headache, sickness, shouldoi psina, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, so enaur mg perfect health. These old-fashioned Pills stil keen aHasd Of all others as the great liver remedy Sola everywhere. DB. Kmo's LrvNR PILLS, containing dandelion ANI: quinine, without mercury, are far above all other as the rarest, tqiifUwt mains of removing iad^eaVou biliousness, headache, dyspepsia, obstructions anr irregularities of the liver and stomach, so ensucin: rierfeot health. Dr. King's Pills are sold every where .1 To STOP COCOHINO, a few doses of PJP*«B' WHITJ COUOB MIXTUR* tMcreets the most troaoleso me fit < ooaghing, restoring relief and tranquillity to tb irritated memb>aAie*.#nd \mu7aasa^s..So>thin^ eomforting, and demoloeat, iu action ia quite diifec ent frem ordinary Cough Remedies. Bottles. Soiii sverywhere. _u_ FOB GABOLWO THS. THBOAT AD MOUTH, us< PSPPBB'S TAHI** THBOAT QABOLS.—An application o i(reat service for sore throat, whether inflammatory relaxed^ or slMiated. Tannin Gargle is etroogiy ie oommendedro speakers, singers, Ac. as greatly prt <ervative and sustaining. It is also a valuAbh purifier «s a mouth wash, being sinffularly asreeable astringent, and cleansing. Bottles. Sold erory where SULPHOLIMB SOAP IS A TOIUT SOAP COMTAIWINO SULPHOLINE.—It is a delicately refinedjjshemically pare Soap, intended for general SSs, anf fis free Troiti the injurious acrid oils peculiar to common, imper- fectly prepared soaps. Sulpholine Soap is excellent for washing at all times ana rendering the skin soft Mear, end pliable. Tablets, 6d. each. Sold every phere 7 To ENSUBB < CMA* Sim—Sulpholine Lotion clea of all imperfectiOD4 in • few days. Spots, Blemisaf ments Ac., however ebstinate, entirely fade away leaving the Skin smooth, transparent, swple, natural and healthy. Perfectly harmless. Selyhelme 11 Bottles is. 9d. Bold everywhere. « Coam. Bomom, A*» BKUBOBD Ton' /onm> Conn AXD BOKIOM Ti*mm are the onlj remedy. They differ from all plaetere, shields, at aomnositions evex in Mated. By instantly eoftr^mg tb* eaUou S«r«u»dinf the faia CMS aA MM, Aa — £ ?*:x k tfOSDS&FOL MEfiiiitttE BEECHAM'S PILLS BEECHAM'S PILLS 49 rH f? V^\ (fjPATENT \Z\ |i? PILLS. ) £ ) V4—jm Are admitved by sbousar.d to be worth a Guinea a bo* for billions a.ud nervous dis orders, such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness,fallnet# and swelling after ineata. dissiness and drowsinnsa cold chills, flushings of heat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, coetivenoev scurvy,blotches on the ekib. disturbed sleep, frighttal dreams, and all netvous had tremblings, sensatione, Ac. The first dose will t:tvh re- Helm twenty minutes. TLife is no fiction, for they have done it in thonsanfls ei cases. Every safierer is earnestly invited to trj one box of these Pills, and they wiU be acknowledged «o be WOKTa A GUINEA A BOX « For fenales of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses carry off aH gress humours, open ail obstructions, and bring aboat all that is required. female should be without them. There is no moí.ÍlCt to be found fo equal PILLS for is- moving any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. tor a wbak stomach, impaired digestion, and all dieorders of the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the ssost important organs of the human machine. They strengthen the whole miiooiwlar system, restore the long lostoompl.ailea, tfcey htlng back the keen edi^e of appetite, and mmn mk> action with the ROS o- BUD of health Jttk fltrie jAysies.1 energy of Uit kmiMA frame. T|MM Ms "FAOT1^" admitted by thousands embraet^ al| stasias of society and one af the best graarapttes If necvens and debilitated is Beechaprs FQIs W*a the largest sale of any patent medicine *ajh» «mH. BEECHAM'S' MJH&tO COtJGH PILLS. As a remedy tax OmAi is general, Asthma, dirfi- rnlty of Breathing, HmBfSB of Breath, Tightness uad Oppression in «|f Ckim, Wheesin^, <fcc., these Pills are OnrivaUed; ana «Bf one labouring under any if the above complaints sera only try One Box to trove that they are ttts beat ever offered to the public 'or Asthmatic and Consumptive Coughs, Hoarseness, ond Oppression of the Chest. They speedily remove iiat sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing pbich nightly deprive the patient of rest. They give ilmost instant relief and eomfort to those afflicted with the above distressing and, when neglected, dan- ;erous complaint. Let any person troubled with iny of the above oomplaints grre BMCHAK'B Cocoa PILI.8 a trial. The most violent Cough will in a abort time be emoved. CAUTION.—The public are requested to notioa that he words, "Bncjux's PI&LS, St. Helen's,' are on Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Piils. If not they an forgerj. Prepared only, wmA sola wholesale and retail by the iroprietot, T. Beaoham, Chemist, St. Helen's, Lanca- bire, in boxes Is. lid. and 8a. 9d. each. Stint post ree from the profKMtor for 16 or S6 stamps.—Sola by ill Druggists and ratent Medicine Dealers ia the Kingdom. N.B.—PcN dlgwlM Ma givta -itta saeh box. DR. RICHTER'S PAIN EXPEILEB ^Tra^ilark uCoWET" & safest rcuuHJj" fo* SHEUMATISM, Cf OUT, LUMBAGO STIFF JOINTS, '■ ^EURALGiA, Has w.wVir^wM^ji8CIATICA, relief and cure even^Ig$3!»|j 5^. SPRAINS, in cases of o'j.1 stan 1 .COLDS, A trial will prove its &C passed efficacy. 1/1J 1"T, of Cà-3mists, or 113 London Depot, 65. Fenchurch-St., E.C. NT Beware of Substitutes bearing a similar Title. C/.N BK OBTAINED OF W. P. ;KLY. 89 and 90, Taff St, Pontypridd. CONSUMPTION AND ITS FINAL CURE. Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Copies have now been issued of MR. G. T. CONGREVE'S Work on CONSUMPTION Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, other Chest Diseases. 8IXPENGE (Post Free), from the Publisher, EWOT BTOCK, 62, Pqternoeter Row, Londoif, E.D. JUaT PUBLISHED, the APPENDIX To the above Treatise, being a reprint of betweaa Two and Three Hundred JUERESim&A AUTHEJKTICXASES selected from those which have appeared in the Weekly Journals from 1881 to the present time. NOTES ue appended to many of these eeees whtoh KM* th*Cere to be FINAL and PERMANENT." r • u/i ApMndlx e** P08T FRBS on oaaiicatlo* to the Author only. COOUBE LODGE. PECKHAM. 8.E. ie|' (eentardawo) WORM LOZENGES h>» Mt with. a» |mle> —e—. Til rfMt MB w«ak^ H Deliottt CM<M* (etMa atM- «e M Mt* y «« kta faartiua •S»H kM«<eaM <tam Md y»T SiOdalsila «r B wimlai turn l»» swa *———tttkm tm flfllim "W.lwosnwes.Wefdlula'B l DAVIH, Osurnrr, M, Htss taKT, 8WARSEK. ■ tUSd VmHmmU*, S/«n«i—, aa e> AwSHa. J GEORG HI'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. WHAT WILL IT D02 It is more than Gold to me,-it saved my Life." WHAT WILL IT DO I If yon snffjr PAIS in the BACK aai LOINS, or between W WHAT WILL IT 00^ SnouLDsaa, this remedy will eifectu illy remove them. Iv N,^ yoa are fcroub!ei wifch IR"XTATIO!J of the BLAOOER, SUPPRKG;>I0, WHAT w ii rr o'o? aS ?" »T:'°Vth' wAter' St0!" orGaAVEI" tiis wai? Jitt « "of 0rmm m Vo"» <• «»»>•. WHAT WILL IT 1)0 ? WHAT WILL IT DO? IF the wator ia HJGS COT.ODRBD, TFIICK, anj DAPOSICIN^ muoV WHAT WILL IT DO ? SKDI;IIINT, lose no time, pro:ura a box of GBOaaa'a PILLS, aad" voo WFLAT WILL IT DO ? will soon be RIGHT agflln, we AT WILL IT oo ? o y° 'f BLi,Ve#r \re sl^«h and out of Wlit'? WIT I P <•»)> ? Iy VVlU ^Uy Stl thes« important organs, open W I At wfrf i r i n I ?p,Jheu' and promote the secretion of H04U«i WHAT4,LL iron? telI»anA?bh**vitHttuia au,tJ WHAT .V(LL I r 00? -yott »re a .mvtyr to fiisliarestion, Biil^usneM WHA'r Wl LL IT iX>? ■' ?v to^tipatioa, you have a S(JRK Semedy.ia GBoaaB's PILT,«,! WH AT -VkILL -IT HO ? If you suffer from nay Bownl dis'>rder, such as WHAi v\1LL I r I>OP •*i a*'S ^iil.tsilosico, yoa hive a liiaddv WHAT WILL IT DO? VdU can always roly upon. WHAT WILL If DO? rr If «n'^r fV{yrn inl are afraid that your WSAf- ^WILL IT DO? AET 13 •42o«ued, yon will had these Pills an EFFICACIOUS UKAianr* 'V HAT WILL ir. DO? „ If yoa sutler from 31c»4»c!ie C^Uldlne^ Geceue'e WH\T WILL Ii.1 DO ^llls w'11 remove these PAINS aooaec tiuia any other known WHAT WILL IL1 IhH medicine. \V HAT WILL IT OO ? [f you havg e i •» WHAT !\ILL IT DO? oae dom of ^orge'e^Pilte wiUaot likTa chfrml^^ WHAT WILL IT DO? q If F™ &< and risoa into the mouth, a few WHAT WILL IT DO ? 01 fch" 't3r^3<-y tVUl ;aa«'}your troubles a tiling 0f tha pasfc. WH AT WILL IT i>0 ? If yoa feal^rerv»?at, Ia»vairi.< WHAT WILL IT DO ? a perfect Ajrrii>'>r» will be found in ^iaorga'a Pills. e Irl'S Sn IT DO? If you have I in tfjo taouth WH \T WII l IT ooV Dosa cot i'i'« aud Gravel Pills a^ bed-fci ue wSa? w!l!; .T of by. WHAT WILL IT DO? -Bp aila fc? yoa :«est Try Geor/e'a Pills Tn.v w- i W HAT WILL IT DO ? mako y°0i' "e;l easy, sleep rotraahia^, and li«vxva 'your STHssr-iXtf. WHAT. WILL IT DO? If yoaf.iol untlb for Sxerfi«>;i. We;*U and 3 A mm <-v, WtlAl WILL IT DO? Rsmedy will restore your fixsaar a t ^I'Ris'vaTrr 'm' WHAT WILL IT I'O» ahour and Exorcise the JSKjoYiiisjrr of yc -"vfa m^f WHAT WILL IT DO. T» „ 3 WHAT WILL IT DO T^ue croubled w oh J^ I Vomiting at tht- W HAT WILL IT DO ? i j't ,o>r'a~' °)d G^r-o s p,H9 fill m.ikj your meat aud WHAT WILL IT DO ? dritk Utl AaJ WHAT WILL IT DO ? If y^ui idi<>H>"J1 H impure, b will k^en 'nnn WHAT WILL IT DO ? outlets of the bi<ly, and thu. fr^ exit S „nPC)rt'V0 WHAT WILL IT DO? and no more ""will be' rpL k WHAT WILL IT DO through the Skin ia Pimple*, bu-sci^s WHAT WILL IT DO> »oil». "Wiee, <OrWl WHAT WILL IT DO? Ia thousands of caaew it has removed from thn Tii^-i WHAT WILL IT DO? branch, r00^ an'3 WHAT WILL IT DO ? that had defied all other Remedies. rail.ts WHAT WILL IT DO? If you have a tendency to K>r<>»sica3 WHAT WILL IT DO? Remedy, by it3 aotiou upon tha KIDNSYS and SKIN wiil tili? WHAT WILL IT DO? Belief/. Tul .SOoa briu, WHAT WILL IT DO? Lf'you have Oiilicillty Of Breath in* >- Vhi- WHAT WILL IT DO ? prove a friend to you in the hour of uead rem*<iy wili WHAT WILL IT DO? Is wiU change your constant aiiiij^ r,o freedom from r> WHAT WILL IT DO? It will chan«-e the sUlow complexion to b!0)m « WHAT WILL IT DO ? It will change your sickiinea/co vi^oaV; your Ian™, WHAT WILL IT DO ? and your general debility co firmness of sinew and tnuVh toactlvlty WHAT WILL IT DO? Ib i8 Aperient, ard therefore^ lm rem,' WHAT WILL IT DO? patittll. It ia Al.ta ^lioj.s, and will th3 r <'0n*t|- ^VHAT WILL IT DO? rregularitios of the l^iver. It it 'a j T9' Corrftct al; WHAi' WILL f T DO ? keep open the water pasia.;ea. It ia 'aTonic' ^'n WHAr WILL IT DO? g^'ve tone and vigour to the DiansTivu OSGAVS it W;I I^?RDF,JRO' WHAT WILL IT DO? ^URIF>I»FR and I«ERVE.MTRENFFTIM»I» J •. WHAT WILL IT D(/ ALL YOU WANT. "»««!«„ it is, therefore Thaaa ^)Kl-rvi)yi3i Fill-4 rt"" ^olc} r73L-/>yhgre, ia RJJ03 Ill} lil ? 20 p MADE WITH BOILING WATER. A-ft M E E PP S S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA MADE WITH BOILING MILK. Sooth Wales Emigration Office, Pontjjffidd. JAMES ROBERTS. LICENSED PASSENGER AGENT, Books to all parts of the world and by all lines of steamers. American Passes exchanged free of cost, and "bis Passengers are met in Liverpool by responsible Agent on their arrival, and conducted to the Steamer^ LQvViSir JFAft r ) ALL PAli C.-JOff T3S-< 'WORLD QUOTED A MUKTETS SALE 20 PER CENT. OFF FOR CASH. JOHN CRo^imr & op, CABIN^SASIW, SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! J0IIN OROCKBTt & CO. Upholsterers, &c., are Selling Off! JOHN CROCKETT & Gq. are Selling 0 £ LN<9«R Furniture, Iron Bedsteads, Mattresses, Chairs, tad TftJjle* 5 patches, Oiocks, tcold Alberts, GTuards/Gofd Sc Eaf flings. rOBN CEOCKKTT & Co. are Selling Off, go and see how cheaply you can buy their Goods, which everybody knewa are of the very best quality. Watches cleaned and repaired, and Upholstering done in town and country. Clocks oleaned and repaired; Undertaking in all its branohee. Sballibivr Coaches or Beane. 1 ^MEDICAL ADVISEE "j" Prom 6' (under coverj, 6 stamps* J- WILLIAMS, MEDICAID PUBLISHER PMV t 22, MARISCHAL ST., ABERDEEN! 'I THE PfCKET MEDICAL AMSER. for the Self-treatment of Nervous and Func- Frree? TenfS'indueedb>l Overwork, Worn/ BY_THBJTEWL^CAt TREATMENT [&F| ^^BteHsjhoald procare this handy Refers — 0P *Arions Ailments, and tbo^ —a_?Pj_°^iecti°nable madieina- B| Vida-Medical Adviser. | THE PUBLIC HEALTH is of the utmost importance. Nothing can pre- ser79 it like HUGHES' BLOOD PILM. Try a bor of them and you will be ocnvinced of their marvellous influence for all Blood, Skin, and Nerve diseases Ssilid> 2a-9d-aud 6J- of vendora. U CABBURY^ BBOS. direct attention tae Dutch Oocoas and other English imitations, acid as pure Cocoa, to which about 4 per cent, of Alkali and other agents are added, to give apparent strenath to the liquor, by making it a dark colour. This ddition may be, detected by the scent when a n is freshly opened. No Cocoa can be stronsfert han Cad bury's which is guranteed ABSOLUTELY PUliS -4. CONSUMPTION; positive remedy for the above disease j by ita tm /ion«nds ef oum of the wont kind and of long aUndtf have boon cured. Indeed, so strong ia my faiCh la it* «OcaA timt I wiU aend TWO BOTTLES PBBE. tawttur^rithi VALUABLE TREATISE «• thi> Give Addwae la full. Da. I. A, m.








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