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RHOS COMPENSATION CASES. At Wrexham County Court, on Wednesday, before his Honour Judge Moss. RHOS MINER S CLAIM. Edward Williams, miner, Rhos, brought an action under the Workmen's Compensation Act. against the Vauxhall Colliery Co., to recovei- the sum of 18s 9d per week for total incapacity. Mr Wynn Evans represented the applicaut, and Mr Ellis the respondents. Applicant's case was that on March 4th last, he met with an accident whilst working at the Vauxhall Colliery. A fall of roof occurred, and his back was severely injured. He was paid compens-ition at the rate of 178 9d per week up to October 16th, when he was told that he was able to do work on the screens. He made an attempt, but failed. Dr J. C. Davies said he had attended the applicant regularly since the accident. Appli- cant informed him in October that the respond. ents had .said he yould do light work, and fit- ness advised him to try. Applicant tried on two days but his condition was worse afterwards than it was before. He did not think Williams was fit 'g«t>b ,do:i;he, wÅ"r. Dr Moss described the <x»ndition of the appli- cant, a$d* said that any work thai/ did not in- volve continuous strain upon the back muscles would benefit him. He did not think 4e could work on the screens, Dr William Lees, called on behalf of the re- spondents, said he found scars on the man's back, but no evidence Of any dicease of the spinal "Ife felt strongly that light work would benefit him. His Honour found that there was total incap- acity fo.r' ten we^ks,, and awarded applicant 17s 9d for that period. After the period of ten weeks he found applicant to be partially incapaciated, and that he was so now, and awarded him the sum of 12s per week. RHOS MINER'S CLAIM FAILS. Thos Jones, 13, Hope-street, Rhos, miner, sought to recover the sum of C6 3s. from the Vauxhall Colliery Company. Applicant's case was that on May 27th, 1909, he met with an accident and was paid 18s per week compensation to August 13th. His claim was for total incapacity from Aug 13 to Sept 29th, and totalled up to A:6 3s. When com- pensation was stopped in August he was told that he was ready to go back to work. He went back, and asked for his old place, and was told thft it was worked out, and that they had no work for him. In cross-examination, applicant said he did not think he could do the work, but when they asked him, he thought it was his duty to go and try. Dr J. 0. Davies said he attended Jones and gave him a certificate for total incapacity down to Sept 29th. Ha was quite positive that he was totally unfit ior work until that date. The man met with an accident through a fall of coal, and injured the lumbar muscles. Dr Hislop and Dr Lees were called for the re- spondents. His Honour said that he was not satisfied that the applicant was totally incapacitated. He gave judgment in favour of the respondents. ANOTHER RHOS CASE. His Honour gave judgment in a case in which Thomas Dodd, 4, Smith-street, Rhos, miner, claimed lie 6d per week for total incapacity from the Ruabon Coal Company in respect of an ac- cident. The case was heard at the last court. His Honour found that the applicant was to- tally incapacitated as from Sept 30th, and award- ed him 118 6d per week during such period as total incapacity existed. Each party would pay their own costs

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