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11 B&NMR STA TleRBB T 11 I I A LABOS AND VARIED STOCK OF „ 10XED STATIONERY I ALWAYS ON BAND. NKAVLY BOXED, AND AT PRICKS TO SUIT EVERYBODY I Bosei 3d«, 6d., and 11- > I Mourning Kot. :Paper and Xn-<r«lop*a -IE-. Not I 7oolio«p Fapar and EnTtlopti, Blotting Paper 1 Id PACKET OF"' STATIONERY I IN THE DI8. I "WEBSTEE/'S Q-OIjD ME2DAL X29*3C8. « I mle-mo BOOKS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, EXERCISE BOOKS, DAY BOOKS I LEDOailS, fee., m great variety. E. MIL L SAND SONS, I Iprinttrs, jtatiøRirs, ookstllttSt ftttosagtitts, £ c HERALD OFFICE, RHOS „ '< M < IF IVIIIIIS XS DULL 1 ¡t — — ■' • ■■-•-■rgiwri- ■•-rssaaffi- r—~—^ fettb If Business is ctWl, that is the time to advertise. Advertising will turn the Kqf dullness of to-day into the brisk trade of to-morrow. If business is good. that I ',¡¡' K I fMfe is the time to advertise. Surely every merchant wishes business to stay good, B jfcjgj" and advertising is an assurance of this. No matter how much business a 1 merchant is doing, he should not be averse to seeing it become better. Good E ,/Vf|^l advertising will accomplish this. The man who has had energy enough to 1 mia_ work up a good trade usually has the ambition to wish to see it grow and 1 aA^^gp grow. Tholl be shiaa use more and better advertising. ? I i I A "OMW THIS MOTRSXIALQ I I' IS A S91XK9XB J 'i' tn Ij n