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Chester Historical Pageant Notes INTRODUCTORY. Interesi, has been aroused throughout Britain, sad has extended to America, by the announcement made that an Historical Pageant will be held in tfcsr ancient and renowned city of Chester, Few cities" possess the charm of antiquity and the picturesque associations of Chester. None is better adapted for a Pageant, and few have such a long .,and varied history from which to choose episodes, at once illu- minating and entertaining. LChester traces itø origin back to a very remote period, and it caa been occupied in turn by Romans, Britions, Saxons and Danes. It has links with all the ancients and it is the only city in England that still posseiises its- Walls perfect in their centre circuit. No -wonder enthusiasm is being kindled throughout the kiig" dom in the representation of the city's glorioaa paat. The dates selected for the holding of the Pageant- are July 18th to 23rd, 1910. Until the first-named day we have made arrangements to keep our readers in touch with all the developments of the forth" ,coming Pageant, and articles will be published periodically dealing with the subject from' many points of view. INFLUENTIAL SUPPORT. Success already is assured the Pageant. Soyas patronage has been obtained, and the leading families of Chester, Cheshire, North Wales, and other districts, with the Duke and Duchese of Westminster at their head, have identified and busied themselves with the project. Substantial subscription lists and guarantee t'undp, reaching to several thousand pounds, are increasing daily, and large bands of voluntary woikers are engaged in the multifarious work of preparation. An ex perienced Master has been secured in Mr. George P. Hawtrey, who was associated with the donees* tershire nnd Cardiff Pageants, and capable managers in Messrs. Baring Bros., long familiar with all that make-j for the success of Pageantry. SELECTING THE EPISODES. The chief difficulty which faced the Historical Committee in their choice of episodes for the Pageant was to discriminate between the numerous important incidents crowded into the city'a history. It is necessary to represent those which appeal tc popularity, and yet trace chronologically, and do adequate justice to, the different centuries and their peoples. Not many cities have stood through so many ages and witnessed the stirring events of bye-gone days at Chester. The writers of tfasr episodes could dip into the history of twenty centuries, and in each find something worthy of representation. The warfare of the Britons, thO'. occupation of the Romans, the lives of the moinke and friars, the gallery of Royal visits, sieges and insurrections, all vie with each other in importance, Much trouble and patient work has resulted is the selection of eight episodes in every way attractive I and creditable also to Chester's unique past. THE EPISODES. The episodes will be as follows :— I. Agrioola returns to Deva after defeating tlut Ordovices, A.D. 78. If. King Edgar, on his Imperial progress, with Queen Elfrida, receives the homage of Tributary Princes, A.D. 975. III. Hugh Luptus, with St. Anselm, founds th, Abbey of St. Werbugh, A.D 1093. IV. Archbishup Baldwin preaches the crusade Chester, A.D. 1189. V. Prince Edward, first Royal Earl of Chesterr- and Princess Eleanor visit Cheter, A.D. 125ft, Vi. Richard II. is brought a prisoner to Chtestof by Henry Bilingbroke A.D. 1399 VII. King James II. visits Chester. Introdnciag'- the Midsummer Kevels, A.D. 1617 VIII. Siege of Chester. Visit of King Chirleop A.D. 1645. Grand Tableau and March Past f Thanks to the generosity of his Grace the Duke of Westminster, an ideal site has been secured. If, is situated in the famous Eaton Park, and lieø. alongside one of the main drives to Eaton Hall, within a few minutes' walk of the tram rpnte. Experts consider the position in every way excellent* and as pretty a one as could be found. It has pic- turesque and sylvan surroundings, which will givio tne episodes a splenoid setting. In one directioo stretches undulating country leadir g to the not las" distant Welsh Hills, and in others the beauvifuJ woods of the estate. There will be no fewer than 3,000 performers- many of whom are well known in amateur theatri- cals, and their combined performance promises to eclipse the most sanguine expectations. The banc of the Royal Marines, of some 40 performers, hoo been engaed, and there will be gorgeous costumeo and stately dances. A covered auditorium yiU accommodate 4,OCO spectators. f

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