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LOCAL NEWS. RAINFALL FOR MARCH.—The rain- fall during the month of March at Llan- dudno was 2.270 inches. SUNSiBJINiE RECORD.—The total number of hours of bright sunshine re. corded at Llandudno for week ending April 12th was 45 hours 1 minute. The rainfall for the same week was 0.190 inches. ARRIVAL OF THE S.S. ST. TUDNO. The Steamship St. Tudna; Captain Wil- liams in command, arrived at the pier on the first trip of the season this Thursday afternoon, with over 400 passengers, who judging by the quantity of luggage, in- tend making Llandudno their head- quarters this Eastertide. The band of the Training Ship "Indefatigable" was on board and played selections. Mr W. H. Dodd, managing director, andl Mr Brew, secretary to the Company, were also on iboard. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCILS' COX FIO REXCE3 n response to the üir- cular letter received from the Clerk to the Urban District Councils' Associaiton, it has been decided to recommend the Coun- cil to appoint Mr Councillor J. McMaster and the Clerk to represent the Council 'at the annual meeting of the Association and Conference of Urban District Coun- cils, and to be held .at Wallasey on the 9th 10th, and; 11th of July next. The Clerk was instructed to call thisi Committee to- gether to consider the agenda of the annual meeting and conference when re- ceived. The Clerk was instructed to order the usual number of copies of the proceedings of the Conference for the use of the members of the Council. ANOTHER MEAN THEFT.—At a Special Court on Thursday morning, be- for Dr. Dalton andMr J. O. Thomas, a youth of 17 named Thomas. Devine was charged with stealing the sum of 28s., the property of his employer, Mr Rowland .Jones, carriage proprietor, the theft hav- ing been committed on the 13th November last. Mrs Rowlandi Jones, wife, of Rowland .Jones-, gave evidence in support, and said that in November last year she had pri- soner in her employ for three weeks. On the 13th of November she gave him. £,1 to go to the telephone office and 8s. to Mr Edwin Turner for rent. She did not see him again until that day.—Inspector -Owen said that on Wednesday he received the prisoner from Manchester City police, he having been released from Strange- ways Prison that morning. He charged a,ccusedi, who admitted the theftl and that hel went by tram to-Colwyn Bay and book- ed to Manchester.—Prisoner pleaded guilty, and said that if the magistrates would give him a chance he would turn over a, new leafv Three weeks in Strange- ways had taught him a lesson.—A woman in court offered to find the, lad a, home, but the magistrates committed him to prison for one month. WANTED TO BE LOCKED UP.— On Monday night a tramp named Beckett knocked at the door of the Police, Oourt and asked to be locked up. He was accom- modated and next morning sentenced to seven days' imprisonment under the Vagrancy Act. PROPOSED INCORPORATION OF LLANDULiNO.—A poll of the electors. took place on Saturday ta, decide whether it was desirable to proceed with an appli- cation for the Incorporation of Llan- dudno as a Borough. Very little interest was taken in the question as will be shewn by the figures given below. The number voting at the Police Station was 110; Town Hall, 139; Craigydon, 41; Carlton, 40; total,, 330. In favour, 92; against, 237; void for uncertainty, 1; total, 330. Majority against, 145. The total number of votes on register, includ- ing duplicates, is 2,033. PREFERRED TO GO TO GAOL.—At a Special Police Court on Tuesday, be- fore Mr W. Bevan and Mr J. O. Thomas, Peter Sla,vin, painter, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Back Madoc Street the previous evening, and with' also breaking a window and crockery. He was fined 2s. 6d. and costs, and ordered to pay 5s. damage.—Although he had nearly £ 3 in his pocket defendant pre- ferred to go to prison for seven days to paying the finei. LLANDUDNO UNITED1 CHOIR.— That the Llandudno United Choir, under the conductorship of Mr Yaughan Humphreys, should have journeyed to Rhyl on Monday next to compete in the test piece of the Eisteddfod competition, Dr. Parry's "I was tossed by the wave." Unfortunately the requisite number of members! was not forthcoming, and the projected visit of Llandudno's hope ha,s had to be a-bandoned. We understand that the choir will commence to practice in real earnest the first week in October, and judging from what we heard of them, a, few weeks ago, we have every confidence that they will make a name for themselves in choir circles, and we, wish them every possible success in their career. FUNERAL OF MRS. CHARLOTTE, HARDY.—On Thursday there were in- terred in the new portion of the St. Ffraid's Parish Churchyard the remains of Mrs Charlotte Hardy, formerly of tho Prince of Wales Hotel, Llandudno. According to the wishes of the deceased lady the interment took place in the new Cemetery attached to the, Parish Church. Mrs Hardy had been under medical treat- ment for a time, but death occurred very suddenly. The funeral was a, private one, and the officiating minister was the Rector of the Parish. Wreaths and! flowers were sent by the following friends:—Mr and Mrs Coates, Tynytwyll, Glan Conway; Mr and Mrs Williams, Denver House, Llandudno; Mrs Martin, Ventnor House, Llandudno; Mrs Jones, Elenhurst Junc- tion; Miss Barron, Elenhurst; Miss Hughes, Denver House. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr David Davies, Penybont, Glan Conway.



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