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LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER. AND LIST OF VISITORS. CHARGES FOR ADVERTISING. COUNTY, Municipal, Poor Law, Joint Stock, Legal and other Public Notices, Contracts, Tenders, etc., 6d. per line each insertion. BUSINESS Advertisements as per scale below. SPECIAL Positions per contract. SALES by Auction, Entertainments, Sermons, Trade Notices, Eisteddfodau, etc., 3d. per line, or 2s. 6d. per inch displayed. SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. HOUSES, Shops, Apartments, etc., To Let or Wanted; Articles Lost, Found, or for Private Sale; Servants or Situations, etc., Wanted. Insertion. One Two Three. Not exceeding 15 words Is Od Is 9d 2s 3d M 20 „ Is 3d 2s 3d 3 Od 25 „ Is 6d 2s 9d 3s 6d 30 „ Is 9d 3s Od 4s 3d 40 „ 2s 3d 4s Od 5e 6d BIRTHS and Deaths are charged Is. Marriages, 2a. No Advertisement booked under 2s. 6d. BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. DOUBLE Column.—One insertion 3s. per inch; 4 insertons 2s. 6d. per inch; 8 2s. 3d.; 13 2s.; 26 Is. 6d.; 52 Is. 3d. SINGLE Column.—One insertion 2s. per inch; 4 insertions Is. 8d.; 8 Is. 6d.; 13 Is. 4d.; 26 Is.; 52 lOd. A DISCOUNT of 10 per cent. allowed on pre- payment for continuous Advertisements. ALL communications and payments by cheques OT postal orders should be addressed to the Proprietors, Messrs. EDGE & MOY, Market Street, Llandudno. L L ANDSOWNE UOUSE gCHOOL AND 1 K INDERGARTEN, ABBEY ROAD, LLANDUDNO. Principal, Miss Raw. Successor to Misses M atthews and Standring Prospectuses on Application FRON, CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. Private Boarding and Day School for Girls with class for Little Boys. Individual attention given to backward or delicate children. Principals: THE MISSES MOXON. HAVE YOUJORNS ? Remove them in Three Days by using ^.meric^ST Coxm Silk (Ph. J. Form 772) Price 6d per box. Prepared by Kate N. Horniblow M.P.S. Dispensing and Photographic Chemist, 4, Queen's Buildings, Llaqdudqo. Telephone No. 104. Theeomplexion (Steam Absolutely free from grit, alkali, acid and every harmful ingredient pre- pared with extreme care from the purest emollients, and the most deli- cate perfumes. Carnation eream stands alone,and every lady who wishes to preserve her complexion should use it, Price 6d. & 11 per bottle. Free by post 7d. & Is. 3d. Frank N. Mercer 101, tyostyri St., Llandudno. Telephone No. 41. Coal Direct from Colliery. REDUCED SUMMER PRICES. The lowest possible SUMMER prices of coal are now ruling. For some years we have urged the advantages of laying in Winter st<rck at the present, season. Those of our clients who have taken this advice have always benefited, and last year saved at least FOUR SHILLINGS PER TON. by purchasing early instead of delaying until August or September. The several recent advances in miners' wages, to- gether with the MENACE OF AN EIGHT1 HOURS BILL, positively prohibit lower figures being offered than those now quoted. Indeed, on account of the IMMENSE INCREASE, IN FOREIGN EXPORTS OF COAL, we firmly believe prices will rise con- siderably as the season advance. Quota- tions to any Station on application for the CHEAPEST AND BEST COAL IN THE MARKET. Charlbrry Coal and Petroleum Co., 23, HAMILTON ROAD, READING. Telegrams—FUEL, READING. CONISTON, Mostyn Avenue. This con- venient modern -double-fronted house to let unfurnished. Rent 250. All con- veniences electric light. Trams pass the door.—Apply, Mr A. G. Pugh, Llewelyn Chambers, Llandudno. Great Orme Tramway. THE TRAMS will commence to run on Monday, April 13th, 1908, and contnue throughout the season. Cars leave Victoria Station, Church Walks, every 15 minutes, commencing each day at 9 a.m. (Sundays excepted). Return Fare to Summit, 9d. each. Single, Fare, 6d. Weekly, Monthly and Season Tickets may be had on application to the Manager. SPECIAL FARES FOR GOLFERS. H. SUTCLIFEiE, Secretary and Manager. If you would be graceful learn to skate. HIPPODROME, LLANDUDNO. Entirely re-constructed at a cost of £3000. C. P. CRAWFORD, General Manager. High Class Roller Skating. MILITARY BAND. AFTERNOON TEAS. MILITARY BAND. FREE TUITION. PRIVATE GARAGE THREE SESSIONS DAILY. MORNING SESSION -10-30 to 12-30. Admission Free. Skates Is. AFTERNOON SESSION—2 0 to 5-0. Admission 6d. Skates Is. Ladies ad- mitted Free at Afternoon Session. NIGHl SESSION-7 30 to 10-30 Admission Is Skates Is. Cloak Room Free at all Sessions. A Season Book good for 30 admissions and 30 skates will be sold for C2. We charge you just the same for the use of skating surface whether yeu use our skates or your own. Tea & Refreshment Rooms AT THE RINK. AFTERNOON TEAS A SPECIALITY. Chocolates, Cakes and Mineral Waters. ROBERT TWEEDELL, Proprietor. LLANDUDNO HYDROPATKID NEVILL CRESCENT. ESTABLISHED 1860. Registered for Telegrams, TKE HYDO. TURKISH and other Baths OPEN TO VISITORS FROM 7 A.M. TO 6 P.M. DAILY (EXCEPT SUNDAYS). WINTER TARRIFF, including Turkish Russian and Warm Baths, 8s. per day. } Coughing } Kills. 1 r Many people who neglect themselves J when they cough find out, when it S £ is too late, that they cannot cure it J f The strain of coughing shortens their lives by reducing their c s trength. j X Will-cure your Cough. > X Carragol is a vigour giving, health J producing force that assists the s j the lungs to throw off disease. 1 Your'e buying* health when you S 3 buy it, > Prices Is., Zs. d 3s. 9d. J 1 J. Winter & Co., ) c M.P.S., Dispensing Chemists, > i MOSTYN ST. & MOSTYN AVENUE, 3 LLANDUDNO. Telephone—Mostyn Street, 40. > { Craigydon, 40a. ) ^W/WyW^WvWyWyW/W'W'W<i Half Minute Talks on I Eyesight. Why should I use glasses," it is asked, h when I can see perfectly with- out?" The reply is, that although I seeing well, the eyes are most probably making an unconscious effort, and this eflort causes headache. The effort is not made when glasses are used, there- fore there is no headache. The testing of the sight by scientific I methods can alone decide as to the necessity of wearing glasses. We can do this for you. FRANK N. MERGER, Fs.M.c Fellow of the Worshipful Guild of Spectacle Makers and Holder of the Guild's Diploma for Proficiency in Sight Testing, 101, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. for Proficiency in Sight Testing, 101, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. COTTAGE TO LET.—Parlour, Kitchen, Scullery, 3 bedrooms, W.C., coal house, gas laid, rent 8s. 6d. Immediate possess- sion.—Apply, Mr Evan Roberts, Morfa House, West Shore. Llandudno Pier Co, Ltd, Secretary Mr. SAMUEL B JGHFC SEASON 1908. The Pier Company's Popular Concerts. Morning at 11, Evening at 7-45. GRAND ORCHESTRA. Musical Director: Mr. Arthur W. Payne, F.R.A.M. Conductor- Mr. Walter Haigh. Artistes. Special Concert, Saturday, Apl. 12- Miss CECILE BRANI, Soprano. April 16th to 20th— Miss LUCY NUTTALL, Contralto April 17th to 24th- Mr. DENBIGH COOPER, Baritone Admission to 6-0 p.m., 2d.; after 6-0 p.m., 6d PIER THEATRE VARIETIES, LLANDUDNO. Manager S. HUGHES, J unr. DAILY at 3 and 8 p.rr|- ROYAL AMERICAN eR QCOP Monday, April 2 th, and during the week- A Grateful Dog. That Mother-in-law is a bore. True Love. And 10,000 other Pictures. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SPECIAL TREAT FOR SCijOOL CHILDREN. Prizes for Boys and Girls Admission, 6d. and Is. Saturday After- noon, 3d. and 2d. Grand Theatre, LLANDUDNO. SATURDAY, April 18th, for Four Nighs only the brilliant Farcical Comedy, from Terry s Theatre, London- Is Marriage a Failure? Preceded by THE CHANCE. Doors open at 7.30 p m., commence at 8 Early Doors to Pit and Gallery at 7.15 p.m. 6d. extra. Seats in Dress and Upper Circle. Orchestra and Pit Stalls may be booked, Box Office open from 10 to 4. No charge for booking. Seats may also be booked at M. L. Wagstaff, The Gloucester, 89, Mostyn Street, at the Principal Hotels, or at Mr. A. J. Fleet Music Warehouse, Colwyn Bay. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—Boxes from 10/6; Orchestra Stalls, 4s.; Dress Circle, 4s. and 3s.; Upper Circle 2/6 Pit Stalls, 2s. 6d; Pit, 1/6 Amphitheatre, Is.; Gallery 6d. Telephone 0288. Electric Trams pass the Doors. Llaqdudqo & Colwyq Bay Electric Tramway Working Arrangements for the Easter Holidays, 1908. GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 17th. First Car leaves RHOS 8 30 a.m.. and LLANDUDNO TERMINUS 9 a.m. and every 20 minutes. SATURDAY, MONDAY AND TUES- DAY, 18th, 20th and 21st APRIL. First Oar leaves RHOS 8 a.m., and LLANDUDNO TERMINUS 8 30 a.m., and a frequent service con- tinued throughout the day. On all the above days, last Car leaves- RHOS 10 30 p.m., and LLANDUDNO 11 10 p.m. SPECIAL CARS FOR PIER CON- CERTS AND THEATRES. W. H. MOORHOUSE, General Manager, Tramway Depot, Rhos-on-Sea. ——- Prince's Theatre, LLANDUDNO Lessee and Manager .Mr. J. RITSON. Telephone 94 Good Friday, April 17th—Grand Musical Eisteddfod. Saturday, April 18th, tor Four Nights- Sapho. Box Office at Theatre 10 to 5. Doors open 7-30, Commence at 8. Seats may be booked at Wagstaff's 89, Mostyn Street Prices of Admission. 2s 6d, Is 6d, Is, and 6d. THE LADY FORESTER TRUST'. The Trustees invite Tenders for the supply of the undermentioned Articles to The Lady Forester Convalescent Home, Llandudno, froir the 1st May, 1908, to November 1st, 1908 (both inclusive). 1, Groceries; 2, Butchers' Meat; 3, Coals and Coke; 4, Milk; 5, Butter; 6, Fish and Poultry. Forms of Tenders upon which only Ten- ders will be received and Conditions of Contract may be obtained from the Matron, The Lady Forester Convalescent Home, Llandudno. 'Tenders must be sent in addressed to "The Lady Forester Trustees,, The Lady Forester Convalescent Home, Llandudno, se,aled and endorsed "Tender for"—not later than Thursday, April 23rd, 1908. The Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender and re- serve the right to accept either in whole or in part. TO LET.-R,othhury House, Vaughn a Street, Llandudno. 3 Entertaining Rooms, 12 Bedroooms, Bathroom, Lift to 2nd floor, usual Kitchens.—Apply, Henderson and Hallmark, Solicitors, Llandudno. The Llandudno Coachingand Carriage Company, Ltd. EASTER COACH TOURS FROM LLANDUDNO All Coaches start from the St. George's and Queen's Hotels. BETTWS-Y-COED.—The "Old Times" leaves daily at 10 a.m. Eare 7s. PENMAENMA WR.-The "Wonder" leaves daily 10 a.m. and 2-30 p.m. Fare 4s COLWYN BAY.-The Express" leaves daily at 10 30 a.m., and 2-30 p.m. Fare 2s. 6d. BODNANT HALL & GARDENS—The "Rocket Ii eaves every Tuesday and Saturday at 2-30 p.m Fare 4 J ABER-Coachesleave every Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. Fare 5s NEW SHORT LOOP via Talycafn, Monday and Thursday, at 2-30 p,m. Fare 4s. SUPERIOR PRIVATE COACHES, RUBBER- TYRED CARRIAGES, WAGGONETTES, DOG- CARTS, PONY TRAPSADDLE HORSES ON HIRE- Booking Offices-The Coach Office, Queen's Hotel Gardens, Clonmel Street, and at the Pier Gates. Telephone No. 9. BOARD OF TRADE—SESSION 1908. LLANDUDNO PIER. NOTICE is Hereby Given that the Board of Trade have made and issued a Provisional Order under the provsions of the General Pier and Harbour Act 1861, and the General Pier and Harbour Act, 1861 Amendment Act with a view to the same being included in a Confirmation Bill, about to be introduced into Parlia- ment, to the Llandudno Pier Company. Limited for the maintenanee,and manage- ment of the Llandudno Pier in the County of Carnarvon, for authorising a widening thereof; for repealing the Llandudno Pier Orders 1876 1880 and 1892 and for other purposes. A copy of the Provisional Order has been deposited for Public inspection at the offices of the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Carnarvon ;and printed copies of the same can be obtained at the offices of the undermentionedl Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents at a price not exceeding one shilling each. Dated this 16th day of April, 1908. CHAMBERLAIN & JOHNSON, Llandudno, Solicitors, for the Order. CHAMBERLAIN, JOHNSON & HARTOPP, 10, Norfolk Street, Strand, W.C. Parliamentary Agents. MESSRS. WM. DEW & SON, AUCTIONEERS, Valuers, Surveyors, House and Estate Agents, OF CAXTON BUILDINCS, BANGOR, AND TRINITY SQUARE, Llandudno, Sales of Property, „ Household Furniture, „ Farming Stock, etc. Valuations, Surveys, etc. Telegrams, "Dewson." Telephone No. 47 Craigside Hydro, LLANDUDNO CHARMING RESIDENCE. LUXURIOUS BATHS Turkish, Russian, and Electric). TENNIS. Golf Links near. Evening Entertainments RALPH E. MUNRO, Manager. Miscellaneous. AP ARiTlMEN:TIS.Oomfort,ahle Apart- ments near to Pier and Golf Links, with or without 'board.—For terms, apply to Miss Walker, "Seabright," Deganwy St. WANTED.—Smart young waitresses for Oafe Bijou-Apply at once to Manageress, Cafe Bijou, Mostyn Street. BARGAIN.—Gent's Latest Pattern 1908 Coventry Cycle as new, not soiled, fitted with two latest pattern Crabbe roller lever rim brakes, ball bearing, free wheel, clincher tyres, plated and enamelled centre wheels, line frame and guards, also complete with all accessories, including plated gas lamp. Clash wanted, lowest 24 2s. 6d. Great Bargain. Approval willingly.—C. House, St. Madge, Pitman Road, Weston-Super-Mare. DOG COLLARS engraved with full name and address, one shilling, at Salzedo's, Jeweller, Lloyd Street. WANITIED.-A Housemaid., good wages. —Apply, 'Baldwin,' Lloyd Street, Llan- dudno. WANTED.—An Apprentice to the Jewellery Trade.—Apply, Reading's, Upper Mostyn Street. LLANDUDNO SANATORIUM & CON- VALESCENT HOME FOR WOMEN, 5 CLONMEL STREET.—This Home ia now open for the reception of Patients. Subscribers of £ 1 Is. can nominate one patient for three weeks, at a cost to the patient of 6s. per week.—Miss Finne-* more, matron. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-EveTy Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S 'RELIABLE' NURSERY POMADF. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins 4d. and 9d. Postage Id. Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading. Agent for Llandudno:—J. Winter, 3 Mostyn Street; Deganwy, H. Rogerts Jones, WANTED .Two Sinjart Girls as ticket collectors at the Pier Theatre of Varieties. —Apply, (S. Hugheis, junr., between 10 and 11 o'clock, at the Pier Gates. APARTMEiNTS.To all having Apart- ments to Let-Do not lose pounds by hav- ing your Apartments empty when for l's. (or three weeks 2s.) you can have a 30 word advertisement in six London Sub- urban newspapers circulating in London Suburban districts which each year send thousands of visitors to Llandudno and other Watering Places on the Coast. Name of papers—Ley ton, Leytonstone, West Ham, Wanstead, Woodford, Forest Gate, Manor Park and Ilford Express and Inde- pendent. Address, Publisher, Indepen- dent Office, Leytonstone. IMPORTANT NOTICE. The Grand Hotel, Llandudno are offering special reduced inclusive terms during the Winter months. Golfers availing themselves of these Terms can obtain Luncheon at the North Wales Golf Club. The Hotel Porters meet the trains and convey Visitors' luggage free of charge upon receiving notice of time of arrival. Luxurious Suites of Rooms for Recep- tions, Banquets, Balls, etc. Telephones Nos. 150 and 0281. Telegrams -"Grand Llandudno." Full particulars apply, Reginald C. Vaughan, General Mianager. Also Edinburgh Carlton Hotel.