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Gohebiaethau. THE L.C.C. ELECTIONS. To the Editor of CYMRO LLUNDAIN A'R CELT. DEAR SlR,-I am surprised no one has seen fit to reply to the letter of a follower of the Duke of Norfolk in your issue of February 9th last, and yet it should be rather a matter for congratulation that the many readers of your paper are able to rise above and re- gard with disdain such an inflammatory and contra- dictory epistle. It is characteristic of the Moderate party to appeal to the Caesar of Self, and worthy of their Bricks and Blankets'" methods of fighting, to put forth that appeal upon a false issue. As a matter of fact the L.C.C. in their General Powers' Bill do not seek for anything new, in the matter of milk supply. They only seek to confer similar powers on all the various local bodies, some of which at present are able to establish depots. "Devonshire Cream" is wilfully misleading when he omits to state what the milk depots exist for. There is not the remotest intention on the part of the local bodies to provide anything except "modified milk" for the feeding of infants, which is not at present supplied by milk vendors generally. There is here no unfair and unjust competition," and when it is known that the dairymen are fighting against what is avowed by all sanitary experts to be the best cure known for in- fantile mortality, it will not redound to their credit. To place trade before health is to return to the middle ages, and even to the times of the Norman Barons. The Municipal Reformers are against municipal trading, says "Devonshire Cream"; yes, they are against everything which makes for the good of the common people, as distinguished from the benefits accruing to the classes. Devonshire Cream does not give us any information as to what these people with a newly-hatched name are in favour of. Then let me enumerate a few 1. Handing over London to the Trusts for the electric supply. 2. Handing over the schools to the priests for management. 3. The leasing of municipal monopolies to com- pany promoters. In fact any project for relieving the burdened rate- payers of profitable and remunerative investments, has the entire and hearty support of the Ducal Gang," as they hope to keep the cream (Devonshire and otherwise) for their own consumption, leaving us the poor ratepayers to fight for the skimmed." Welsh dairymen do not be misled. Nac anghofiwch. Na choeliwch na'r Due na Devonshire Cream," ond rhowch eich llais a'ch pleidlais dros y blaid, o'r hon y mae pump o leiaf o'i phleidwyr yn yr etholiad presennol yn Gymry glan.I am, &c., WELSH CHEESE.




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