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Notes and News.


Notes and News. AFTER all, we must eat the leek and wear the daffodil. MR. M'KENNA commenced his education crusade last Tuesday. No rate money for religious teaching is his first proposition. IT is a long time since Mr. D. Lloyd- George was seen to such an advantage in the House of Commons as when he pum- melled Mr. Balfour's policy last week. It was a real treat. ECONOMY and efficiency seem to be the watchwords of the present Government. The new Army scheme of Mr. Haldane will, it is expected, reduce the expenditure about two millions per annum. IT is prophesied that London will be Municipally Reformed after to-day. The only reformation it has experienced lately is in the nature of new rates-always an in- crease. • PROFESSOR HENRY JONES is described by some Welsh papers as a Baptist, by others as a Calvinistic Methodist, and again by some as an Unitarian. What are the Glas- gow Professor's real religious views ? MR. IVOR JOHN says that the Daffodil is the real national emblem of Wales and not the leek. "If I was allowed to select the most appropriate emblem," writes a KELT correspondent, I should select neither the daffodil nor the leek, but the ivy." THERE has been a strike amongst the printers employed at the Church Printing Press," Lampeter. The average wages are stated to be 22s. weekly, and the directors state they cannot pay more as their concern only just pays. PEOPLE must not believe all the rosy things they hear about Canada. Emigra- tion agents and Canadian representatives are paid for booming the country in question, and people in Wales should not forget that fact. There is plenty of scope on the waste lands in Wales if our abominable land system were properly adjusted. WE think that the good people of Aber- ystwyth could very well include the following in their list of sights and performances :— Town Council pyrotechnics every alternate Tuesday. Word slanging matches. Definitions of lyiquid Lunacy" and "India-rubber Tubing." Admission Free. QUOTH the Western Mail: "A graceless suggestion is made by the LONDON WELSH- MAN. Because coal is 30s. a ton the journal says that Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., as a colliery owner, would confer more benefit upon the people if he tried to get coal sold at a less extortionate price instead of talking empty platitudes at 'young Welsh Liberal meetings.' We have no doubt about it, but it is so much easier to spare platitudes than profit." Our contemporary's comment is decidedly true. Gwir bob gair. ONE Welsh lady was amongst the victims of the "Berlin" disaster off the Hook of Holland. This was Mrs. Phillips-Jones, wife of Captain Jones, Aberayrori, who was on her way to Rotterdam, where her husband's steamer was due to arrive. Mrs. Phillips- Jones is known to many KELT readers. She was the daughter of ex-Superintendent Phillips, of the Cardiganshire Police, and I was born at Tregaron, subsequently re-' moving to Aberayron, where she was married to Captain Jones. Mrs. Phillips- Jones was a most genial lady, and greatly liked in the little Cardiganshire town. She was a faithful member of Tabernacle Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. We feel sure that the sympathy of every KELT reader will be extended to the bereaved husband, as well as to the sorrowing parents and brothers and sisters. A DOUBT has, perhaps, naturally arisen in the minds of many of our readers as to what will become of the Central Welsh Board in view of the developments at the Board of Education. Mr. Alfred T. Davies has him- self assured the Press that the creation of this new Department will not affect the position of the Central Welsh Board or the administration of the Welsh Intermediate Act, and that at present there is no intention of deviating from the position which the Central Welsh Board occupies under the Act of 1889. THE light has returned, apparently, to Dr. W. Robertson Nicoll, the Editor of the British Weekly. He is included in the list of distinguished people who desire to com- mend to our fellow-electors Mr. G. L. Bruce and Mr. C. A. McCurdy as our representa- tives on the County Council." Mr. Bruce and Mr. McCurdy are the Progressive candi- dates for Hampstead. In view of his extraordinary articles on County Council politics some time ago, Dr. Robertson Nicoll's present action is surprising, but the surprise is one which will be welcomed by all Pro- gressives. Other supporters are Canon Barnett, Dr. Horton, Dr. Sophia Bryant, and many other prominent people. SIR LEWIS DIBDIN, First Estates Com- missioner, giving evidence on Tuesday last, before the Welsh Church Commission from figures compiled by the Ecclesiastical Com- missioners, the administrators of Queen Anne's Bounty Fund, and the Bishops of the four Welsh dioceses, said the sum re- ceived in "first fruits and tenths" from England was Y,15,402, and from Wales £ 835. About £ 60,000 a year was received from English sources for Welsh Church purposes. The income from estates last year included £1,300,000 ,from England, and £ 34,000 from Wales. Since the forma- tion of the Queen Anne's Bounty Fund the sum of 1487,350 had been paid to Wales and about 1163,000 received from Wales.