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Notes and News.


Notes and News. MR. ELLIS J. GRIFFITH is now the only Welsh revolter. ELFED is not a convert of the Rev. J. Hugh Edwards, and will not speak at Cardiff on his behalf as announced in some dailies. THE Welsh party met as usual on the commencement of the Session. It was not discussed whether Mr. Ellis Griffith should be sent to the clock tower or not. DURING the last year 1,800 tramps were relieved in Cardiganshire. Of these 1,093 were Englishmen, 411 Irishmen, 236 Welsh, and 112 Scots. The figures speak for them- selves. IT is anticipated that the Welsh Church Commission will give its report during the autumn, and then the Government will be able to include a Disestablishment Bill in next year's King's Speech. MR. WILLIAM JONES is on his way home from India, and it is expected he will be present at Westminster within the next fort- night. Mr. Jones has enjoyed his Indian holiday very much. A WESLEYAN witness has been highly complimented by the Welsh Church Com- missioners for the lucid manner in which he prepared his evidence and figures. Welsh Methodists and Independents please note. THE proposed testimonial to Mr. Wm. Jones has been sadly neglected and mis- managed. His many friends in London have not had an opportunity to add their mite to the funds, nor is it generally known where to remit the money. THE RT. HON. D. LLOYD-GEORGE had a glorious reception in Belfast, and the meet- ing he addressed was one of the largest ever witnessed in that city. He said things there too, that no mere Saxon would have dared to utter. DURING the last year close upon £ 50 was collected by the Aberystwyth Calvinistic Methodist Churches in aid of the local Infirmary, whilst £12 only was collected towards the same Institution by the local Anglican Churches. We were not surprised to read that Mr. Fryer, speaking as a Church- man, said he was "ashamed" to mention this fact. THE fact that the late Mr. Whiteley, of Westbourne Grove, left over a million pounds towards charitable causes, has led some correspondents in Welsh newspapers to regret the lack of similar philanthropic sentiments amongst those Welshman who have attained great wealth. It is a remark- able fact that Welshmen who amass fortunes very rarely leave big sums of money to public charities in their native Wales. This is a most striking fact, especially as the Welshman, generally speaking, has the re- putation of being liberal-minded. ACCORDING to the Cardiff Echo" Ssopan Ffach and Trabytoel and other Welsh hymns" were sung by the crowd at the Wales v. Scotland International Football match. "Ssopan Ffach" is particularly funny, and as for other Welsh hymns," words fail us WE note that in an action brought by a lady against an engineer, heard at Beau- maris lately, it was stated that her album contained the following written by the defendant I wish I were a china cup, From which you take your tea, For every time you took a sup Would mean a kiss for me. Doniol iawn, onide ? AT last week's Cardiff County Court :— Jewish Witness Ze vorniture, yes, it vos my wife's. Judge Your wife owns your furniture, and you owe nearly £ 40 for clothes Witness Vell, I haf the hopes to pay. Judge Hope is not a substantial thing to go upon. You must pay. SPEAKING at an interesting discussion at Towyn the other night on the question of harp-playing in Welsh homes, the Rev. R. R. Williams, pastor of the English Presbyterian Church, said that the sweet and sky- larky" tones of the harp would be much preferable to the humdrum sound of the harmonium, heard on Sundays in the houses of workmen in quarry districts. Mr. Wil- liams is undoubtedly right. THE London illustrated journals take much more interest in Wales than they used to do. The Sphere lately contained an admirable picture of the memorial stone recently erected in Merionethshire to the memory of the little Welsh girl, Mary Jones, who walked over the mountains to Bala in order to rescue a Welsh Bible from the Rev. Thomas Charles, an incident which led to the starting of the British and Foreign Bible Society. A TYPICALLY Tory cartoon appeared in a London Sunday paper. It represented Mr. Lloyd-George and other members of the Cabinet at the House of Commons door, and this is what Mrs. Britannia is reported as having told them:— Just scrape some of the mud off your boots. I don't want my House turned into a pig-sty. It is bad enough, as it is, with many of the new lodgers I have now, even when they do clean themselves up a bit and put on their Sunday clothes. But you To think of my reputable place being messed up with such noisy and dirty riff-raff! I'll never trust to testimonials and recommendations again! The taste of the cartoon and its accompany- ing comments is typical of the gentlemen of England." DR. MORGAN J. REES, of Reading, was appointed medical officer of health for the Aberdare district on Tuesday last. Dr. Rees is a young man well respected in London, and his many friends will be pleased to hear of his success. He is a thorough Welshman. His father is a pro- minent deacon in Jewin C. M. Chapel, and an elder brother is pastor of the Welsh C. M. Chapel at Aberystwyth. Aberdare was fully alive to the necessity of appointing a Welsh speaking officer, and the people are to be congratulated on selecting such a promising young Welshman. AT a meeting of the Welsh members on Tuesday, Sir Alfred Thomas was re-elected chairman of the party, and Sir Brynmor Jones and Mr. Herbert Roberts as organisers and whips. The chief question for dis- cussion was what Welsh measures were to have precedent in the work of the Session. Most of the members were present on the occasion, and it was noticed that better unanimity prevailed at this meeting than at the previous gatherings. MR. LLOYD-GEORGE was quite justified in. stating at the Welsh members' meeting on Tuesday, that his speech at Carnarvon has been wilfully misinterpreted. This has been pointed out by us from the first, and we feel sorry for the semi-political preachers who have been led astray by some unscrupulous politicians. We trust that now the Right Hon. Member for Carnarvon has explained his position we have heard the last of a Welsh revolt.