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Ton-Pentpe 'Po!!ce Court. Monday.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Mr. T. P. Jenkms, Alderman E. H. Davies, Alderman wm. 'Morgan, Messrs. Enoch Davies and 'V. T. Jones. STIPENDIARY'S NEW RULE AS TO DANCES. Mr. F. T Studd, manager of the Olympia Skating Rink, Pentre, applied 'for an extension or license on Friday next on the occasion of the Pentre Hockey Club dance. The Stipendiary said he would like to have a list of names of the gentlemen who were prepared to act as stewards, and to become responsible for the good con- duct of the dance, and for that purpose he ask ed- that the application be. repeated at Pontypridd on Wednesday. SHIRTS AND BOOTS. James Roberts, labourer, of no fixed abode, was charged with stealing four 'shirts, value 15s., the property of Wm. Henrv, Empire Clothing Co., Hannah Street, Perth, oo David John Woolcock, pumpsman, SM, Leslie Terrace, Forth, said he saw pri- soner take the shirts off a nail outside prosecutor's shop on Saturday last. He gave information to the proprietors. David Arthur Davies, assistant in pro- secutor's employ, said that on receipt of information he followed prisoner, and saw him throw the shirts over some. mailings. P.C. Evans, Trehafod, proved to arrest- ing prisoner in Hannah Street later in the evening..1, ,1 Prisoner, who pleaded guilty to the charge, was nexjt charged jointly with another prisoner named Bake with steal- ing a, pair of boots, value 7s, lid., the property of Geo. Oliver. Arthur James, labourer, Ynyshir, said he was with. his wife in Hannah Street -on Saturday evening. He saw Bake take a pair of boots from a nail outside Messrs. Oliver's boot shop, and hand them to Roberts. Witness followed both men to the Perth Hotel, where he subsequently pointed them out to the police. Roberts said it was he who took the boots. He did not see the other man at all. A nne of 10s. in each case was imposed upon Roberts, or fourteen days. Bake was fined 10s. TEN DAYS FOR 1/8. Thomas Garrett, labourer, was charged with stealing Is. 8d. from a fellow-lodger, Harry Hughes, at 26, Coedpenmaen Rd., Coedpenmaen, on 28th January. Prisoner admitted stealing the money and spending it in various public-houses. A fine of 15s., or ten days, was im- posed. NOT FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY." Fredk. Jenkins, collier, Clydach Vale, was charged with having deserted his wife and family, who had become charge- able to the Pontypridd Union. Mr. Ack Llewellyn, warrant omcer, 'prosecuted, and said prisoner had been in America, since he left his wdfe. Prisoner said he was very sorry and was prepared to refund the money to the Gua.rdia.nf5. That would not purge the offence," observed the Stipendiary. "-You left your wife and children and went to America. If it were a land flowing with milk and honey, as you thought it was, I don't suppose" you would have returned." Sentence of six weeks' hard labour was Passed. TAILORESS AND" COMMERCIAL." Elsie Boncombe (single), tailoress, of 69, Court Street, Tonypandy, summoned Stanley Williams, a. commercial traveller in the employ of the Quaker Tea Co., to show cause, &c. Mr. Harold Lloyd, Car- diir, appeared for the complaiiipnt, and Mr. Leonard Porcher, Pontypridd, for the defendant. Complainant said that on the 1st Jan. last year she went to stay with her mar- ried sister at Springneld Cottage, Lin- stod. North Devon. Defendant, who was a friend of the family, was staying there at the time. On the following Sunday morning, when she and defendant were alone in the house, the latter came to her bedroom, locked the door, and im- proper relations ensued. He left on the following morning, and she remained for a week longer. She gave birth to a child in October last. Gertrude Kelly, complainant's sister, said that defendant had stayed at her house on several occasions, but not since the alleged affair with her sister took place. She wa,s on friendly terms with defendant's wife, and correspondence passed between them. On the day the misconduct was said to have taken ptaee, witness said she left home early in the morning to do some housework for a lad-, and did not return till- late in the 'evening. Her husband, who had also left the house in the morning, did not return Until the afternoon. Mr. Lloyd then called upon .the defen- dant, who admitted staying at Mrs. Kelly's house on the dates mentioned. On the Sunday morning in question com- plainant brought a cup of tea to his bed* room door, but did not come. into the room. He gave an absolute, denial to 'bhe story that he entered complainant's room and misconducted himself with her. Mr. Porcher submitted that he had no <;ase to a.nswer, as there was not a tittle of corroboration from beginning, to end. The Bench held a similar view, and the case was dismissed. EX PUBLICAN AND HIS WIFE. John Eynon, formerly licensee of the Black Lion Inn, Llandovery, and now residing with his brother at Pentre, applied to vary a maintenance order of 10s. a week granted to his wife. Mr. D. W. Jones, solicitor, Pentre, appeared for the applicant, and Mr. Spickernell (Messrs. Spickett, Pontypridd) appeared for the respondent. Mr. Jones said that as the result of an action at the 'Glamorgan Assizes appli- cant had filed his petition -for bankruptcy, a.nd the examination proceedings were pending. He subsisted entirely on bene- fit monies amounting to 32s. per fortnight paid him by the Oddfellows and Ivorites lodges at Treorchy, out of which sum he paid 12s. per week to his brother for board and lodging. Applicant, in the box, gave testimony as to the above particulars. In cross- examination, he. declared that be had sold three houses which had formerly belonged to him, and also the Black Lion Inn (on which there was a C400t mort- gage) for £vOO. He emphatically denied that this was a plaint to deprive his wife of a share of the. money which rightly belonged to her. All the particulars ,e relating to the above were now in the hands of the Omcial Receiver at Carmar- then. The Stipendiary held that the best course to adopt would be to adjourn the ca<se pending the Offieial Receiver's examination. Applicant was, however, ordered to continue the payments to his wife in the meantime. STRAPPED HIS BOYS. Alfred Hadley, labourer, 96, Marian Street, Clydach Vale, was summoned for causing unnecessary suffering to his two children. It will be remembered that when the case was mentionl in Court a fortnight ago, Mrs. Ann Evans, with whom defendant lodged, was mentioned as being implicated in the charge, and In her absence a warrant was issued for her arrest. The warrant has since been taken out but not served, it being stated that she had fled the country to America on account of these, proceedings. Mr. Spickernell prosecuted on behalf of the N.S.P.C.C., and said that the two children, the subject of this charge, were the onspring of a marriage contracted between the defendant and a woman whose husband was afterwards found to be living. The woman returned to her husband, but the two boys remained with their father in various lodgings. Robert Ralph Williams, headmaster, Clydach Vale Schools, said that defen- dant's two boys, Willie and E'-nest, were at school on the- 21st December. He had them brought from their classes, and stripped and examined by Dr. Gabe Jones. The elder boy's back was one mass of black marks, extending down his legs as far as his ankles. The other boy was in a similar condition, and had, in addition, a contused wound over the eye and a wound behind the ear. They were well nourished and well fed. In answer to a question, one of the boys said that he had been beaten with a belt by his father the previous night. Corroborative evidence Was given by Dr. Gabe Jones, Inspector Thomas, N.S.P..C.O., and P.C. Thorburn. Defendant said that when he came home from work on the night of the 20th December, he found one of the boys cry- ing. Asked why he did so, he gave no answer. Mrs. Eivans, the landlady, said she had beaten him for arguing with her. This woman," added the defendant, kept on telling me about him until she drove me mad, and I gave him another couple of 'straps. He denied that he was in the habit of beating the boys when their backs were bare. He expressed his willingness that the boys should be. taken to a home to be properly looked after, and was prepared to contribute towards their maintenance. A fine of 30s. was imposed. TRAVELLING WITHOUT A TICKET. Evan Thomas, Treherbert, was charged with travelling without a. ticket on the Taff Vale Railway, and giving a false name and address Mr. Ingledew, Car- din', prosecuted for the Tag Vale Railway Company. Hugh Wbodneld, ticket collector in the employ of the Company at Treherbert, said that on January 4th defendant arrived at Treherbert Station, and when asked for his ticket he handed witness one which was so badly defaced that the name of the passenger's destination was completely obliterated. Defendant told him that the ticket was from Cardiff to Treherbert, but witness noticed the fare printed on the ticket, which was Is. 8d., being the fare from Cardiff to Ystrad. He asked defendant for his name and address, and the one given proved to be wrong. Wm. Robert Charde, booking clerk at Cardiff, proved (by the number on the ticket) that the ticket was issued to Ystrad. A fine of 7s. 6d. was..imposed for travelling without a ticket, and 10s. for giving the wrong address.

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